As an exceptional student it put me in high school a year early. My body was also developed and many boys would look at me with lust. Mother had warned me about I was advanced in intelligence, maturity, and physically, to be careful with boys.

At school they have a get-to-know dance at the beginning of the year. A senior asked me, and not just any senior but the quarterback of the varsity team. I stammered out a “yes” as he asked for my address and phone number. The dance was 2 Fridays away. He called everyday and saw me in the halls though we were on opposite sides of the campus.

Sometimes when he called he would tell me what to wear the next day. He liked short skirts and tight shirts. I had bloomed to 36c bra size which obviously made boys pay attention.

The day before the dance he told me to wear a tight shirt, no bra, a short skirt and no panties. He said between lunch and 4th period he’d meet me at my locker. When he came there were 4 other football players with him.

He pushed me into the back corner as the others made a wall preventing others from seeing. Soon his tongue was down my throat and his hand up my shirt. Passion took me over and I was limp in his grip. His other hand lifted my skirt and was rubbing my pussy. The pointer and ring fingers split my cunt open as the middle finger entered my coochie. He then put his thumb on my clit rotating in circles making me wet and it hard.

In one quick move he turned me around, pressing my face into the cold cinderblock wall, lifting my skirt over my back. Soon I felt his thumb, slick from my pussy juices, press into my asshole. So there I was, finger in my cunt, 2 fingers on my clit, and now a thumb in my ass. I’m about to cum and the class bell rings.

This was as far it would allow, thankfully saved by the bell. QB lets me go and the others disappear. Luckily this was my study period so I stop by class and get permission to go to the bathroom. Once there putting one foot on the toilet and pulling up my skirt exposing my hairless pussy I rub it fast and hard to an orgasm that almost took me off my feet.

Unaware it was a test session for next week’s rape and degradation, I must have done OK. All week the attention from him and his crew was great, it was like being a rock star. I even got both good and bad reactions from other girls, mostly bad from the upperclassmen girls.

The big night arrived, I had on a mid-length tight top but loose skirt, thigh-high white stockings, babydoll lace socks, high pumps, no bra or panties. QB arrives in his Cadillac Escalade, it’s him and 3 other ballplayers. He greets my parents, puts a corsage on my wrist and we leave. Helping me into the SUV he sees I’m not wearing panties. “Nice crotch shot Bitch”, I can tell a difference in his voice.

They were drunk and on drugs.

“Where are we going, the school’s back that way” I ask? He says “that dance sucks, you really want to be popular and know every person well, this it how you do it!”

Soon we pull onto a dirt road up to a little shack. The tone in the truck gets a little harsher. There I am, a virgin but horny girl, with my date and 3 other guys. What’s going to happen is all I can think.

Being pulled out of the truck I was feeling very dizzy. While driving they poured me 2 rum and cokes, but I’ve never felt so out of it on 2 drinks. They might have drugged me. Stumbling around the QB guided me a shack on the property. Once inside I could barely make out there were 10-15 guys there.

A rudimentary bed was in the middle. The guys had on their school t-shirts but their faces were covered. QB walked me over to the bed, laid me on it then attached ropes that were already tied to the posts around my legs and wrists. My head was spinning in an alcohol-drug induced state.

They had me bound and delirious, then I could see little lights from video cameras shining. “Young bitch, this is your inauguration into the insiders club! You will be our sex slave for the privilege of being part of the in crowd. If ever a football player wants a blowjob, pussy, or anal sex you WILL perform! If not we will turn you out as a skank whore and publish the videos we’re making.

Understand? “Yes Master, I will be a good slut for the team, a cum bucket to keep you happy”, I reply.

Soon the QB straddles my large chest beating my face with his huge hard cock. I try to suck the head into my mouth when he pulls back. Next he just splits my jaw and sends 10” into my mouth and throat. I can’t breath, gagging and grasping for breath, he pumps harder and deeper. A welling in my stomach forecast a puking of fluid. It makes him more brutal and excited when it happens.

