A nice, young pussy makes a real-fine birthday present.

Today is my birthday. I’m now 14. I was borned and raised right here in these Smoky Mountain backwoods hills. I reckin I’m right-proud of my Appalachian heritage. My folks have lived in these hills for generations. Some ‘outside-folks’ might call us ignorant, redneck-hillbillies, but as far as I’m concerned, they can just kiss my lily-white ass!

I had just woke up. I had to pee. I headed for the outhouse. We got what is called a ‘two-holer’. Two folks can pee or shit sittin’ side-by-side. It’s a good thing that we’ve got a two-holer, because when I opened the door somebody was sittin’ on one of the holes. I had to pee real bad, so I went on in.

My sister, who is 12, was sittin’ there peein’. She had her yellow summer- dress hiked clear up over her waist. I seen, at first glance, that she didn’t have on no underwear. I went ahead and pulled my pants down to my knees and held my pecker out and started peein’.

Now, I know that ‘pecker’ ain’t the right word for that dangly thing hangin’ between my legs. I’d heerd older guys talkin’, so I knew that it’s really called a ‘cock’ and that thing between a girl’s legs is called a ‘pussy’. I ain’t ignorant. Now that I’m 14, I reckin I ought to use the word ‘cock’.

So, I stood there holdin’ my cock with my sister watchin’ me pee. I knowed that she could see all four inches of my bone. It gets big and hard whenever I hold it to pee. It was special big this mornin’ with me standin’ there beside my sister. Why, I was lookin’ right at that pussy between her legs! I reckined that the sight of her pussy was hardenin’ my cock!

I was studyin’ that pussy with my eyes and my mind. Her pussy was a real pretty one. It was all puffed-up and mounded real nice. She was usin’ her fingers to hold it open so she could pee. I seen her little pointy-thing stickin’ out proud-like. I had been told that it was called a ‘clit’. Now, that clit was real fine lookin’, too.

I was so busy lookin’ at that pussy and clit, that I didn’t hear when my sister said somethin’. So she repeated it. She looked right at my cock and said, “Jimmie, I said that’s a real nice one you’ve got there in your hands!”

Well, that was a ‘shocker’ that she’d say a thing like that. But, her words made me feel real proud-like. My cock growed a little bigger and harder. At four-inches long, it wasn’t yet full man-growed. But, I knowed that it would get bigger as time passed by. Why, my pa’s cock was at least twiced as big! I would catch up to him in a few years.

I reckined that my sister knowed that I was lookin’ at her pussy, so I let her know what I thought about it. I said, “Thanks Janie, I’m glad you like my cock. I like your pussy, too! I reckin it is the prettiest pussy I’ve ever seen. I like it a lot!”

Right then, I decided that I wanted to tease her a little bit. So, I said, “I still like your pussy, even if it’s broke!”

Well, she had a look of puzzlement come to her eyes. She spoke in startled surprise, “What do you mean ‘even if it’s broke’? Why, Jimmie, my pussy ain’t broke!”

I knowed I’d get a quick reaction out of that girl. She was quick-tempered at times. But, I went ahead and teased her some more. I was smilin’ when I said, “Why, Janie girl, it is so broke! It’s got a great big crack right up the middle!”

A big grin broke out on her face. She giggled and laughed. Best of all, she didn’t get mad. She knowed I was just teasin’. She teased me right back by sayin’, “I reckin my pussy is cracked. But, that don’t hurt it none. You sure are lookin’ at it a lot! Besides, your cock ain’t perfect neither. It’s got a big hole right in the end of it!”

It was now my turn to giggle and laugh. I winked at her and said, “Girlie, that’s my pee-hole and you damn-well know it! But, that’s not all that can come out of it. I can shoot out milky-white cream!”

Another startled look appeared on her face. She spoke with disbelief in her voice, “Oh, you can not! You ain’t no milk-cow and you can’t shoot out cream! Whoever heered the like? You’re just funnin’ me again’!”

When I spoke to her I took the giggle out of my voice. I said, “Oh yes, I can! And, I ain’t kiddin’! I bet you that I can prove it!”

That girl answered real quick, “Ok mister, go ahead and prove it! I bet it can’t be done! What do you want to bet? There’s no way I can loose this bet!”

Well, I thought about it for a minute before answerin’. I then thought of somethin’. I was lookin’ at her pussy when I said, “If I win the bet, you’ll have to give me what I want for my birthday. If I don’t win, then I’ll give you a dollar.”

She quickly reached for my hand and shook it to seal the deal. She sealed it further by sayin’, “Ok mister, you’ve got a deal! But, what is it you want for your birthday. I ain’t got no money to buy nothin’. Do you want somethin’ homemade? I can do that.”

I answered her with a sly grin on my face, “Yep, I guess you could say that what I want would be ‘homemade’. It wouldn’t cost a dime. What I want for my 14th birthday is to fuck you! I ain’t never fucked a girl. I hear tell that it’s a lot of fun. And, I’d rather fuck you than any other girl I know.”

That girl’s eyes got real big. I guess my words were a shock. But when she spoke, she was the one with shockin’ words, “Oh Jimmie, I think that would be a fine birthday present for me to give to you! I wish I’d thought of it when I had my 12th birthday last month. I would have asked you to fuck me as a present. I’ve been wantin’ to do it with you. So, even if I loose this bet, I’ll still let you fuck me! But, I won’t loose, ‘cause there ain’t no way in this world that you can make cream come out of your big cock!”

Those were real comfortin’ words. I was glad that she wanted to fuck me as much as I wanted to fuck her. But, it was time for me to either ‘shit-or-get-off-the-pot’. And, I was thinkin’, what better place than a shithouse to do it? It was time for me to prove the bet.

I moved until I was standin’ in front of the girl. I stood between her legs with my pants down to my ankles. I didn’t have on shoes or a shirt. I stepped out of the pants and underwear. I was completely nekid! I looked at my sister and said, “Sis, I need your help for a minute. I need for you to play with my cock. Maybe you can kiss it or suck it or somethin’ like that.”

Well, she took me at my word. She didn’t need any further instruction. She let nature be her guide. She grabbed hold of my cock with both hands. She squeezed, and she pulled, and she tugged. My erection was even stiffer than before. My cock-head popped out from its hidin’ place under the foreskin. Janie gasped, “Oh my God, Jimmie it’s so pretty! It’s so big and hard! I didn’t know it’d be this much fun to play with! Oh, wow, I love it!”

