the finale, a kid/adult orgy
Chapter seven

The details of the party took some time to work out because of everyone’s schedule. Bill had the most room and the biggest TV screen, so they decided on his place. He also had a king sized bed and they decided to move the mattress into the living room where it bumped almost against the sectional sofa that hugged the walls. A selection of porn DVDs were programmed into his multi-video player, but the sound was turned to a different set of mood-setting CDs. Drinks and snacks were set up in the kitchen and adjoining dining room and a selection of sex toys were arranged on low tables. The smell of liquid potpourri filled the air, the lights were turned down low, and everything was set for a wild night of uninhibited sex.
As everyone arrived, they took off their shoes and socks and milled around drinking, munching on finger food and chatting and watching the videos on the big screen TV. The kids and adults naturally segregated themselves at first. There were five adults and three children: Brad and June with their ten-year-old son Tommy, Erica and Robert with eleven-year-old Destiny, and Bill with thirteen-year-old Stacy, an even ratio of male to female.
“Let’s see what the kids can do together,” Robert suggested, and the adults took positions on the sofa as the children shed their clothes and climbed onto the mattress.
The two girls looked at each other and then at Tommy. “I wanna eat your pussy,” Stacy said.
“Oooh, that sounds good. I’d like to taste yours too.” Destiny lay on her back and Stacy spread her legs as she moved into position upside down over her, her ass sticking up in the air as her lips kissed Destiny’s soft stomach. The younger girl pulled the teenager hips toward her and they could smell each other’s pussies. Tommy stroked his cock, looking for a place to put it.
As Stacy drilled her tongue into Destiny’s pussy her ass wriggled as her pussy settled onto Destiny’s face. Tommy moved up behind her, pushing his cock into the crease of her ass while Destiny locked onto her clit. By bending his knees and grabbing double handfuls of Stacy’s hips, he managed to push his cock inside her cunt so that he was fucking her while Destiny was eating her. At the same time, Stacy was licking and sucking on Destiny’s swollen clit. They did this for awhile but it was hard to maintain contact. However, Stacy’s butt hole was gleaming and Tommy kissed it until it was wet with his saliva. She groaned and shook her ass from side to side a little, and he plunged a finger inside her asshole.
Stacy stiffened as Tommy’s finger went inside her, but soon she was used to it and wanting more. She tore her mouth from Destiny’s smooth pussy, and gasping for breath, said, “Fuck it, Tommy. Fuck my asshole.”
Tommy wet his cock in her pussy once more and held her cheeks apart as he pressed his hard cock into her ass. He held it there until she opened up enough to let him in and then he shoved so his cock would slide into her. It went in halfway on his first thrust, and he felt an incredible tightness surrounding his young cock. He held still until her ass relaxed to accommodate him and then he pushed again, this time going past her hard sphincter muscle and drilling his cock deep inside her ass.
She paused in her pussy sucking as Tommy began fucking her asshole. Destiny could see Tommy’s cock going into Stacy just above her head and as he began picking up his pace, she struggled to keep a firm lip lock on Stacy’s clit and pussy. Occasionally she raised her head and licked the shaft of his cock as it penetrated the young asshole, or fondled his balls as they slapped against Stacy’s inner thighs.
“God, look at them go,” Brad said. Tommy’s really fucking her, right in the ass.”
“Yeah, and look at those girls 69,” Erica said. “It’s making my pussy wet.”
“Why don’t we try it out,” June said. “I’ve been dying to get my tongue inside your sweet little snatch.
“Yeah, sounds good to me, too,” Erica said, and the two women moved onto the mattress close the kid trio.
“I think I could go for something similar,” Bill said, looking at Robert as he jacked off. “I’d like to wrap my lips around that bundle of meat you’ve got in your hand.”
“Uh-huh, me too,” Robert said, and the two men knee walked onto the bed.
This left Brad to find an opening, much like Tommy had done. He saw that Erica and June hadn’t gotten into a 69 position, but instead Erica was kneeling between June’s legs. He sidled up behind her and kissed her neck, putting his arms around her and cupping her smallish breasts. “Nice handful,” he said.
