thank heaven for little girls...
Sweet Sister Susie (five)

I was standing in front of the commode getting ready to pee when Mom pushed the bathroom door open. I didn’t have a stitch of clothes on.

Well hell, the 16-year-old cock I held in my hand wasn’t something she hadn’t seen before! She had seen it last night. She had felt it too as I had rammed it deep into her hot-wet pussy! She had felt my seminal juices fill her vaginal cavity. We had joined together in orgasmic delight.

This morning she was looking at me without the least bit of embarrassment. She took a longing look at the erect 6-inch shaft in my hand. She walked to me, grabbed the cock out of my hand, and directed it toward the toilet bowl. I let my pee flow freely as Mom guided the amber stream.

I felt her lips brush my ear and heard her whispered words, “Thanks for last night, Jason. It was wonderful! Both times! Oh God, I thought I’d never stop cuming!”

My mother smiled and then said, “If you’re planning on fucking that sister of yours this morning, then you’d better wake her up and fuck her! Your Aunt Peggy said that she and the girls might stop by this morning.”

She let go of my cock, turned around, and was gone. Of course, Mom knew without a doubt that I was planning on fucking Susie. Hadn’t I fucked that pretty young lady every morning for more that a week? Hadn’t that sexy little vixen given me her virginity and taken mine in return?

And one more thing; on several occasions hadn’t that mother of mine ‘watched’ as her son rammed his big, stiff, 16-year-old cock into her daughter’s pretty, little 12-year-old pussy? The answer to each one of these questions was a resounding, ‘yes’.

I followed Mom’s advice. I headed for my sister’s room. I opened the door and entered. I didn’t bother with closing the door. Hell, if Mom wanted to watch, she was welcome to!

Susie’s bedroom was a testament to her femininity and her youth. The feminine color of pink was everywhere. There were pink walls, curtains, pillows, and curtains. There were also pink teddy bears, dolls, and stuffed animals adorning the room.

That young sister of mine was teetering on the brink between girlhood and womanhood. She had not yet begun her monthly cycles, but her young body was quickly maturing.

As a nurse, Mom knew about precautions. In her own case, she’d had her tubes tied to prevent pregnancy at the hands of an abusive husband. As for Susie, Mom had already gotten her started with birth control.

It was a good-damn thing that Susie couldn’t get pregnant because the two of us sure loved fucking! We had gotten into a habit of fucking every morning before breakfast.

This morning would be no different… Or so, I thought. There’s and old adage that says; ‘the best laid plans of mice and men, often go awry.’

Susie was sitting on the edge of her ‘girlie-girl’ bed. She stripped off her underwear as I watched. I walked up to her and she grabbed my cock. I knew she would do that. She dropped down and popped the cock in her mouth. I knew she’d do that, too. That sister of mine was becoming ‘cock-crazy’! I didn’t mind! Hell, it was my cock she was sucking!

I let her have her way for a bit, and then I grabbed her up and threw her to the bed. I gloried in the feminine nudity before me! Her peach-size tits bedazzled me! Her glorious bare-nude pussy-mound had become the erotic center of my life!

I dropped to my knees and spoke to that sweet, sexy, wanton sister of mine with a husky, hungry voice, “Ok girl, my turn!”

As to that subject of being crazy, well hell, I reckon I would fit in the category of being ‘certifiably-pussy-crazy’! So crazy was I, that I was poking my cock into any available pussy-hole! Right here in a few minutes, I was going to have it inside my sweet sister Susie’s pussy!

That old Freud fella ought to have me on his couch! That gentleman was surely interested in sex! I was, too! Maybe too much so! That sex-analyst might just wonder how come I was fucking both my mother and my sister. He might also ask me to explain about fucking the preacher’s daughter and our sexy next-door neighbor. Why, I’d fucked every one of these pussies in just the past week!

Hellfire and damnation, I could explain in just a few words! I loved pussy! And, I wasn’t any too particular about age, size, or shape! If a pussy had a slit, a clit, and a hole, I’d fuck it!

My sister’s pussy fit the bill in each category! I leaned over her nude body. I spread that girl’s legs wide. I needed to taste the wondrous femininity of Susie’s pussy! I ravaged every centimeter of her magnificent mound with my mouth, my lips, and my tongue. I spread her pussy-lips and continued my oral assault.

I climbed into that girl’s plush ‘girlie-girl’ bed, grabbed her up, and kissed the living daylights out of her! Lord-a-mercy, that young lady was a good kisser!

Susie tickled my ribs. I tickled hers, too. We began a tantalizing, teasing, tickling, wrestling match. We were all over that pink-covered bed kissing, fondling, licking, and sucking.