Just to prove the point, she squirmed around and dropped down on her knees in front of me. With my cock in her hands, she leaned over and kissed it. She kissed it again. Her kisses went up and down the cock-shaft. She reached down for the hem of her yellow summer-dress and pulled it up and over her head. Not only did she not have on panties, she had no bra on either. Now, she too was completely nekid!

I looked down and saw her tender, young titties. They were not very big at all. Each one would probably fit inside a teacup and still have room left over. But, they were surely nice to look at. They had cute little pointy, dime-sized nipples buddin’ out. Them buds was rosy-pink with a pale-pink, quarter-size frame circlin’ around them.

I watched as she leaned forward and wrapped my cock in a firm tittie-hold. She used her hands to squeeze my shaft in a soft, warm tittie-vise. My cock felt like it was restin’ on billowy pillows in tittie-heaven.

That girl then did somethin’ that made my cock shiver with joy and quiver with excitement. She released my shaft from her tittie-grip and grabbed it again with both hands. She skinned back the foreskin. She touched my pee-hole with the tender fire of her tongue. The fiery touch ignited an inferno of lust within my mind. Her tongue found the sensitive orb of my cock-head. Her moistened tongue made a circular odyssey of discovery around this sphere.

My cock-cream was boilin’ and churnin’ inside my ball-sack. I looked down to see an unbelievable sight as my cock-head and half of the four-inch shaft disappeared into her ravenous mouth. She licked and she sucked furiously. I grabbed two hands full of her long, curly, fiery-red hair. I had to stop her. Damn, I was about ready to blow!

I tugged back viciously on her hair. I whispered a scream, “Oh, goddamn Janie, you’ve got to let me get my cock out of your mouth! Oh, shit, that feels good! But, you’ve got to let go! If you don’t, I will choke you to death with my cock-cream! Oh, it’s comin’ out now…!”

It was almost too late. I pulled her head away from my cock just as the thick, gooey cream began to spurt. The first shot hit her bottom lip and her chin. The next shots sprayed the tender titties and nipples. Instinctively, she kept on pumpin’ my shaft. The rest of the cream gushed out and splashed on her nekid nubile flesh.

I was empty. I knowed that it wasn’t as much cock-cream as a full-growed man could make, but it was all I had. It was every last drop in me!

I was so weak in the knees that I fell back on my ass onto the outhouse seat. I looked at the female kneelin’ before me. She was lookin’ at herself. Her nekid body was glistenin’ with soakin’-wet juices. Cock-cream dripped from her chin, her titties, and her nipples.

I grabbed handfuls of tissue from a roll on the wall. I handed some to her. We tried our best to clean up some of the mess that we’d made. I felt a little guilty. Had I gone too far?

Janie’s giggles and laughter seemed to answer that question. Her words confirmed it, “Jimmie, why I reckin you won that bet! You ‘can’ make cream come out of that hole in your cock!”

I grabbed that girl and pulled her onto my lap. I hugged her tight. I kissed her cheek. I kissed her mouth. I kissed her again, right smack-dab on her lips. She kissed me right back. My tongue touched her lips and hers touched mine. We kissed again, this time with moistened wet lips. My tongue slipped into her mouth. Her tongue licked mine and mine licked hers. Our tongues teased and played with each other. Without knowin’ what we were really doing, we tongue-fucked each others mouth.

I hugged my nekid sister tighter. I broke off the mouth-to-mouth tongue-fuckin’. I had to tell her how I felt. My words were a husky whisper, “Janie, babe, I never had no girl to kiss me like this. Your kisses sure are sweet. And, babe, I never ever knowed anything could feel as good as what you just did to my cock! Why, I never had no girl mouth-suck my cock! You sure did a mighty-fine job of it! You’re the best cock-sucker I ever met!”

That girl giggled and her voice sang as she replied, “I’m glad I did it right. I wasn’t sure if I was. I ain’t never done it before. But, I’d like to do it again! So, I’ll tell you this; anytime you want that nice cock sucked you just stick it out for me! I’ll take care of that job for you. And, Jimmie, speakin’ of jobs, it seems like I owe you a fuckin’! I ain’t never done that before neither, but I been wantin’ to do it. When do you want to collect on our bet?”

I was the one to giggle now. I kissed her again. I kissed her right on her sweet, hot, cock-suckin’ mouth. I whispered again, “Babe, after breakfast I’ll find us a place where I can collect my fuck. But, Janie, I owe you somethin’ first. I owe you a pussy-suckin’ with my mouth! And, I’m going to give it to you right now!”

I switched around and sat her on the seat. I knelt between her legs. I collected me a couple more sweet, wet kisses from her small, puffy-pink lips. That mouth of hers was sure an amazin’ thing. It was a real nice mouth for kissin’. And, it was a good one for tongue-fuckin’. But, it was best as a ‘special-pleasure’ mouth for cock-suckin’. I’m just the fella that ought to know!

I pushed Janie back against the shithouse wall and pulled her hips out. I took a good look at them titties. I’d never seen titties this close-up. Hers might not be all that big, but they was mighty pretty. My hands found them and started playin’ with them. I squeezed and tugged and pulled. I liked the way the two nipples perked-up and got pointy-stiff. I reached over to suck on one. I then sucked the other. I might have been a little rough, ‘cause them pink nubs was gettin’ a little bit red. But, Janie wasn’t complainin’, so I kept on going.

I reckin I touched every inch of them two tasty peaches. I kissed them, and licked them, and sucked on them. They sure was sweet to taste, though there was a bit of a sticky-salty flavor. I finally figured that it was probably the taste of some of the cock-cream that had covered the titties when that girl gave me the cock-suckin’. I guess we didn’t wipe it all off.

Speakin’ of suckin’, I still hadn’t given Janie that pussy-suckin’ I’d promised. I started in on that job. I first took a good look at that pretty pussy-mound. It was the nicest, most glorious nekid female flesh my eyes had ever seen. Them outer pussy-lips was puffed and mounded-up real proud-like.

I knowed that Janie had not yet started in on her monthly bleedin’ cycles. Why, that pretty pussy didn’t have nary a hair on it! The whole pussy-mound was bare and exposed for eyes to see every unconcealed inch. I knowed my eyes were sure feastin’ on the sight. I liked the pussy bare and nekid like that.

