Pee-Wee player gets extra attention

PEE-WEE Football player gets extra attention

I was 8 when my parents put me into little league football. We had practice four days a week and games on Saturdays. Sponsored by a major school we had extra facilities that others didn’t. One was the trainer/rehab room. If we pulled a muscle or whatever we had ice bath’s, hot tubs, etc. to heal the injury.

Coach had always given me extra attention because I was a performer, doing more than most others in practice and games. In a mid-week practice I started limping from a pulled hamstring muscle and Coach noticed it immediately. I always hid injuries but this one I couldn’t.

“Simpson, get to the sideline and we’ll look at that injury after practice” he bellowed.

As practice ended he told me to shower off and wait for him in the trainer’s room. I got cleaned up, wrapped a towel around my waist and sat in the trainer’s room. Not long after Coach came in.

“You were limping out there, what’s hurting?”

“The back of my leg Coach, it hurts whenever I push off it”.

“Sounds like you strained a hamstring, hop up on the table here and let us take a look.” And I did as he told me. Towel still wrapped around me. I could feel his hands rubbing up and down my leg, sometimes slipping under the towel. No big deal, the towel was covering my backside thigh muscle.

Soon he reached my waist and pulled the towel off me. There I was, 8 years old and totally naked, it was exciting and scary at the same time.

“Looks like I thought but we can massage the strain so you can play this weekend” he says.

My stammering reply was “ok Coach, whatever I need to do to play.”

I’m laying on the trainer table on my stomach, naked, my hairless ass and penis showing and Coach was seeing all this. He goes over to a cabinet and gets some oil. Soon his hands are rubbing my leg from the knee to my butt.

Each time his hands gets near my butt I can feel my dick getting firmer, this was exciting me and at 8 I had no idea why. He must have noticed because when he was rubbing me on the leg just below my butt he spent extra time there. I could feel his hands brushing against my ball sack.

“Simpson, your dick is getting harder, I can see it, is this too much for you?”

“Coach, I don’t know what’s happening, I’m just 8 and I’m having weird sensations down there.”

As soon as I said that his hands pulled my legs apart and he started rubbing my ass and ball sack. My dick just got harder, under my body but pointed down to my legs. He would rub my leg then my balls, once he could reach my now hard cock he would stroke it.

I’m, laying face down with Coach rubbing my leg, butt, balls, and dick with a massage lube. At 8 I’ve never been in this situation but I’m enjoying it.

He’s got my dick as hard as it has ever been. I can feel little excretions from it. With no warning I feel his massage oil lubed thumb pressing against my asshole. “Coach, what are you doing?” I ask.

“Don’t worry, this is a special technique to help heal you.”

At that point I feel the pressure of his thumb in my virgin ass. It feels harsh initially but after some time it feels very good. Not long after I feel one then two fingers in my ass stretching it for a future fucking.

He continues to rub my ass cheeks with the other hand while he now has three fingers stretching my bunghole in hopes of accepting his fat 10” huge cock. I look over at his midsection and can see a monster prick straining against his coach shorts.

As I lay there on the trainer’s table Coach, as he’s finger fucking my boy virgin ass, pulls his shorts down and shoves that huge cock in my mouth. I gag and recoil but he grabs my head and forces him into my mouth. After several minutes he pulls back and I puke the water I drank during practice earlier.

That just excites him more as he immediately forced his cock deep into my mouth going into my throat and pumping my throat. He’s still with three fingers stretching my asshole, I can only imagine what he’s planning to do to me.

After some time of being face fucked he changed his mode.

Laying on the table he went to the cabinet and got more lube. I’m just a little boy, defenseless against this authority figure, coach, and full grown man. He is going to what he wants and I can’t stop him.

I feel a squirt of cool liquid on my ass, it is the massage lube. I can hear the squishing sound as he lubes his huge man cock. Soon he lays on me pressing his monster dick at my tiny young virgin asshole. The pressure at my hole makes me resist naturally but his strength holds me in place.

The head of his massive man member is pushing into my tight little boy butt. He has no mercy, in one hard push Coach slams all 10” to the hilt into a young boy virgin ass.

Again and again, despite my screams and tears he brutally buries his huge cock into my tight, little, virgin boy anus opening. I’ve never felt pain like this before. His grunts, pulling my hair, mean tone and violent attitude makes me submissive.

My screams become whimpers, I don’t want to make him more angry.

He harshly pounds his man sized cock into my tiny, young, 8yr old asshole. I’m only 8, he’s 5 times my size, what can I do but take his violent raping of my ass.

After what seems like forever he slams my face on the table, rears up and twitching he unloads a great amount of cum in my ass. With each release he jerks and slams me harder.

I’m so glad it’s over. For months my ass hurt from his raping me. Now, at 16, I fuck my swim coach almost everyday. He can cum in my mouth or my ass and I love it. He’s twice my age but has a nice cock that is 7” and cums really huge, I can’t swallow all of it though I try. After swim practice we’ll go to his office, he’ll pull down my Speedo’s and fuck my ass like a whore.

Hey, could be worse, at least I’m running the show…

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2013-07-31 06:37:30
That was disgusting (not because it is gay-that was the only good thing about it- no because it is a full grown man fucking an 8yr old boy) but on another note I am 15 and this was what I would want to happen to me my dick is 8'' which I know isn't big but yeah

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2013-06-23 09:13:08
I am a 15 year old boy and would like nothing more than a coach like that

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2013-06-23 09:12:13
I am a 15 year old boy and would like nothing more than a coach like that

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2012-11-01 00:10:05
this madr me cringe so hard. i feel like wanting to throw up.

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2012-10-28 13:22:08
Would be better if you had pre warned it was a gay story . Male on male ain't my thing at all. Sicko

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