We always enjoyed this playful prelude of foreplay before getting to the ‘good-stuff’. The good-stuff came when my cock and her pussy could be blissfully united in a frenzy of orgasmic intercourse. Shit, did we love fucking!

Susie had twisted and turned until she finally had me pinned flat on my back. That girl jumped atop me. She kissed me with wet, passionate kisses. Her kisses trailed down to my chest and then to my belly. When she came to my cock, she kissed feverously and then popped the throbbing, erect shaft into her mouth.

Lord-a-goddamn-mercy, what was an amazing ‘cock-sucking’ sister I had! She was licking and sucking like crazy!

My eyes were closed. I was lost in cock-sucking enchantment, yet I knew someone had entered the room. Well, Mom knew that she was welcomed to watch if she wanted.

A soft, feminine giggle was my first hint that something was amiss. That was not Mom’s giggle. Or was it? I opened one eye to investigate.

Oh holy-goddamn-shit! It was not Mom standing in the room! Two girls, my young cousins, stood intently gazing at the spectacle before them. Standing behind them was Mom’s sister, Peggy.

In the space of a few seconds, my mind began registering facts. My 12-year-old sister was vigorously sucking her 16-year-old brother’s cock. 11-year-old Penny was watching with a smile on her face. 8-year-old Missy was shocked. Surprisingly, Aunt Peggy also was smiling.

I caught a glimpse of Mom as she came up behind them. She correctly guessed that her kids had been caught in bed, yet she instinctively came to their defense. She spoke sternly, “Damn Peg, I didn’t expect you yet! You and the girls weren’t supposed to see this!”

At 32, Aunt Peggy was three years younger than Mom. But, that woman was feisty as hell. She responded quickly, “Listen here Nell; nobody answered the door, so I used my key to get in! Now if these two don’t want anyone to see them screwing around then they’d better shut their door!”

As the first word was spoken, Susie had sprung up straight. My cock popped out of her mouth. We two were now stuck in an immobile trance. We could not move. We could not speak.

Yet, Aunt Peggy had no such constraints. She continued speaking, “Nell, the girls wanted to spend the day with Susie. I didn’t think there would be any problem with it. Will it be ok?”

Mom’s face finally smiled and her voice did so too as she said, “Sure Peg, they can stay. The girls always have a good time together.”

Aunt Peggy directed her next comments to me, “Jase, can you come in the kitchen with your mom and me for a few minutes?”

The two women turned to walk away. I stumbled out of that girlie-girl bed and followed. I was so startled that it never even entered my head that I should put some clothes on to cover my nudity.

I had to pass between those two younger girls. Unbelievably, that Penny girl touched my cock with two fingers and softly whispered, “Oh God, your cock is gorgeous!”

I walked out into the hallway following Mom and Aunt Peggy. They were both dressed in white pants and light-blue, flower-patterned nursing scrubs. Their asses were swishing and swaying. I couldn’t help watching. Both women were short and petite, but they were fully matured women with nice feminine features.

I noticed that Aunt Peggy’s hair was longer and fixed in a different style than Mom’s. Well shit, when had I started paying attention to women’s hair styles? Maybe that was a side effect of ‘pussy-craziness’. Where’s that damn Freud fella when you need him?

Aunt Peggy came right to the point when we reached the kitchen. She spoke seriously, “Jase, I’m going to say something that may surprise you. I’m leaving my two girls here today despite what I just saw. I already knew that you were fucking Susie. Your mom and I don’t have secrets. Now, I’m not going to tell you to keep your hands off my girls. But, I will ask you to do no more than they want you to.”

Mom’s sister took a breath and then continued, “My girls are both virgins but they are sexually curious. They’ve never seen anything like what you and Susie were doing! But, I’ve caught them playing with each other a couple of times. Well, I don’t want to raise any lesbians! If they are going to have sex, I want them to do it with a guy! Your mom has assured me that you are a sweet, tender, caring, compassionate lover. That’s what I want for my girls. But, only when they are ready and want to willingly! Understand?”

Goddamn, was my Aunt Peggy telling me to fuck her daughters? Was she giving me permission? Is my pussy-crazed mind befuddled? In the back of my head I heard my voice shouting ‘calling Doctor Freud, calling Doctor Freud.’

So, even though I didn’t have complete comprehension, my conscious mind allowed me to say, “Yes, Aunt Peggy, I understand.”

Aunt Peggy began talking again, “Like I said, as sisters, your mom and I don’t have secrets. I know you are fucking her, too! Oh Jase, I think that’s wonderful! It’s just what she has needed after suffering through all those years of abusive shit with that son-of-a-bitch husband!”