I just had to touch that precious pussy. I grabbed a heapin’ handful, first with one hand and then the other. My fingers squeezed, and pulled, and played.

I knowed that Janie was tryin’ to lay still, but her hips was wigglin’ a little and her breathin’ was gittin’ faster. I looked up and she smiled at me. She spoke with a smile in her voice, “Jimmie, that’s sure a pleasurable feeling.”

I smiled back at her and replied, “Janie, girl, that ain’t nothin’ yet. I ain’t even started in on the pussy-suckin’. But, I’m gettin’ ready to.”

And, that’s just what I did. I leaned over and kissed that pussy. I kissed it right on the crack of the lips. I then kissed the outside pussy-lips. I kissed the tender flesh between the pussy and her thigh. I kissed each side of the bare pussy-mound.

Next, I used my tongue and followed the path my mouth had taken. I licked the pussy-lips. I licked the soft inner thighs. I licked the pussy-slit that concealed the clit. By now that pussy-mound was firm and stiff with sexual arousal.

Finally, I spread the swollen pussy-lips and exposed the clit. The clit was a magnificent jewel that bedazzled my eyes. Up until this mornin’, I’d never even seen a clit. With six younger sisters, I’d had occasional peeks at pussies. Yet, I’d never seen a clit! I was awestruck by the splendorous sight. It was love at first sight!

Just to prove that point, I kissed that clit. I then licked it. My lips closed on it. I sucked, I pulled, and I tugged. I licked, and tickled, and teased. I was becoming lost in pussy-clit intoxication. I touched the tip of my tongue to the pee-hole. I couldn’t gain entry. The hole was too small.

Although, I was sexually inexperienced, I knew that somewhere down there Janie had another hole. I’d been told that girls have pussy-holes. This hole would be a hole bigger that a pee-hole. Suddenly, my tongue found it! It was an absolute accident.

My tongue was slippery-wet from pussy and clit kissin’, and suckin’, and lickin’. I had explored lower down inside the spread-open pussy-mound. Suddenly, my slippery tongue plunged tip-first into an opening. My tongue sank to its full length inside a warm, luscious vaginal cavity. It twirled around and around testin’ and tastin’.

Janie’s hips were wigglin’ and squirmin’. She had a handhold on my head and her fingernails were diggin’ in. That girl found her voice and whispered, “Ooh, ooh, ooh, Jimmie… What’s happenin’? Ooh, goodness… Ooh, my God, that feels good! Ooh, wow, I love it!”

I pulled back, just for a few seconds. I wanted to see the hole where my tongue had gotten lost. All I could see was the entrance. Janie’s legs were spread wide. I had her pussy-lips spread, too. I saw pink! The opening to the pussy-hole was a pretty pink! It was a scorching-hot dazzling pink! It was the most amazing color combination my eyes had ever seen. This was surely the prettiest, pink pussy-hole I’d ever see in all my livin’ days!

My eyes didn’t linger long. I’d promised my sister a pussy-suckin’ and that’s what she’s gettin’! My mouth and tongue ravaged her clit. I savagely kissed it and sucked it. I violently flicked it and licked it.

Janie just sat there with her hips squirmin’ and twistin’ while her mouth let out quiet sighs and wanton moans.

I cupped my tongue to make it stiffer. I plunged it deep inside that girl’s pussy-hole. It hit an obstruction. My tongue had found her virginal veil. I shoved my tongue harder against the hymen. Janie let out a quiet scream. I started to pull back, yet her hands on my head held me. Her pussy-muscles tugged at my tongue, and her hips bucked against me.

I didn’t bust through that tender hymen, but I did lick it and tease it. My tongue was circlin’ round and round inside that pussy-hole. Then I started thrusting my slippery-wet tongue in and out, in and out. I was tongue-fuckin’ my sister Janie’s pussy-hole.

That girl’s hips started buckin’ up to meet my tongue. I was pushin’ in and she was pushin’ back. We got into a steady rhythm. But, her hips got to buckin’ faster and faster. I was lickin’ and thrustin’ faster with my tongue.

All at once, that girl let out a joyful, squealin’ scream. I knowed then that my pussy-suckin’ was makin’ her have the same wondrous, spine-tinglin’ feelin’ that her cock-suckin’ had done to me.

After several more pleasurable squeals and screams, Janie lay still. I was glad that the shithouse was far enough away from the back door to the kitchen that her squeals and screams couldn’t be heard inside. I’d been told that some girls are ‘screamers’, but I surely didn’t suspect that my Janie would be one.

I pulled Janie up into a sittin’ position. With lips still wet from pussy-suckin’, I kissed her and she kissed me. We dressed and headed to the house for breakfast. We’d both already had a right-fine mornin’-time dessert. I’d had a nice piece of fresh, warm, tender pussy and she’d had a heapin’ mouthful of creamy-cock. I reckin we’d both had some fine eatin’!

It was turnin’ out to be a real-fine day. I reckin this was a birthday I wouldn’t forget. And, best of all, we hadn’t even got to the fuckin’ part yet! We skipped and ran to the house.

We went in the back door and I saw Ma turn from the kitchen stove. She was makin’ pancakes. She was a real fine cook. She was also a suspicious female-lady and didn’t mind speakin’ up whenever she had somethin’ to say. She said somethin’ now, “You two, where in-the-devil have you been? Janie, I thought you brushed your hair this mornin’. How come it’s all tangled in a mess?”

Unconsciously, Janie’s eyes looked towards me. Her face was startin’ to turn red. Before she could make a confession to deeds of wickedness with her brother, I spoke up, “Ma, I went to the outhouse to pee. Janie was hoggin’ it to herself. When I finally got in, we got to fussin’ and wrastlin’. I reckin I messed up her hair.”

This explanation was the best I could come up with quickly. It was mostly a bold-faced lie! I surely wasn’t going to tell Ma that I was suckin’ Janie’s pussy and I wasn’t going to say that Janie was suckin’ my cock. But, at least the last part of what I said was the truth. I reckin I did mess up her hair!

Well, I knowed that my ma wasn’t no ignorant hillbilly and I knowed that I gave a half-assed answer to her question. But, she took it! She didn’t make a fuss. She looked squarely at the both of us and said, “Next time ya’ll wait till after breakfast to do your foolin’ around! Janie, get over here and help me feed this brood.”

