A girl wakes up, with wet on her bed...
Kate woke with a start. She felt a warmth around her thighs, upto her lower belly. Wondering what it was, she sat up and pushed the covers back so that she could see. The bed was wet and had a slight golden tint to it. She'd peed in her sleep again.

'What'll I do,' she thought, feeling very embaressed. As a fourteen-year-old, she was sure that she wasn't the only one who did this every now and again. But it seemed to be getting more common recently. 'Perhaps I'm going incontinent,' she thought, feeling now more embaressed than ever.

Glad that it was very early in the morning, and that nobody else would be up to see, Kate went and got a change of clothes and sheets. As she stood there, taking her pyjamas off to put an change on, a cold gust of wind blew in through the window. Fully naked by now, she walked over to shut it. As she did, the wind came up again, catching her nipples, which were already feeling rather stiff because of the cool air in the house. She pulled on her shorts and t-shirt, and climbed back into bed. Her nipples were still stiff from the cold air. She brought her hands up to warm her chest up.

She lay there rubbing her chest, thinking of warm things to help her get back to sleep. While she did, this thought of a boy she liked at school kept popping into her head. Her eyes already shut, a mental image formed. They were sat together, with Kate sat on his knee. He began to stroke her long white-blonde hair with one hand, and to rub her small, firm breasts with the other. She breathed heavily. This is a dream she'd been having for a long time, both asleep and awake. She wanted him. She needed him. She gave up on trying to warm up, electing instead to try and relieve the pressure that this recurring fantasy was putting on her libido.

She brought her hands back down toward her sides, but brought one of them round to the front of her shorts. Pushing the elastic aside, her hand easily found its way to her swollen labia. She cupped her hand around herself and gave a little squeeze. She shuddered. She began to rub up and down, slowly and steadily. After a short time, her mound had become quite slippery, and her palm was instinctively beginning to push slightly into the tight gap between her labia. She brought her other hand, slowly, up to her stomach, and began to stroke the lowest bit, around her belly button. She smiled to herself, without thinking. Even though she couldn't have him inside her, she felt oddly satisfied when she had her self-loving sessions.

Very slowly, the hand that was rubbing at her mound trailed up to join the other. She brought it back down, lowering her middle finger so that it just came between her labia. The other, she used to pull the covers down. She then pulled her other hand out of her shorts, and pulled her shorts and t-shirt off again; she wouldn't be needing them right now. Tossing them aside onto the floor, she realised that, even though the window was shut, the air was still cold, and that even though the air was cold, she was beginning to sweat lightly. She lay back down on the bed, and began to rub her mound again, with her middle finger still protruding between her lips so that she could feel it trailing past her little, but hard, clitoris. She breathed heavily again. On the upstroke of her rubbing, she stuck her finger out a little more, so that, on the downstroke, she could push it into her vagina. As she did this, she shuddered with the pleasure, and breathed heavier still. Her breath cought her breasts, and she shuddered again. She brought the hand she wasn't using up to her chest and began to trail it back and forth, up and down, over her breasts.

"Aaahh... Oohh..." She let a moan escape from her mouth, as quietly as she possibly could. She was beginning to finger herself a little faster and deeper now; in her mind's eye seeing the boy gently fucking her. This went on for a couple of minutes, until she started, instinctively, to breathe even heavier and deeper and louder.

Thinking back later, she might have thought that her breathing was loud enough to be heard through the closed door. Right now, however, she was just too wrapped up in the moment.

Her breathing was coming in and out so deeply and so sharply that she could feel the cold air rushing into her lungs. It only served to aplify the already-intense sensation that she was now giving herself. She opened her eyes, and looked down at her hand admiringly, as though it actually was the most desired part of the boy she liked.

Her body suddenly began to stiffen, and her hips to buck with the fast rhythm of the movement of her hand. She curled her finger inside her, making her body stiffen completely with pleasure. Her back arched so much that her back and her bottom were suspended off the bed. But that wasn't the half of it. She was pushing her finger straight into her g-spot. The sensation overwhelmed her as she began to orgasm. Even though her body was frozen, and her throat was seized, in absolute pleasure, she continued to push her finger deeper and deeper, probing deeply into the area that she wished the boy's penis would some day occupy. She let out a moan.

"Aaaaahh-aah-aiiiii! Whooooooaaaaa..."

Her deep blue-green eyes remained open; but were now glazed and crossed. Shock waves sailed through her entire body, causing what felt like every cell in her body to explode into pure pleasure. She moaned again, loudly, and began to come down from her blissful agony. After a couple of seconds, it was all over, and her body collapsed back onto the bed, now sweating copiously. She brought her eyes back into focus and looked down at her mound. It glistened even more than the rest of her body. She then looked down to the floor, at her clothes. She decided not to put them back on, but just to pull the covers back over her body. When she got back to sleep again, she had the best night she'd had in a long time.

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2008-09-12 15:10:36
try to make it more detailed and use vivid describing words, and perhaps toys to make it more, crazier. otherwise, good story


2007-09-06 10:42:14
I did the same whenever I'm horny


2007-09-03 00:27:51
Has potential but it needs more content and less repeating words. Also, it should be slightly longer. I've given up writing cause I suck at it but I do know how to write a good story. Anyways, good story.


2007-08-30 14:37:12
if ur ganna do a pt 2 den make da fantasy boi fuck er


2007-08-30 13:57:12
Sounds Realistic! Input a dildo next time

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