My aunt then directed her words towards Mom, “Nell, you were right about Jase’s cock. It is beautiful and magnificent! I can see why you and Susie love it and love to be fucked with it. I wish I had a nice young cock like his inside my pussy! Oh shit, I’m hot, wet, and horny just thinking about it! I bet I’d cum if the head of his cock just touched the tip of my clit!”

Mom came over and whispered to me. My eyes became big, but I nodded my head. She then spoke softly to her sister. She too nodded. My aunt turned toward the kitchen table. She pulled her pants and panties down. She bent over, laid her arms on the table, and spread her legs. Her ass was pointed directly at me. I moved behind her. Mom knelt on the floor and guided my cock into her sister’s pussy.

I took charge. This was now my show! Hell, if that woman wanted a young cock inside her pussy, then I had one made just for the job! I grabbed her hips and thrust my shaft deep. All 6-inches of throbbing, pulsating sinew disappeared inside. Mom was behind me kissing my ass and gently milking my balls.

Aunt Peggy was right. She was hot and wet! And, she was horny as hell! She thrust backwards against me forcing me to plunge deeper. Her steaming wet pussy juices lubricated my cock and the shaft moved in and out in a series of frantic jackhammer-fast strokes.

Hot-damn, that woman started cuming in torrents of vaginal fluids! When the sweltering juices began burning my cock, my stimulated shaft released its own river of fluid. My seminal fire erupted inside her volcanic vaginal-hole.

I made one last thrust to empty my testicle sack of all seminal fluid. That woman, my aunt, started cuming again! Her feminine fluids drowned my cock and her voice was quietly screaming, “Oh Jase, oh goddamn, oh goddamn, don’t stop!”

But, I did stop. I stopped when her body collapsed on the kitchen table. She then slumped to the floor. Mom took my hand and led me towards the bathroom saying, “Come on Jason, I’ll help you wash the mess off your cock.”

And, that’s just what she did. I sat on the commode and Mom washed my limp cock with soap and hot water. She was scrubbing a little more roughly than was necessary, I thought. She tugged hard on my shaft and she scrubbed every inch. But, she had a purpose to her madness. My cock was coming back to life with blood racing through the veins again.

With Mom’s skilled nursing care, my cock was again becoming erect. Just to make sure it became fully aroused, she closed her mouth around the entire shaft. The warmth inside her mouth and the touch of her tongue did the trick! Hot-damn, my cock was stiff and ready for more pussy!

Mom sat back and proudly proclaimed, “Now, there’s my big cock! Jase, you’ve still got Susie to fuck and maybe some more young pussy if you want it. I know Peg drained you, so it was up to me to get you hard again. What kind of mom would I be if I sent you out to those young ladies with a limp cock? You have a good time today. Enjoy those young pussies!”

I walked Mom and Aunt Peggy to the door. I wanted to make goddamn sure it was locked and secured. Mom kissed me on the cheek and then on the lips. Aunt Peggy threw her arms around me, kissed me passionately, and cried tears of joy.

I wondered again about that old fella Freud. Last night I’d fucked my mother and this morning I’d fucked my aunt! What would that gentleman have to say about that?

I put these thought aside and headed for my sister’s room. Susie’s door was closed, but I opened it and entered her girlie-girl sanctum. She and I had some unfinished business. I hadn’t yet fucked that girl and I was ready to resume where we left off.

Well hell, that sister of mine must have gotten tired of waiting! Seems like I wasn’t the only one having sex during the interlude that had passed. Susie was lying flat on her back and her cousin Penny was atop her facing the other way! Both girls were naked! 11-year-old Penny was sucking Susie’s 12-year-old pussy and Susie was sucking Penny’s!

Aunt Peggy had said that her girls were sexually curious and I knew for a fact that Susie was, too. Hell, if those two wanted to try pussy-sucking it was fine with me! But shit, they shouldn’t be selfish and leave me out! I walked to the bed and smacked Penny’s pretty little ass and said, “Hey girl’s, can I join this party?”

Quick-as-a-cat, that young cousin of mine twisted around in the bed. She grabbed my cock, opened her mouth, and engulfed my shaft. For a virginal girl, who supposedly had never even seen a cock, she was doing a might-fine job of cock-sucking! Her head was bobbing up and down and her tongue was twisting and licking!

Hot-damn, she was good! I told her so by saying, “Shit, Penny that feels good! Where in the hell did you learn about cock sucking?”

That girl stopped sucking, looked at me, and said, “Jase, I was just doing what Susie was doing to you. And, Susie told Missy and me how to do it and about how much you liked it. She said she liked to do it to you. I now know why. Oh Jase, I’ve never seen a cock up close like this! Oh God, it’s so pretty! Susie was right, it’s big and beautiful!”