And that was the end of that. The awkward moment had pasted. But, I had a strong suspicion in my mind that Ma knowed more than she let-on. She might have a pretty-good idea about what might have messed up Janie’s hair.

The ‘brood’ Ma was feedin’ gathered at the table. There was Ma and Pa. And, then seven kids took their seats. I was 14. Janie was 12. Ginnie was 10. Betsy was 8. Peggy was 6. Jeanie was 4. Becky was 2. Ma had the next one in her belly big. Most likely, it was another girl. The girls had been comin’ regularly ever two years.

With breakfast over, Pa headed to work at the coal mine. Ma and the girls started straighten-up the house. There was only a few rooms. Ma and Pa’s bed was in the front livin’ room. All the girls shared two beds in the middle room. I had a small lean-to room off the side.

I went to my room, grabbed an old blanket, and stuffed it into a small backpack. I picked up my squirrel rifle. I stopped in the kitchen. I looked at Ma and said, “I think I’ll go bag a squirrel or two. I might even get enough for supper. I might be passin’ near that old honey tree in the woods. Ma, you want me to get you a jar of honey?”

A chorus of female voices spoke. All six sisters said, “Jimmie, can I go? Will you take me? Jimmie, will you please let me go?”

I knowed they would ask. They always did. But, I had to say, “No girls, I can’t take you. Ya’ll make too much racket, every one of you. Well, all but Janie. She’s the only one that’s ever quiet enough to not scare off the squirrels.”

Ma came over to me and held out two empty, quart-sized jars and a big spoon. She said, “Here take these and get the honey. Take Janie, too. She can help you.”

That did it! That’s just what I wanted to happen! I wanted to get Janie off into the backwoods so that I could collect my fuck. I had won my bet. Janie was going to give me a birthday fuckin’.

I was real proud of myself. It was a pretty-slick plan. And, Ma had fallen for it! She had no idea that me and Janie had plans for a fuckin’ party. She had no clue. Or did she? She gave in mighty easy. She played along too quick. But, surely she wouldn’t send Janie off to get fucked on purpose? Would she?

I put the questions out of my mine. Janie followed me into the woods. After a long hike we were there. A slow moving creek bordered a hidden meadow. I spread out the old, ratty blanket and placed the backpack on it. I handed the two jars to Janie while I took the spoon.

We walked a short distance to the old, dead, lightnin’-struck tree where the honey bees made their nectar. Neither me nor Janie was afraid of the bees. Janie held the jars while I filled them with honey. When the jars were full some of the sweet syrup spilled onto our hands. We licked it off. Our mouths became honey-coated.

Suddenly, a wild, wicked thought entered my head. I leaned towards Janie to get a kiss. My sticky-wet, honey-coated lips met her lips. Sweet passion was reignited. I now knowed that I had to fuck that girl soon! She knowed it, too!

We headed back towards the blanket. We dropped to our knees and sat the jars down. I reached for the hem of Janie’s dress and pulled it up and off. I thought that maybe she would have put on some panties, but she didn’t. There was no bra either. My sister was bare-assed jaybird-nekid. And I loved it!

Quickly, I stripped my clothes off. I laid down on my back on the blanket. Janie laid down, too. But, she didn’t just lay beside me, that girl jumped right on top of me! That pretty pussy of hers was layin’ on my cock. My cock was sure-enough hardened-up tight. Why, my blood was justa pumpin’ fiercely up and down my cock-shaft.

I reckin Janie felt my heartbeat through the cock pressed to her pussy. That girl reached up and give mean a half-dozen wet kisses. Quick-as-a-wink, she then jumped off of me and bent down. She planted more kisses right on my throbbin’ cock. She kissed up and down the whole shaft. She skinned back my foreskin and kissed my cock-head. She then licked it. That girl then stuck my cock in her mouth and sucked! Oh shit, it was good! I was gettin’ my second cock-suckin’ of the day.

But, damn, I didn’t bring my sister up here for a cock-suckin’! I was supposed to be gettin’ a fuckin’! I reached down and grabbed two hands full of tangled red hair. I yanked her head away from my cock. I pulled her away just in time.

I spoke a little bit harshly, “Oh, goddamn-it, Janie! I don’t want you to make me shoot my load just yet! Why, I ain’t fucked you yet! But, girl that sure felt good! I’ll say one thing; you’re a mighty-fine cock-sucker!”

Janie giggled and laughed and then attempted to grab my cock again. I pulled hard on her hair and forced her to jump atop me again. But, this time, I pulled her far enough up to where I could get my mouth on her titties. Her small titties looked bigger leanin’ over the way she was. They dangled in the air invitingly.

Well, I didn’t need no engraved invitation. Just the sight of them two perfect peaches was all I needed. I grabbed one with my mouth. I sucked on a delectable nipple. It was pointy, stiff, and tasty. I gave the other nipple the same suckin’. I then kissed, and licked, and sucked every inch of them twin titties.

I was needin’ a fuckin’ real bad, but I still had some more suckin’ I wanted to do. I throwed Janie over on her back. I dove down towards her pretty pussy-mound. Why, in the bright sunlight her pussy was even prettier than it was this mornin’! And I was more excited than I had been then!

I kissed that precious pussy again and again. I kissed it all over. Lord-a-mercy, I loved that pussy! I spread them puffed-up pussy-lips so I could get to that clit. I reckined that Janie’s clit was my favorite part of her whole danged pussy! My mouth captured that erect little cock-teaser. I flicked it and licked it with my tongue. I kissed, and licked, and sucked mercilessly. Janie wiggled and squirmed and moaned.

That girl’s moans was gettin’ louder. She commenced squealin’. She wasn’t yet screamin’, but I knowed she was close to it. Well, she could squeal and scream all she wants out here in these deep woods!

I was surely havin’ fun with that tasty pussy. That pussy tasted like… It tasted like… Well, it tasted like nothin’ I’d ever had in my mouth. Why, it was delicious! Them two titties was mighty-good tastin’, too! The pussy and titties were sweeter even than honey!

Speakin’ of honey, a wicked, mischievous idea came into my head. I let go of that pussy. I reached for a jar of honey and took the top off. I touched a finger inside. I dripped several drops onto Janie’s mouth. I kissed her honey-sweetened lips. Our mouths and tongues kissed, and licked, and sucked the sweet nectar. We began to tongue-fuck each others honey-sweet mouths.