She reached a hand behind her back and cupped his balls. “You too,” she said. Brad kneaded Erica’s ass cheeks as she ate his wife’s pussy. He spread her apart and worked his cock against her cunt lips, greasing it up so it slid into her pussy easily. He started fucking her in long slow strokes, trying to match his rhythm to her pussy eating.
Erica looked over at her husband and saw Bill’s cock going into his mouth and his going into Bill’s. “Looks like the guys have gotten into each other,” she said as she clamped her lips onto June’s pussy and swirled her tongue across her reddened clit.
Bill opened his mouth and took Robert’s cock inside his mouth until it was banging on the door to his throat. He willed his throat muscles to relax and felt Robert’s cock bottom out in his mouth. He put his hands behind Robert’s ass and slowly sank his lips all the way to Robert’s hard belly, bringing deep sighs from Robert’s strong chest. “Ummm,” he groaned. “That feels good when you go all the way down on it like that.”
Bill looked up into the other man’s eyes, swirling the cock inside his mouth and holding it tight with his throat muscles. He fucked himself up and down on the hard pole that was penetrating him and then pulled up, his lips trailing tightly against the hard shaft. He ran his fingers under Robert’s balls and up the crevice of his ass. Gasping for breath, he let the wet cock slide from his mouth and began jacking it off. He glanced at the kids piled up together and saw that Tommy was having trouble fitting himself in with the two girls.
“Come on over, Tommy,” he said, waving, and Tommy grinned and gripped the base of his hard cock, moving to join the two men. “Let’s give him a double time,” Bill suggested, rolling Tommy onto his back and moving beside him. Robert moved up to the other side and they smiled at each other as they began taking turns sucking Tommy’s cock. One would suck it for awhile and then pass it to the other, or one would lick the shaft and balls while the other guzzled the head into his mouth. Tommy had a hand in each man’s hair as they lavished cock sucking attention on his young cock and balls.
“Shift,” Robert said. “I want some of his tight little ass.” He rolled the young boy over onto his stomach, pulled his hips up and maneuvered until he was pressed into his ass. His cock was wet from getting it sucked, but he knew it would need to be slicker to fit up Tommy’s tight young ass. “Hand me some of that lube,” he said to Bill, pointing to one of the side tables. Bill swung his legs around, picked up the lube and tossed it to Robert. He moved his legs apart and slid his bottom to where he was just under Tommy’s head.
Robert applied the lube to his cock and to Tommy’s ass and pushed his cock into the narrow opening. Bill watched Tommy’s face as his ass was penetrated. It was a combination of pain and pleasure, and as Robert pushed more man meat into the young boy’s ass, Tommy started to relax. At that point, Bill put his hand behind Tommy’s head and pulled it downward. “Go ahead,” he said. “Suck it. Suck me while you get fucked.”
Tommy engulfed the big cock head in his mouth as his ass was filled with another cock. As Robert pushed into him, Tommy went down on Bill, so it felt like Robert was fucking Tommy’s mouth onto Bill’s cock. “That’s good,” Bill sighed. “Suck it baby. Suck that cock. See how much you can take.” He shoved his hips upward and pulled Tommy’s head down until he felt resistance from Tommy’s throat muscle.
“Relax,” Bill said. “Let your throat go limp so I can fuck you.”
Tommy willed his gag reflex to remain quiescent and tried to slowly go deeper and deeper onto Bill’s cock. He spluttered a little, but gradually he started to get the hang of it and he felt the big cock easing down his throat.
“Look at that, June,” Brad said as he fucked Erica from behind. “Tommy’s taking it up the ass and in the mouth at the same time, and it looks like he’s getting throat fucked.”
June swiveled her head to the side to watch her son get fucked from both ends. Her fingers were running through Erica’s hair as she ate her pussy expertly. “It looks hot,” she said, her voice rasping in her throat. “I bet you’d love to suck his little cock, too.”
“Uh-huh. It’s pretty tasty looking.”
Erica was turned on by catching glimpses of the men and young boy fucking and sucking, and she bathed herself in the pussy in front of her, picking up her pace and inserting a finger into June’s pussy as she concentrated her lips and tongue on the engorged clit. June started shaking as Erica sped her to orgasm, and Brad kept his cock buried in Erica’s pussy from the rear as his wife thrashed about on the king sized bed. He licked his lips and shoved his cock deep into Erica’s pussy.