Susie had squirmed out from under Penny. She pushed her cousin aside and said, “Penny, let me get some of that big fella. You’ve got to be careful not to make it blow too soon!”

Once again, I was standing inside my sister’s girlie-girl room with my cock inside her hot, demanding mouth. Susie sucked and licked with practiced skill. After more than a week, she had become a ‘certified-cock-sucker’.

I glanced toward the foot of the bed. Penny’s 8-year-old sister was still fully clothed. Missy was watching, but that girl had a strange look on her face. Was she shy? Was she just timid? Was she frightened?

Oh shit, the answer hit me like a brick. That was just a little girl! She might be sexually curious, but she wasn’t yet old enough for serious sex! That girl needed a few more years to ripen.

Susie knew when to stop sucking my cock, so she did. She sat back on the bed with her legs spread and told Penny to do the same. She winked at me and wantonly said, “Ok mister, your turn! You’ve got some pussies to suck!”

Penny followed Susie’s lead and leaned back with legs spread. But, she sprang back up and said, “Wait a minute. Missy has got to do it! She’s got to get naked and suck Jase’s cock!”

All three of us looked towards the young girl. Maybe the girls didn’t see it, but I saw a panicked look on her face. I quickly spoke, “Penny, your sister doesn’t have to do anything she doesn’t want to do. Let’s just leave her alone. Missy, you don’t have to do it.”

Penny spoke adamantly, “Hell yes, she has to do it! If she doesn’t do what I do with you then she will have something to hold over my head. She can threaten to tell Mom and Dad!”

Well, half of that reason didn’t bother me. I wouldn’t care if their mom was told. Hell, that woman had practically ‘told’ me to fuck her girls! But, the other half, about telling their dad, scared the shit out of me!

I’d heard that sisters can often be cruelly mean to each other. Susie and I were becoming witnesses to such behavior. It was not a pretty sight!

Penny reached to grab Missy’s hand. She pulled her sister beside me, grabbed the hem of her halter top, and removed it. She then grabbed the waistband of the girl’s shorts and panties, pulled them down, and tossed them aside.

Penny began barking out orders. Missy seemed too frightened to disobey. She was told to kneel before me. Timidly, Missy knelt before me. She was told to grab my cock. With trembling hands, Missy grabbed my cock. She was told to open her mouth and suck my cock. With tears clouding her eyes, Missy reluctantly placed my cock into her mouth.

Moisture fell on the tender flesh of my cock. I knew then that Missy was crying. Goddamn-it-to-hell, enough is enough! I reached down and grabbed the young girl under the armpits. I bodily lifted her. I placed her arms around my neck and held her up against me. I held her weight by grabbing on under her ass cheeks. Unconsciously, her legs encircled my hips.

With the naked child in my arms, I looked towards the nude girls on the bed. Those two had bodies that were budding and ready to blossom into womanhood. At 11 and 12, they were big enough and old enough for a 16-year-old cock. This little girl wasn’t!

I spoke sternly, “Penny, your sister has done enough. Don’t worry about her telling. Susie, I’m going to put Missy in my bed and let her take a nap before breakfast. You two keep your pussies warmed up, I be back when she’s asleep. But, don’t you two be making each other cum! I’ll take care of that when I get back!”

With that said, I turned, closed the door, and carried the girl into my room. I had not yet made up my bed and the covers were still in a mess. Missy’s eyes were closed and she was hanging onto me tightly.

The girl’s tears had stopped and she seemed to be comfortable in my arms. She was light as a feather. I could have held her all day. There was only one problem. The predicament I faced was this; Missy’s little girl pussy was sitting directly on the 6-inch shaft of my erect cock! And, half of my erection was lying against the crack of her ass!

I stood beside my bed, yet I didn’t really want to put the girl down. I wondered if Missy’s pussy could feel my heartbeat through the throbbing, pulsating blood racing inside my shaft.

Missy’s skin was so soft. Perhaps part of it was still baby-fat. In any case, it was warm feminine flesh. Her young body was feminine enough to keep my cock erect.

Without thinking, I squeezed her ass and pulled her tighter against me. Her legs tightened around me. I let go of her ass with one hand. I still held her securely. I touched her back. My hand traveled up and down its length. I felt tender, warm flesh each place I touched.

I felt her breath on my neck and turned my head toward hers. One soft cheek lay on my shoulder and the other was close enough to kiss. So, I kissed it! She made no move. I kissed the cheek again and tickled it with the tip of my tongue. Her head turned up toward me. I looked at the small, oval mouth that had just recently, although reluctantly, been around my cock.