I reached into the jar again. I came out with two fingers thickly-coated with honey. I dripped several thick, gooey drops onto two tender titties and two nubile nipples. My mouth hungrily grabbed one sweet, syrupy tittie and sucked. I found the other tittie and sucked even harder. My teeth bit and my mouth pulled and tugged.

I knowed that I was gettin’ a little too rough. But, damn, I was havin’ fun! I also knowed that some of Janie’s moans and squeals was from me hurtin’ her titties. But, that girl never once told me to stop. So I didn’t, I just kept on suckin’.

I was findin’ out that I sure liked honey-tastin’ things. I liked honey-flavored lips and I liked honey-flavored nipples and titties. I had me a suspicion that I’d probably like honey-flavored pussy. And, I had me a theory that honey-flavored clit would be mighty-nice.

I reached for the honey jar again. I needed to prove the worth of my suspicions and the truth of my theory. I dripped honey straight from the jar. I watched as each glistenin’ golden drop splashed onto the tender virginal flesh of my sister’s nude pussy.

I kissed that glorious, golden pussy-mound with wanton passion. My honey-slick lips and mouth kissed, and licked, and sucked. I opened the pussy-lips and found the clit. My mouth devoured the inflamed, honey-coated treasure. My lubricated, honey-slick tongue slipped into the pretty-pink pussy-hole. I licked in and out and round and round. My tongue slipped deep and pushed savagely against her tender hymen.

Janie squealed and screamed louder. Her hips bucked and thrashed about. Her squeals finally awakened me from my frenzied lust. Oh damn, I can’t do this!

Again, I spoke harshly, “Janie, I didn’t come here to tongue-fuck you again! I came to cock-fuck you! And, that’s just what I’m going do!”

But, it seems Janie wasn’t yet ready. She wiggled out from under me and stuck her own fingers in the honey jar. Before I knowed what she was doing, she had grabbed my cock and smeared honey all over it. Next, she popped that cock into her mouth. It was that self-same steamin’-hot mouth I’d just gotten my cock out of a few minutes ago. She had recaptured the cock-head and most of the cock-shaft.

Well, that wicked, impish little girl started suckin’ away just as if she had a piece of honey-flavored hard-rock candy or a lollipop stuck in her mouth. But, that cock she was suckin’ on wasn’t no goddamn lollipop! And, that cock wasn’t no piece of candy!

I’ll admit that the cock my sister was suckin’ on was rock-hard and was probably right-sweet from all the honey coatin’ it. But, that cock-suckin’ girl was about to make me loose my mind. The cock-cream in my ball-sack was churnin’ and boilin’ and ready to blow. But, shit, I’d tried stoppin’ her, but she just keeps on latchin’ on to me! I had no more will to fight her off.

That old lady Mother Nature musta warned the young girl that her brother’s cock was about to erupt. The old mother musta told her that if she wanted a fuckin’ then she had better stop suckin’. And, stop she did! My cock popped out of her mouth just in time. It didn’t blow!

Janie plopped over on her back. She spread her legs wide and gave me a mischievous grin. She winked and she said, “Ok Jimmie, I’m ready to give you your birthday present. You can fuck me now!”

Well, I for-sure wasn’t hard-of-hearin’ and I didn’t need to be told twiced. I had a girl to fuck! And fuck her, I would! I had me a virginal birthday present to open!

But first, I had to get me another good look at that girl’s pussy. Lord-a-mercy, it was a pretty sight! I loved that pussy with a lustful passion! I hear tell that some growed-up men can be ‘pussy-whipped’. Now, I had no idea as to what that meant. But, if it meant that they was fellas that liked pussies, then I had just joined their club! I was now a proud card-carryin’-member of the ‘pussy-whipped-club’ of the backwoods hills!

I kissed on that pussy for a minute or two. I flicked and licked the stimulated clit. That pretty, pink pussy-hole was all primed and ready for the entrance of a cock. That virginal cavity was plentifully lubricated with thick, slippery-wet honey. The same lubricant coated my cock-head and the full length of my shaft.

I climbed into position above that girl. That old lady Mother Nature was to be my guide on this virginal voyage. Janie had spread her pussy-lips apart with her fingers. I grabbed my cock and slowly entered the glory-hole. I pushed the cock-head in until it was buried just inside the entrance.

Suddenly, Janie released her fingers from holding her pussy open. The unexpected movement caused her pussy-muscles to suck my cock-shaft in deeper. Janie’s hips bucked up violently. I was thrown off-balance and my entire cock-shaft disappeared inside the pussy-hole. My cock pierced the tender hymen.

Janie screamed! Her short, sharp scream shattered the stillness of our hilltop hideaway. Yet, her hips continued to buck and thrust upwards to meet my pumping cock. Her scream of lost virginity was replaced with squeals and screams of joyful sex-delight.

My cock began to empty its pent-up contents into that young pussy. Steamin’-hot cock-cream spurted as if a raging river had burst through a dam.

That young pussy couldn’t hold it all. The pussy-hole was too small to hold a fully-erect cock along with a full load of cock-cream and honey. The honey-cream mixture mixed with drops of virginal blood. As my shaft pumped in and out, her pussy squished sprays of bloody honey-cream all over both of us.

My own moans, and sighs, and squeals of sexual delightment joined hers and we became lost in pure pleasurement. Lord-a-mercy, I reckined that was some fine fuckin’ fun we both was havin’!

Finally, I stopped pushin’ my cock into that pussy. I was drained empty. I rolled off that girl and laid down beside her. We was both fightin’ to get our breath back. We laid there awhile without movin’ or sayin’ a word.

When my breath returned, I sat up and looked at that nekid girl. I leaned over and gave her a sticky-wet kiss. We kissed and tongue-fucked a few minutes and then I pulled her up and plopped her in my lap. I said, “Janie, girl that was a sure-fine birthday present! That’s the best one I ever had! You’ve got a mighty-fine pussy for fuckin’! I’ve sure had a lot of enjoyment with this present!”

Janie wasn’t a bit shy. She was smilin’ as she replied, “Well, Jimmie the givin’ of this present of fuckin’ to you was a lot of fun for me, too. Anytime you want some more, you just let me know!”

I hugged her and kissed her and stood up with her cradled in my arms. I carried her towards the slow-runnin’ creek. I told her, “Girl, we got a mess all over each other! I didn’t know that this fuckin’ business was so messy! We got to get cleaned up before headin’ home.”