Sensing that June was going over the edge, Erica stuck two fingers deep into June’s pussy while she continued to cling to her throbbing clit, washing over it with her tongue and moving her lips back and forth to increase the contact. June started quaking and just as she came Erica shoved her thumb into her asshole. This was the final spark and June cried out as her orgasm overtook her. Erica held on with her mouth and kept her fingers squirming inside the hot gushing pussy. She lapped gently, filling her mouth with the musky taste of pussy as June trembled and sobbed.
She took Erica’s head in her hands as she scooted to a sitting position. “Oh God, what a fucking treat. You ate me so good, I could just, I don’t know what.”
“Kiss me,” Erica said, and June mashed her lips onto Erica’s, and their tongues wrapped around each other and she tasted her pussy in the other woman’s mouth.
Seeing his wife kiss the woman he was fucking sent Brad into his own orgasm and he dug his fingers into Erica’s hips as he pounded faster and faster, now unimpeded by her being attached to a pussy at her other end. He rocked against her, his cock slamming deep inside her pussy and his balls slapping against her ass as he drove as hard as he could inside her. June opened her eyes and her gaze fastened onto her husband as he began to cum. She held the kiss as Brad emptied his balls inside Erica’s squishing cunt.
Drops of creamy white liquid spewed inside her and dripped down her inner thighs. Beads of sweat streamed down Brad’s face and he leaned back to catch his breath. His cock slid effortlessly out of Erica’s gaping pussy. She was panting heavily herself, with her arms around June. She could feel cum slowly streaming down her pussy and thighs. She looked over at the others on the mattress. “Who wants to eat the cum out of my pussy?” she asked.
Stacy was deep into Destiny’s pussy, and intent on making her cum in her mouth. Robert and Bill had young Tommy sandwiched between them, and at first she wondered if the cum would go to waste, but just then Bill started cumming. Tommy was impaled on his cock and Bill was pumping him full of cum, some of it going right down his throat as he fucked his mouth and some splashing inside his mouth. Tommy gulped and swallowed as the cum filled him up and Bill held his hands in his hair, shoving it in as deep as it would go until his balls were completely drained and Tommy’s lips were red and his chin covered with cum trails where some had spilled out.
His eyes were glazing over from the intense throat fucking combined with the lack of air and the big cock still shoved up his ass. He started to feel woozy, and that made it easier for Robert to fuck him hard and deep, just the way he liked it. His thrusts were now lifting Tommy off the bed, and his sweaty hands were leaving red marks on Tommy’s ass, his back and his stomach as Robert slammed into him harder and harder.
Finally his cum started boiling up and into the young boy’s ass. He screamed in pleasure as Tommy’s eyes rolled back in his head as his ass was filled to overflowing with steamy man cum. Robert fucked him like he was a little rag doll, and when his balls were empty and Tommy was limp and whimpering, he slid his reddened cock out of his ass and looked at the sweet young thing both he and Bill had just fucked senseless.
Tommy was nearly unconscious, with cum dribbling from both his mouth and his asshole, but a contented smile danced around the corners of his mouth.
“Send him over here,” Erica said. “I want him to eat the cum out of my pussy.”
“He can barely focus,” Bill said, looking at the inert boy.
“He doesn’t have to. All he has to do is lick my pussy. I’ll guide him to it.”
Together, Bill and Robert picked up the slim boy and carried him to where Erica waited, her legs spread apart and ready to drop her pussy onto his face. They put him on his back between her legs and she ran her fingers through his hair and spoke low cooing words to him as she sat her pussy on his face. He woke up enough to realize there was a hot wet pussy just in front of him, and he began licking at it and tasting the cum dripping from it. It blended together with the cum filling his mouth and he relaxed as Erica fed him her red hot pussy.
June was sighing as she watched Erica’s pussy bob up and down on Tommy’s face, and she fingered herself slowly. As Tommy lay on his back, he raised his knees and though he was barely conscious, June saw the beginnings of another hard-on. Bill saw it too and even though he was drained dry from fucking the young boy’s mouth, he wedged himself between his legs. He put his hands under Tommy’s ass, and felt Robert’s sticky cum drying there. He spread the cheeks apart and saw wet cum dribbling out of his asshole, and he raised his hips up and began kissing the tight hole. He lapped the cum out of it and licked the drying trails off his inner thighs.