Lord-a-mercy, I had the most irresistible impulse to kiss those luscious little lips! So I did it, I kissed them. The girl didn’t pull away. I kissed her again and touched my tongue to her lips. I tickled her lips softly.

Surprisingly, little Miss Missy kissed me back! Her tongue came out and touched mine. She touched my lips with her moisturized tongue. When I kissed her again, our mouths were slippery-wet. Oh goddamn, this was one of the most enticingly erotic kisses I’d ever had!

I kissed the young girl’s cheek and softly whispered in her ear, “Miss Missy, will you trust me a few minutes? I’m going to close the door. Ok?”

She didn’t utter a sound. She spoke not one word. But, her head nodded in a gesture that was an undeniable, “Yes.”

I carried her back to my door and closed it. What was going to happen behind that closed door was something that was yet to be determined.

I carried my little girl cousin back to my bed. I climbed in the bed and sat right in the middle. That girl still sat on my lap with her legs encircling my hips. She was still astride my cock which was touching her pussy and ass.

I kissed that girl again and she kissed me. My hands were now free to explore the feminine flesh of her back, her neck, and even her ass. I had to break her arm-grips from around my neck. I tickled her underarms. She giggled, laughed, and pulled her arms down.

With her arms untangled, I gently pushed her back into a semi-reclining position. I knew she was skittish, so I proceeded slowly. I touched her belly with both hands. My hands slowly crept up to her chest.

At age 8, my young cousin had not yet developed breasts, but her chest was adorned with small, pre-pubescent mounds. Each mound was topped with a delicate pink bud. I gingerly caressed each mound and felt erectness come to each bud.

I watched that girl’s face for the slightest hint of reluctance. I saw nothing, yet. But, how far could I go? How far should I go? Should I stop right now?

I couldn’t answer those questions. Could she? I had to ask, “Missy, do you still trust me? Do you want me to stop touching you? If I don’t stop, I will want to touch your pussy. I’ll want to do other things. I know that you don’t like my cock, but I don’t have to do anything to you with it. Anytime you want to stop, just say so.”

That little girl looked at me with innocent, sparkling green eyes. Her voice quivered as she said, “Jase, I trust you. You don’t have to stop touching me. I like it! No boy has ever touched me like this! I didn’t think it would feel this good!”

Missy sat upright and threw her arms back around my neck. She softly whispered, “I didn’t say that I don’t like your penis. Actually, I do like it! Oh, it is pretty! I loved the feeling of it between my legs as you carried me in here. But Jase, I’m afraid of it! I know boys like to stick those ‘things’ inside girls. But Jase, yours is too big for my little pussy! It would just rip me apart!”

I didn’t laugh at the girl. She had a legitimate fear. But, her fear was unfounded! Why, I had no intention of trying to fuck her! She was too goddamn young and innocent! Why, a guy of 16 years couldn’t fuck a girl of only 8!

So, I spoke tenderly in a reassuring voice, “Missy, baby-doll, I promise you that I won’t try to stick anything in you. If you’ll just relax, I’ll play with you for a few minutes and that will be it.”

She did just that. She relaxed. She leaned back again on her arms. I touched the small mounds and nipples on her chest. I massaged them gently. I placed my hands under her shoulders and lifted her up. I pushed her chest to my face. My mouth found one of the small mounds and the tender bud of a pink nipple. I sucked, I licked. Missy moaned. I found the other mound and nipple and did the same. Missy sighed.

Hell, I’d always thought of my young cousin as being ‘flat-chested’, but these little mounds and tiny buds were unbelievably erotic! I loved the little ‘cuties’!

I sat the girl back down and pushed her back. She again settled on her arms, but I pushed until she was lying flat. Hot-damn, there was her pussy fully exposed in all its feminine glory! I touched it.

Shit, that girl was only 8! Her pussy was small, it was little, and it was petite. But, goddamn-a-mercy, it was a pussy! There was the undeniable shape of a well-formed pussy-mound. There was a slit down the middle separating the pussy-lips. I fondled and played with that little, pre-pubescent pussy.

I spread the pussy lips and found a hidden jewel tucked inside. King Solomon’s mines couldn’t have hidden a more-glorious treasure! My eyes feasted on the bedazzling sight of her clit. My mouth begged to touch that pussy and clit.

A wicked, bedeviling thought came to my mind and I let it run free. I reached for the girl’s legs, pulled them up, and settled them on my shoulders. I placed a hand under each ass cheek and lifted her. I lifted her high. Finally, I had her pussy in front of my face.