I carried her into waist-deep water and pitched her out of my arms. She landed with a splash. She’s got a wicked temper, but she didn’t get mad. She stood and splashed water on me. We splashed, and tussled, and wrastled. We washed off each others slimy, sticky, nekid body. We washed away spit and sweat. We washed off honey and cream. And, we washed off virgin blood.

That girl kept on grabbin’ at my cock. Well, that fella was limp and done for. And it wasn’t the cold water of the creek that done it. That girl had drained every bit of juice out of it! Why, she’d done it twiced today!

That sister of mine was for-sure gettin’ cock-crazy! But, oh hell, I reckin I didn’t mind! I didn’t mind at all! I reckined that a fella that’s ‘pussy-whipped-crazy’ ought to have a sister that’s cock-crazy. That way, they’d be able to team-up for some fine suckin’ and fuckin’!

We finished our swim and bath, dressed, and headed home. I bagged three fat squirrels along the quiet homeward bound path. Our family could have some fine eatin’ for supper.

As we came into sight of the backdoor, Janie stopped me with a worried look on her face. She looked at me and said, “Jimmie, Ma noticed my messed-up hair after we played around in the outhouse this mornin’. Well, my hair is in a tangled-wet mess now. She’ll notice for-sure! She’ll know we been swimin’ and that we didn’t take nothin’ to wear. She might ‘spect that somethin’ else happened! Jimmie, what do you think she’ll say?”

I don’t know what made me think it and I don’t know why I said it aloud, but and idea came straight out of my head and I told it to Janie. I said, “I don’t think she’ll say nothin’ at all!”

Turns out, that I was abso-damn-lutely right! We walked in that backdoor just as Ma was puttin’ the noonday meal on the table. She looked toward us. She saw our still-wet hair. I reckin she saw through our attempts to hide the guilt on our faces. Yet, she didn’t say nothin’! She said nary a word!

We all sat and had our meal. That fresh honey tasted mighty-nice on the fresh-baked homemade biscuits Ma had made. All the girls seemed to like it. Of course, me and Janie liked it. We were tastin’ memories of kissin’, suckin’, and fuckin’.

Ma liked the honey, too. I looked at Janie and she looked at me. We both had the same thought speakin’ silently in our heads, “If Ma only knowed what we’d done with that honey!”

Ma’s sister drove up just as we finished the meal. She had stopped to pick up Ma and take her to the baby-doctor down in the flatlands. It was a hour-long drive both ways. Ma was takin’ the two youngest girls with her and the rest of us was stayin’ home.

Before she left, Ma gave strict instructions, “Jimmie, I want for you to stay close to the house and keep an eye on the girls. Don’t you go gallivantin’ off huntin’ or fishin’. Girls, I want for you to mind Jimmie. He’s to be in charge. Ya’ll help Jimmie clean them squirrels and I’ll cook them for supper when I get home.”

Ma gathered-up the two young ones and was gone. The girls was in the kitchen lookin’ at me. Well, I for-sure didn’t need no danged help cleanin’ squirrels! Why, I’d been doing that on my own since I was a young kid!

Well, hadn’t Ma put me in charge? Why, yes she had! So, I laid down the law, “Girls, ya’ll clean-up this kitchen and straighten-up the house. I’ll go clean them squirrels my own self.”

We each had our own jobs to do, so that’s what we did. But, our jobs were done in quick-time. We all five ended-up settin’ on the back porch with nothin’ in particular to do.

All four of them girls was lookin’ at me as if I ought to be tellin’ them what to do. But, I couldn’t think of nothin’ in particular that needed to be done right now. Yet, I reckin that there was somethin’ in the back of my mind that I was thinkin’ of.

I started going over ages, first my own and then the girls, especially the girls. I was 14. Janie was 12. Ginnie was 10. Betsy was 8. Peggy was 6.

Whilst I was thinkin’, a cloud appeared overhead. Another followed and then more. Before we knowed it, rain had started pepperin’ down. We all scooted back under the porch roof. Now, this wasn’t no big storm with thunder and lightnin’. It was just a gentle, warm, southerly-blowing rain.

Betsy was the one to have the original idea. Even at 8, she was adventurous and impulsive. She spoke suddenly, “Jimmie, can we all play in the rain?”

The three other girls joined in on the pleading request, ‘Yeah, Jimmie, can we? Can we play in the rain? It ain’t stormin’ or lightnin’ or nothin’ bad. There ain’t no reason why we can’t. Is there? So, can we?”

Well, Ma was the one who usually made these kinds of decisions for the girls. I was just their brother. But, wasn’t I in charge now? Why, yes I was! And, I would have to admit that I liked playin’ in the rain as much as the girls did.

Actually there was a reason for not playin’ in the rain. I told it to the girls, “You girls know that Ma spent all day yesterday washin’ clothes. In her condition, it wears her out. Now, she’d skin me alive if she was to come back here and find our clothes all dirty and muddy and wet! Why, she’d have to start another washin’!”

That girl Betsy was never one to take ‘no’ for an answer. Her sharp, young mind devised a solution. She voiced it adamantly, “I reckin we can just strip off all our clothes and wear our ‘birthday-suits’! If they get dirty, we can just wash them off in the rain!”

I didn’t answer the girl. I just looked at her and the others. I reckined that her idea would work. But I was thinkin’, Hell, them girls ain’t all goin’ to strip off their clothes in front of me!

As it turned out, I didn’t know my sisters as well as I thought. Quick-as-a-wink, Betsy’s clothes fell to the porch floor and she ran out into the rain. The other girls stripped and followed.

Well, that cock of mine had just gotten settled down from a mornin’ filled with suckin’ and fuckin’. It had been layin’ peaceful inside my pants. Now that there was four ‘bare-ass’ nekid girls runnin’ around, my cock had awakened and was stiffenin’-up!

Unconsciously, I remember what Ma had said before she left. She’d told me to keep an eye on the girls. Well, I was keepin’ both eyes on them!

I commenced to wonderin’ if maybe I was havin’ a daydream. Was this really happenin’ or was I dreamin’? Maybe I was just livin’ inside some kinda fairytale, some kinda backwoods fairytale. I heerd tell of stories about woods- nymphs and fairies runnin’ around dancin’ and playin’.

Well, there was four of them ‘jaybird-nekid’ nymphs frolickin’ and runnin’ and jumpin’ and playin’ right there in front of my eyes. They was havin’ a mighty-good time.