I spit up a little stuff from my stomach and he laughs. I’m feeling more and more hands on my body. Looking around I’m surrounded by guys stroking their dicks watching my body getting violated. Soon, as QB was throat fucking me and felt a stretch and pain in my vagina. It felt like a baseball bat was being forced in my cunt, but it was a team’s center’s cock. A huge guy in many ways.

They’re surrounding me now. QB throat fucking me, the center plunging into my virgin pussy, another player finger fucking my asshole, two more rubbing my fat tits and pinching my nipples hard.

Still in a daze but could see everybody my 14 year old body was getting a porn star gang rape. I knew going to the dance with the school stud meant I’d have to do something but I thought either jacking him off or a blow job would be enough. Obviously this was way more than I thought was going to happen.

QB grew more aggressive, he would pull his throbbing cock out of my mouth and spit in my face while screaming “tell me you’re a fucking whore, say it whore”. I hesitated and he slapped me in the face hard, “say it cunt, say you’re our fucking whore” followed by another hard slap.

“I’m your whore, I’m your cheap slut to abuse and rape, use me”! It was all I could do. He slaps me even harder and lets out a wicked laugh. “Then swallow this whore” he says as he jams his long, hard cock down my throat. I gag again and puke up some thick liquid all over his dick. Pulling out of my mouth he beats my face with his slick dick.

This goes on while my ass, pussy, and tits are being abused. Around me guys are jacking off and trading places as to who was doing what to me. After some more abuse they can see I am at their mercy so they untie me.

“Just because you’re not tied down don’t think we don’t control you bitch!” QB’s voice is so scary now I wonder if I’ll leave that shack alive.

He puts me on my knees on the mattress. Standing in front of me, his cock bobbing in my face he slaps me so hard it almost knocks me off the bed. Then he does it again on the other side of my face. I feel it but the sting is lessened because of the drugs, alcohol, and numbness from the earlier slaps.

Back into my throat goes his big cock, it is obvious he’s leading the group. Two guys move to the bed sides and take my arms and wrap my hands around their hard dicks. I start jacking them off. Another guy gets behind me and slams his prick into my tight pussy. My body jerks at the ramming as I was a virgin and not used to the violent fucking.

I am feeling hot spurts on my back, some of the guys were shooting cum on me while jacking off. It was so much I could feel it dripping off my back, down my ass crack, and making puddles of jism on my back. This must have turned on the QB because soon he was flooding my mouth with hot spurts of thick goo. Shot after shot his dick pulsed and as he had my head by my hair and pressed into his pubes I had to swallow all of it, making me choke even more.

My rape gang bang wasn’t over. I was pushed laying face down on the mattress and soon felt stinging spanking on my ass. One of the team members brought a fraternity paddle and was mercilessly beating me.

“Scream for mercy you fucking whore, beg for your pain to end” he commanded. I screamed. “oh master, please don’t beat me, I will please you in any way you want but please stop beating me.”

He started to lightly tap my ass after that. I was pulled up into the doggie style position. One person sat before me and grabbed my hair forcing my mouth onto his cock. Another got beneath me and harshly entered my pussy. Finally, another rammed his cock in my ass which felt like I was going to split in half as he bludgeoned my asshole in one hard stroke.

Through my haze I could see the rest standing in a line. They were all stroking their cocks keeping them hard to rape and brutalize my holes.

As soon as one would cum in my mouth another would take his place. As another would flood my tight virgin cunt with man juice another would take his place. With a grunting and grinding into my asshole releasing his wad another would take his place.

Along with those ejaculations some would get hard again and spew on my face. I had cum flowing out of my mouth, cunt, ass, and all over my body. Anytime I tried to resist I was slapped and made to tell them I was their whore and cum slut. Meanwhile it was all on video and the threat to show everybody what a whore I was would have ruined me.

By the time they all had their way with me I was spent. Cum was leaking from my ass and pussy for hours. I felt sick to my stomach from all the jiz I had swallowed.

They left me there, nude and covered in cum, laughing as they drove away. I had the cum of 15+ football players in me or on me, mostly in me. I’ve been a kinky whore who loves gang bangs ever since.

Nothing is better than a cock in the mouth, one in each hand, one in the cunt, and one deep in your ass.

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