I kissed the warm, young pussy with unrestrained, lustful passion. I kissed and licked each pussy-lip and the tender flesh close to the thighs. My tongue penetrated the slit and touched the clit. Missy squealed softly. I searched for and found the girl’s pussy-hole. My tongue disappeared inside. My moisturized tongue explored this virginal cavity. Missy had covered her mouth to muffle moans and squeals.

I sat the girl back onto my lap. I lay back pulling her atop me. I whispered to her huskily, “Oh shit, Missy I love your pussy! Girl, you are so goddamn irresistibly sexy! I wish you weren’t so afraid of my cock. I wouldn’t dare hurt you with it!”

My words triggered an unexpected response. Missy scooted down my body until she was facing the ‘thing’ that her young feminine mind feared. She must have conquered that fear because she grabbed my cock, held it, and gently squeezed.

She leaned over and touched the tip of her tongue to my pee-hole. Her tongue made lazy circles around the swollen head. Her mouth then closed over my head and shaft. She bobbed her head up and down just as she’d seen the other girls do. That precious little lady was voluntarily sucking my cock! This time, there was no reluctance and there were no tears.

My hands pulled at her long wavy brown hair. She stopped sucking, climbed back atop me, and whispered, “Did I do that right?”

I hugged my sweet cousin and kissed her lips. I answered her question with delight, “Hot-damn Missy, it was perfect! You make me so goddamn horny I’m going crazy!”

Missy giggled and kissed me. She spoke with a newfound wantonness, “Jase, I know what ‘horny’ means. I now know what it feels like with you! I’m ‘horny-crazy’, too! I wish the hole in my pussy wasn’t too little for your big penis. I wish… I wish there was some way we could fuck!”

Oh hell, I’d told myself that I had no intention of fucking that little cousin of mine! I couldn’t change my mind, could I? I couldn’t really fuck her, could I? But shit, she wants it! And truthfully, I do, too! I looked at the girl atop me and said, “Missy, there is a way if you’ll trust me and do what I say!”

With skeptical eyes she looked back at me, but she enthusiastically replied, “Jase, I trust you. I’ll do what you say.”

I directed the girl to kneel on her legs with her pussy over my cock. She did so. I twisted around in the bed, opened the drawer to my nightstand, and pulled out a jar of Vaseline I’d been keeping there. I covered my cock with a layer of the thick lubricant. With my fingers I applied more inside Missy’s virginal vaginal opening. I tossed the jar aside.

Damn-it-to-hell, maybe I should stop! But, one look at the girl hovering over me stole away my resistance. I grabbed the shaft of my cock and held it straight up. I told Missy to spread her pussy and lower herself onto my shaft. I made sure she understood that she was to only let the head of my cock enter her pussy. That way she could save her hymen and her innocent virginity.

Missy lowered her body. The head of my cock entered her pink opening. I grabbed her ass with both hands to help steady her. She released her fingers from her pussy. The pussy-lips closed around my shaft and pulled it in deeper.

Instinctively, that girl knew what to do. She raised and lowered her body slowly. Once, twice, and then again she did it. My shaft was past the head. It was two inches in! She continued moving. I felt resistance as my cock pressed against her hymen. Still she did not stop.

Oh goddamn-it, that girl increased her tempo! She was frantically bouncing up and down on my lubricated shaft! We were both panting and moaning with unstoppable sexual arousal.

Virginal hymen, be damned! My little girl cousin was having her ‘first-time’ orgasms and she became lost in frenzied bouncing and fucking. As my cock tore through her hymen, she screamed! She screamed again! Yet, she continued bouncing and riding the shaft buried deep inside her.

My cock could hold back no longer. My testicle sack began releasing seminal fluids. That girl’s tight little pussy was squeezing my cock so tightly that my compressed fluids spewed forth with great orgasmic pressure.

As my hot, pressurized fluids entered her vaginal cavity that girl’s pussy felt the warmth and another wave of orgasms shook her young body. She squealed and squealed.

Little Miss Missy was having the time of her life! She was oblivious to any thought that others might be hearing her squeals and screams. Yet, I knew different. I knew that when I closed my goddamn door, I should have locked it!

I now knew that my door had been opened. I knew that the sounds of screams and squeals had attracted an audience. From the corner of my eye, I saw Susie and Penny. Those two naked girls stood in rapt attention as they watched little 8-year-old Missy bouncing up and down on her 16-year-old cousin’s cock.

I could tell that those two girls were none too happy with the situation. Susie had been waiting for her fucking. Penny had been hoping for the same. Yet, who was the one getting fucked? Why, it was that little girl that cried just because she had to touch a cock!

Missy finally stopped bouncing. She fell upon my chest exhausted. For such a little girl, she certainly had lots of energy. But, she’d used it up fucking her cousin!