I was havin’ a good time too just watchin’ them. Why I’d never seen so much pretty nekidness! There was four pretty, young asses just jigglin’ all over. And, there was a whole bunch of small, young titties bouncin’ up and down ever which-a-way.

But, the sight that caught my attention the most was the space between each girl’s legs. Why, each one of them girls had wondrous, pretty-puffed pussy-mounds! And, there wasn’t one single pussy-hair on any of them.

Lord-a-mercy, my cock was for-sure full-on stiff now! Hadn’t I just found out this mornin’ that I was ‘pussy-crazy’? Didn’t I find out that a pussy was my favorite thing in this world? And, wasn’t I now lookin’ at four of them?

Whilst I was thinkin’ about the abundance of pussies to see, two of them pussies walked right up to me. It was the two belongin’ to Betsy and Ginnie. That girl Ginnie was 10, but she wasn’t a bit shy neither and it was her who said, “Jimmie, ain’t you goin’ to play in the rain with us? All of us girls want you to.”

I didn’t require much persuasion. I’d been wantin’ to get out in the rain. I kicked my shoes and socks off and then my shirt, briefs, and pants. When I stood, I too was bare-ass, jaybird-nekid, just like the girls.

I jumped off the porch in front of them two girls. Well, I reckin they’d never seen a nekid fella close-up before. And, they for-sure acted like they’d never seen a cock with a big hard-on. They just stared at it. They looked at each other, smiled, and then stared back.

I ran past them out into the rain. The girls wanted to play ‘tag’, so that’s what we did. We got to runnin’ and slippin’ and slidin’ all over the back yard. More than once, I fell into a pile of pussies and titties.

All at once, somebody grabbed my cock! All the girls was wrastlin’ with me and we was in a big pile on the ground. Now, I reckined it was that ‘cock-crazy’ Janie that had grabbed me. When I looked around, I seen that it sure-enough was her.

The thing is, I wasn’t the only one that seen Janie grab my cock. All three of them other girls seen it, too. They stopped playin’ and sat up with questionin’ wonderment in their eyes.

They was all speechless at first. But, then that girl Betsy spoke and asked the question they all wanted the answer to, “Janie, did you just grab Jimmie’s pecker?”

At first, I saw Janie’s face redden-up from gettin’ caught ‘cock-handed’. But, she recovered quickly and proudly replied, “Yes I did. Ain’t he got a nice one? Ain’t it big and pretty? And, it ain’t called a ‘pecker’. It’s called a ‘cock’! Jimmie’s got a real-fine cock! Don’t ya’ll think so?”

Well, I was still layin’ on my back in the wet grass with the gentle rain fallin’ in my face. But, I was hearin’ every word that was said. I felt mighty proud-like that Janie was praisin’ the virtues of my cock.

It was the next words that were spoken that astounded me. Them three girls spoke as one, “Janie, do you reckin we can touch it, too?”

I laid there wonderin’ why their question wasn’t directed towards me when Janie went ahead and answered, “Yes, I guess you all can touch it. But, you have to be careful not to play with it too much. It will blow its top when it gets too excited.”

Lord-a-mercy, I couldn’t believe that conversation. It was a discussion in which I had no say. The next thing I knowed, I felt a hand on my cock. It was Ginnie’s. She squeezed gently then she pulled and tugged. Betsy’s hand was next. Hell, the girls were goin’ by age! Betsy squeezed, and pulled, and tugged. Peggy was last. Her small hand barely fit around my shaft, but she made a valiant effort to do what the other girls had done. She too, squeezed, and pulled, and tugged.

Janie interrupted and gently pushed Peggy aside. She moved into a position beside me, looked at the other girls, and spoke, “I want to show you something else you can do.”

That sister of mine became a teacher. She was teachin’ her younger sisters about playin’ with a cock. I guess that I was supposed to just lay there like some kind of instructional aid. I rekin I didn’t mind it though!

Janie grabbed my cock again. She pulled it up until it was pointin’ at the sky. She pulled the foreskin back and the cock-head popped out. The girl’s eyes all opened wide in surprise.

This teacher then did somethin’ that was an even bigger surprise to them. It was a surprise to me, too. Janie bent over, opened her mouth, and swallowed my cock-head and part of the shaft. Oh, shit!

Janie released my cock from her mouth. She gave words of instruction, “Just remember ya’ll, lick with your tongue and suck with your mouth. Lick and suck, that’s all there is to it.”

Ginnie took Janie’s place. She was a good student. The shaft was pulled up, the foreskin was pulled back, and the cock-head went into her mouth. She licked and sucked. Oh, goddamn!

Betsy was equally adept at learnin’ from a master teacher like Janie. She took her turn, grabbed my cock, and closed her mouth around it. She followed directions, she licked and sucked. Oh, hell!

Peggy was last. She was shy and timid, yet she had the added benefit of seein’ the cock-suckin’ done by three older sisters. She took to it like a natural. She opened her mouth wide and stuffed my cock in the small opening. She licked and sucked. She licked and sucked some more. Oh, shit, goddamn-it to hell!

Janie took charge once more. That girl was a natural-born leader. This sex-tutor looked at her class of eager students and said, “Now, ya’ll know somethin’ about cock-suckin’. I’m goin’ to have Jimmie teach you about pussy-suckin’. I’ll have him demonstrate first with me.”

With that said, she laid down on her back and spread her legs. She looked at me and ordered, “Jimmie, go ahead and give me a pussy-suckin’.”

If I didn’t know it before, I surely knowed it now; I was ‘pussy-whipped’ without a doubt. I obeyed the orders given by that girl with the pussy. Why, I couldn’t have disobeyed her if my life depended on it.

I went to work. I headed straight for that mounded flesh between Janie’s legs. I kissed that pussy-mound all over. I savored the sweet sex-smell. She still had a lingerin’ taste of creek-water, honey, cock-cream, and virgin-blood. I opened her pussy-lips and hungrily devoured her clit. My tongue found her pussy-hole and entered. I thrust in and out and all about.

Janie pulled my head away. She sat up and whispered in my ear, “Jimmie, don’t make me that special-good-feelin’ just yet. You can fuck me when you’re through with the other girls. I want you to make them have that special-good-feelin’ by pussy-suckin’ them and tongue-fuckin’ them like you did me in the outhouse this mornin’. You can fuck them another day, today’s my day!”