Destiny saw Bill eating cum out of the corner of her eye as she and Stacy continued eating each other’s pussies. The sight of Bill’s tongue drilling into Tommy’s red ass and slurping mouthfuls of cum turned her on to maximum, and she started cumming in Stacy’s mouth. It sent a thrill through Stacy and as Destiny locked her lips tight around her clit and sucked hard, she felt herself starting to crumble as well. Soon the two girls were writhing and tumbling on the bed, their twin orgasms rocking them back and forth. They rolled over and over, trading the top position and tearing their mouths away to scream in ecstasy, and lapping up the hot pussy juices of the other.
Bill looked over and grinned at the two girls. He licked his lips and remembered his hot session with platinum-haired Destiny. His cock began stirring back to life. He was massaging Tommy’s cock and gently rubbing his balls. Tommy was half asleep and Erica had moved from her position over his face. Bill took his cock in his mouth, sliding his lips all the way to the base and lapping his tongue against the underside. He glanced at Destiny as she rolled off the top of Stacy. She tossed her hair over her shoulders, wiped her forehead and began sidling toward him.
He sucked the cock a little more and Tommy now had most of his hard-on back, but he was making soft snoring sounds. Bill wrapped his fingers around the hard young cock and grinned at Destiny. Her hair was clinging to her sweaty body and her cheeks were flushed from eating pussy. “Looks good,” she said. “I liked watching you eating cum out of his ass. It was super hot.”
“You look pretty good yourself over there eating pussy.”
“Is he asleep?” she asked.
“Asleep or unconscious, I can’t tell which. We fucked him pretty hard.”
“Yeah? Enough to knock him out?”
“Evidently. Robert was pounding his ass while I took his mouth.”
“I loved it when you came in my mouth. I’d like to get that again.” She ran her hands over his balls and caressed his cock, which had grown to nearly full sized again.
“Yeah, me too. Look, his cock’s getting hard even though he’s not exactly awake.” He put his lips around the young boy’s cock and sucked it up and down, putting pressure on it as he withdrew. He felt it stirring in his mouth and replaced his mouth with his hand. “He tastes good.”
Destiny looked at Bill and then at the cock in his hand. She sidled up on the opposite side of Tommy and took his cock in her mouth just as Bill had done. It grew even larger as she sucked on it, and Bill moved his hand to cradle the young balls as Destiny slid her mouth all the way down on the now fully erect cock. She removed her mouth and licked her lips. “Very tasty,” she said. “Your turn.” She held the smallish cock in her hand and brushed her long hair behind her, smiling as she watched Bill engulf Tommy’s cock once again, this time with his eyes locked on hers.
“Ummm, you’re such a good cock sucker,” she said, savoring the words and squeezing Tommy’s cock into his mouth.
He moved his lips from the hot cock to her warm lips and their tongues stabbed at each other as they kissed with the young boy’s cock between them. “I wanna fuck your face,” he said as they broke the kiss. He moved to the edge of the bed and she followed him. He kneeled just off the mattress and she scooted to between his legs, except upside down to him. Her hair was draped all around her shoulders and head and he ran his fingers through the soft platinum strands of it and touched her cheeks gently. His hands wrapped around her throat and she tilted her chin back.
It was the perfect angle for a throat fuck, and Destiny’s lips were parted as Bill shoved his hips forward. The head of his cock touched her lips and she engulfed him, swirling it lovingly in her mouth. He pushed in more and she licked his shaft. Each stroke took him deeper into her mouth until his balls were slapping against her forehead. He held her cheeks in his hands and pushed more, feeling the hard muscle in her throat as he bumped against it. “Easy baby,” he said, “just open your throat for me so I can fuck you.”
She closed her eyes and relaxed and his cock slid down her throat until the very root of it was pressed against her lips. A loud sigh escaped his lips and be began fucking her throat in long slow strokes, watching the entire length of it disappear into her young sweet mouth. Her face started to turn pale and he pulled back, knowing she couldn’t breathe when he was blocking her throat with his cock. Her eyes fluttered open and she put her arms around his waist, caressing his but cheeks and slathering her tongue around his shaft and the head of his cock.