When the two of us caught our breath, I picked the girl up, and carried her to the bathroom. We had a hot bath and cleaned up our pubic mess of virginal blood, seminal fluid, and thick lubricant. Susie and Penny waited by the bathtub, watching. Maybe they thought I might fuck Missy again. Were they afraid that they might miss their turn?

I never know after fucking just how long it will take my cock to get hard enough again to fuck another pussy. It usually depends upon how much stimulation I get. Right now, I was in a tub of hot water with a girl I’d just fucked. That girl was scrubbing my cock with a washcloth and her hands. Outside the tub, two naked, nubile girls were waiting for me to fuck them.

Well hell, hot water, three young pussies, and half a dozen tits ought to be enough to stimulate a dead man’s cock! Shit, I wasn’t dead by a long shot, and neither was my cock! Hot-damn, that appendage between my legs had already grown to its full 6-inch length! It was fully awakened and erect!

I jumped out of the tub pulling Missy with me. I grabbed a towel, sat on the commode, and briskly dried that girl’s small body. I played with her pretty little pussy for a few seconds and gave her a big hug. I kissed her tenderly and said, “Little Miss Missy, I want you to go jump in my bed and take a nap. I’ll wake you up in a little while for breakfast.”

That girl kissed me and then did what I told her to do. As soon as she was out the door I looked at the other two naked young ladies, held out the towel, and said, “Who wants to help dry me off?”

Quick as lightning, Penny grabbed the towel. Susie grabbed another. Both girls dropped to the floor in front of me and began vigorously rubbing. They fiercely competed to see who would be the one to dry my cock. Eventually, they compromised and both took a turn.

I was facing a bit of a dilemma. I knew that both of these girls expected to get fucked! Well, I’d already fucked two pussies this morning and I was hard enough to fuck one more. Now, how in the holy-goddamn-hell am I supposed to get my cock to stay hard enough to fuck both girls?

That girl Penny was only 11, but she was a horny, brazen, young wench. She pushed Susie aside, grabbed my cock, and began sucking. Her mother had said that both her girls were virgins. Well, this one sure seemed to know what she was doing with a cock!

I winked at Susie and told her to get behind Penny and press her pussy against her cousin’s ass. When she was in position, I grabbed her tits. She reached under Penny and grabbed that girl’s tits. I leaned over and I kissed my sister. Her tongue darted out and went into my mouth. We kissed and tongue-fucked each others mouth.

I had two hands full of beautiful tits while one feminine mouth was sucking my cock and another was passionately kissing my lips.

The girls voluntarily switched positions. My sweet sister Susie was only 12, but she was well-acquainted with my 16-year-old cock. She sucked me with practiced skill while I kissed Penny and played with her tits.

Finally, I pushed both girls away and jumped off the commode. I picked up Penny and sat her where I had been. I grabbed both bouncing boobs with my hands. I kissed, licked, and sucked them. I pulled her hips out toward me and hungrily ravaged her pussy and clit with my mouth and tongue.

Penny wiggled and squirmed. She moaned and groaned. Finally, she pleaded and begged, “Oh Jase, oh Jase, please fuck me! You fucked Missy, now please fuck me!”

Another jar of Vaseline sat on the vanity. I reached for it, but Susie grabbed it out of my hands. She coated my cock with a thick layer. She took two fingers and coated the inside of Penny’s pussy.

That sister of mine guided my cock to Penny’s pussy-hole. I pushed in slowly, pulled out a little, and then pushed in deeper. For the second time that morning, my cock touched a virginal hymen. Hell, I reckon Aunt Peggy had been right about her girls!

I hesitated to break through another girl’s barrier of innocence. Penny’s eyes were still pleading. I was slowly thrusting in and out without penetrating too deeply. Penny moaned and said, “Oh, goddamn Jase, fuck me harder!”

Suddenly, from behind me, Susie put her hands against my ass and shoved. My lubricated shaft plunged deep inside Penny’s pussy and pierced her virginal veil! Penny screamed in pain! But, her hips bucked up to meet my thrusts. She jumped and bucked wildly!

Hot-cream from my cock added additional lubrication. My slippery-wet shaft moved in and out effortlessly. Once again, orgasmic splendor raced throughout my loins and spread through my body.

Penny’s scream had faded and wondrous orgasms rocked her young body. She squealed in passionate orgasmic bliss. Her body quivered and quaked as other waves of pleasure followed one after another.

That young cousin of mine collapsed against my chest and held on tightly. My cock was still inside her. Not a word was spoken, not a sound could be heard except for our labored breathing.

But yes, there was another sound. It was a steady ‘drip-drip-drip’ as seminal and vaginal fluids dripped from my cock and Penny’s pussy and splashed into a puddle on the tile floor.

Susie pulled us apart. Did she now want to be fucked? Did she actually believe that I could get hard enough for fucking so soon? Yeah, maybe in her dreams! So girl, dream on!

Yet, I underestimated Susie’s sexual power over me! My sweet sister is an amazing young lady. Her sexual curiosity never ceased to astonish me. That girl touched a finger to my limp cock. The finger became coated with sex fluids and virginal blood. She popped the finger into her mouth! She licked and sucked!

Good-goddamn-almighty, that simple gesture was one of the most erotically stimulating sights my eyes had ever seen! Despite my denials that it couldn’t happen yet, my cock jumped! Hot blood began filling the veins around my shaft.

My sister then touched a finger inside Penny’s dripping-wet pussy. She took that sex-coated finger and stuck it in my mouth. What the fuck? While not yet erect, my cock began throbbing!

Once again, Susie found bloody sex-moisture inside Penny’s pussy. She coated her lips then she coated mine. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. Our lips met in a sticky, gooey, bloody, wet, erotic-exotic kiss!

Sweet-fucking-mercy, the kiss tasted as good as fucking feels! Well, almost! It tasted like sex! The kiss was the final step toward stimulating my cock and inspiring it to achieve fully-engorged erection!

As soon as Susie felt my hardened erection slapping against her pussy she began giving out commands. She told Penny to get off the commode. She told me to sit on the vacated seat. She placed her fingers inside Penny’s pussy and gathered more wetness. She instructed Penny to help her. These two naked girls on their knees coated my cock with warm, slippery-wet pussy and cock juices.

Susie stood up, straddled my legs, and sat on my lap. Penny was now beside me and she grabbed my cock and guided it towards my sister’s pussy. Susie raised herself and sat back down impaling her pussy onto my cock! She grabbed my shoulders and began jumping up and down.

The fires of hell couldn’t have been any hotter than the fiery furnace inside that horny girl’s vaginal cavity! The heat scorched my cock and raised the temperature of the boiling cream inside my testicle sack.

With Susie bouncing on my slick, slippery-wet lubricated shaft and Penny milking my balls, my cock-cream gushed out in a jet-stream of liquefied fire. Orgasmic flames consumed my mind, body, and soul.

Susie was finally getting the fucking she’d waited for all morning! Her pussy was primed and ready for joyous orgasmic pleasure. She squealed and screamed with unrestrained blissful orgasmic satisfaction!

Before my cock began to soften, this wanton girl jumped up and down again.
Again, her body quaked with another round of orgasms.

I held her tightly as our orgasms peaked and then slowly subsided. I for one was totally drained. I didn’t have another drop of seminal fire left. I was all ‘fucked-out’.

An hour later the four of us sat around the kitchen table eating a very late breakfast. Every time I looked at one of the girls I saw a smiling face looking back. Hell, I was smiling, too!

At 16, I was a mighty-damn-lucky guy! One of those girls was 12, one was 11, and one was 8. One was a sister and two were cousins. I’d fucked them all! I’d fucked them this morning!

What do you think about that Mister, Doctor Sigmund Freud? You’re the sex expert! Lay me on your couch and examine my sinfully-wicked mind. Tell me why there’s an old song playing in my mind. I’ll sing you a few of the words; ‘Thank heaven for little girls…’ I’ll even add another verse with these words; ‘Thank heaven for little girl’s mothers…’

From the 1958 musical movie “GIGI”

Thank heaven for little girls,
For little girls get bigger every day.
Thank heaven for little girls,
They grow up in the most delightful ways!
Those little eyes so helpless and appealing,
One day will flash and send you crashin’ thru the ceiling!
Thank heaven for little girls,
Thank heaven for them all,
No matter where no matter who,
For without them, what would little boys do?

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2013-02-28 23:57:37
He has fucked a 8,11,12,15 year old little girls.a 20,32,35 year old woman if this was in real life I wish I can be this 16 year old boy this is the ultimate guys fantasy Atleast mine

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2012-12-10 21:18:53
Well, I quit reading when he fucked the 8 year old. Sorry, that is just much too young for me, I don't read stories of that sort. You can write as you like but I won't read it. Good luck with your other writings. Be ashamed of this one.

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For all the girls who want special daddy love. I will love you, teach you and fuck you, it will be our secret. Message me now.!

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Ozzie Girls do you want a daddy to fuck you and love you contact me now

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I knew all those months ago, when I told you about P & P, that it would do you good to get an event there, and I'm glad it is flanily happening!Daddy Kiril looks forward to attending, & Elvira & I will be there in all our Flat Glory, attatched, by a clip, to his shirt!

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