He looked at her beautiful face with his cock buried deep inside it as he fucked her lovingly. He put his hands on her soft smooth neck and the fingers met behind it. He had her entire neck grasped in his hands and he squeezed just a little. She made a gurgling sound, but didn’t protest and he squeezed harder. He knew he was cutting off her air just as he did when his cock was inside her throat, but she seemed to like it. He released the pressure and shoved his cock back in and then squeezed again.
He could feel his own cock with his fingers as he fucked her throat and squeezed her neck. It put extra pressure on his already bulging cock in her tight young throat and this time as he fucked her, he pressed on his cock. Her eyes were closed and his balls were splaying across her face as he fucked her throat and choked her neck. He did this for awhile and then pulled back out. Her fingers were scrabbling across his ass and down between his cheeks and he pulled back until just the head of his cock was in her mouth.
“You like that, baby? You like it when I fuck your throat and squeeze your neck against my cock?”
“Mmmmm,” she moaned. “Mmmmmm-hmmmm.” She couldn’t make any words and she was so horny for his cock she didn’t want to let it out of her mouth even for a second.
Just then she lurched a little and Bill looked at her querulously. Her eyes widened and her body moved again. He looked down and saw that young Tommy had woken up, spread her legs and had his cock in her pussy. He was fucking her and looking at her sucking Bill’s cock. Bill grinned at the young boy and shoved his cock back down Destiny’s throat. “It’s Tommy,” he said. “I think he recovered.”
“Mmm-hmm” was all Destiny could manage as Bill’s cock once again plunged all the way down her throat and he squeezed his cock through the membranes of her neck. He was fucking her mouth, her tight throat, and the pressure of his own fingers and she couldn’t breathe as he did it. He would squeeze and release, squeeze and release, and after about every five or six strokes, he would pull back from her throat.
Tears were streaming from her eyes and running onto the bed and she was scratching at his ass, pulling him toward her. She spread his cheeks and opened his asshole. One finger slipped inside and she shoved it all the way in, up to the last knuckle, and held it there while he fucked her throat.
Muffled sounds were coming from her as Tommy started fucking her harder and harder, and Bill worked her throat with his engorged cock. He didn’t know how much of this she could take, but she was gulping it down and pulling at him and shoving her finger up his ass, and his balls tightened. “God, I’m cumming,” he shouted. “I’m cumming right down your fucking throat.”
She kept her hands on his ass and her finger buried in his asshole and he exploded while his cock was completely inside her. It was so intense he almost cried. His body jerked and his hips took on a life of their own. “Oh fuck. Oh fuck, yeah. Eat my cum you fucking slut. Gobble it up.” Several shots flew straight to her stomach, but as his hips jerked, his cock slid out of her throat and he released his grip on her neck. More cum shot into her open mouth and he was so excited his cock momentarily came out and a trail of the white sticky fluid splashed on her cheek.
She was gasping for air, her hair was splayed everywhere, and tears were still streaming from her eyes. Her nose was making wet sounds and her lips were wide open and red as he shot another blast onto her tongue, which was already coated with his hot cum.
Tommy grunted from between her legs and his hips worked feverishly as he too started to cum. He held onto her hips and shoved into her as hard as he could and eventually collapsed against her, his head coming to rest on her tender young breasts as he too was gasping for breath.
“I think we knocked him out again,” Bill said, “and it’s just about done me in too.” He eased his cock across Destiny’s cheeks and her tear-stained face was angelic beneath him. She pursed her lips and a dollop of cum spread between them. He moved back so he could lean forward and kiss her, taking the present of cum from her and wallowing it around in his mouth as their tongues joined with the taste of cum between them.
“Ummmm,” she sighed. “That was even better than the other time, and the other time was the greatest ever. I really love you, and I love sucking your cock.”
“I love you too baby. I think we make a great pair.”
“I wanna suck more cock with you, and sleep with you and wake up in the morning and suck you off before breakfast.”
“You’re a sweetheart,” he said, “my cock loving, cock sucking sweetheart.”

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