That girl pulled away from me and called for Ginnie to lay down. Ginnie didn’t have to be told to spread her legs. She did it voluntarily. Now, I had me another virginal pussy to eat. I didn’t have honey, so I’d take it all-natural. I didn’t mind a bit! Ginnie had a nice pussy. It was a little smaller than Janie’s. But hells-bells, it was a pussy! And, lord-a-mercy, I sure loved pussy!

I went after Ginnie’s pussy like I was demon-possessed. Her virginal flower blossomed at my touch. I kissed, I licked, and I sucked. I opened the delicate pussy-lip blossoms and tasted the firm rosebud-clit. I flicked and licked. That girl was already moanin’ and wigglin’ her hips. She had a pretty-pink pussy-hole which my tongue slipped into.

I worked my tongue around inside Ginnie’s tight pussy-hole. I told myself that sometimes real-soon I was goin’ to have to get my cock inside that tight little hole. I continued to work my tongue in and out until that girl was moanin’ with pleasurable delight. I gave her a real-good tongue-fuckin’.

I was gettin’ to be a real-expert ‘pussy-sucker’ and ‘tongue-fucker’ and I could tell when a girl had reached her peak of sex-pleasurement. Ginnie was now there. She laid still with an unbelievable look of contentment on her face. I knowed that she liked gettin’ her pussy sucked!

Betsy was next. She had been watchin’ Ginnie’s face as the pleasurement came over her. Betsy couldn’t understand why she had that look. But, that little sister of mine soon found out. My mouth and tongue worked on that girl’s pussy with kisses, and licks, and sucks. When my tongue entered her pussy-hole and did what I’d trained it to do, that girl cried and moaned as waves of pleasurement overcame her. That girl had just received her first tongue-fuckin’. She too laid back with delighted contentment.

As the youngest of the four girls, Peggy was the last to lay down and spread her legs. I was a little hesitant to go after that little girl’s pussy. But, then I reasoned things out in my head. If that girl was big enough to put my cock in her mouth then she was big enough for me to put her pussy in mine! So, that’s what I did! Hell, a pussy is a pussy! And, that little-girl sister of mine had one that invited me in. By the time I was halfway through pussy-suckin’ and tongue-fuckin’, that girl was already cryin’ out in pleasurement.

Janie once more stepped in to take charge. She knowed that I’d just given all three of them sisters that special-good-feelin’ of sex-pleasurement. It was now her turn. But she didn’t want just a pussy-suckin’. That girl wanted a cock-fuckin’!

Janie spoke to the other three with a voice of authority, “Ya’ll, it’s now my turn, but I’m takin’ Jimmie to the outhouse. Ya’ll just go on playin’ in the rain.”

Surprisingly, them girls protested against their older sister. Ginnie became their spokesman and said, “Why can’t he do your pussy-suckin’ here so we can see?”

That girl Janie didn’t mince words. She decided to go ahead and declare the truth. She spoke just a few words, “Cause Jimmie is goin’ to fuck me!”

All three of them girls had opened-mouth awe in their eyes. They were surprised. They were shocked. They were confused. This time, Betsy was the one to speak, “Can we watch? We ain’t never seen nothin’ like that. How do you do it? How do you fuck?”

I thought that it was about time that I regained control of this situation from Janie. I might be pussy-whipped and pussy-crazy, but Ma had left me in charge of the girls.

I looked at Janie and then I looked at the girls. Then I spoke my piece, “Girls, I reckin you’ve seen everythin’ else, so you might as well see some fuckin’. Janie, you lay down here and let’s show them how it’s done.”

That girl didn’t protest one bit. I might be pussy-whipped, but that oldest sister of mine was for-sure cock-crazy and she wasn’t about to pass-up a chance to get fucked. She meekly obeyed.

I climbed into position between Janie’s legs. First, I leaned over and kissed her mouth. I licked her lips and kissed her again. I was aware that the other girls were watching every move closely, so I made the show good. They saw me stick my tongue into Janie’s mouth and they saw her tongue go into mine. The saw our two tongues tease and play. They saw more sweet-wet kisses. They was gettin’ a good look at tongue-fuckin’.

Next, I moved down to the two tender titties. I cupped them, I kissed them, and I sucked them. I realized that I had been so busy suckin’ all them pussies that I hadn’t sucked a single one of their titties. Well, I reckined that they could now see what I could do. I took Janie’s nipple nubs and sucked each until they were firm and erect.

I didn’t linger long at them sweet titties. I moved on down to the pussy mound. Now, I reckined that this pussy was my favorite of the four I’d sucked today. It was my first and it was the only one I’d fucked. I was awfully anxious to get my cock inside that pussy-hole, so I hurriedly kissed the pussy-mound and opened the pussy-lips to get to the clit. I made short-work by rapidly lickin’, flickin’, and suckin’ that splendorous clit.

I now knowed from experience that Janie’s pussy was primed and ready for the entrance of a cock. I reckin that girl read my mind ‘cause she spread her pussy-lips wide. With them other three girls watchin’ closely, I grabbed the shaft of my cock and entered the pink pussy-hole.

Janie’s fingers let go and her pussy-lips closed around my cock-head. Her hips thrust up and my cock thrust in. Her pussy was still a little sore from the loss of her virginity, but her pussy-muscles squeezed and tugged the shaft deeper. I pushed my cock in and out, in and out. Janie’s hips bucked, and wiggled, and squirmed.

My steamin’ cock-cream came to a boil and began to erupt. Janie felt it comin’ and her pussy was ready. A violent climactic shudderin’ shook both our bodies as waves of sex-pleasurement raced through our loins.

I knowed that the other girls could see the excess cock-cream spill and spurt from Janie’s pussy-hole. They could also see the drops spillin’ from my cock as I pulled it out of their sister’s drippin’-wet pussy. Once again, that girl had drained my cock of every last drop.

I rolled off my sister. We laid on our backs and we let the gentle warm rain cleanse our sticky-wet bodies. The girls looked on in confused amazement as my cock lost its erectness.

Al last, I sat up. Janie did, too. The other three girls sat in the wet grass around us. I saw Becky whisperin’ to Ginnie. Ginnie then whispered to Becky. I overheard bits and pieces of the hushed conversation. They were sayin’, “You ask him! No, you ask him!”

Finally, Ginnie was the one to ask their question out loud, “Jimmie, we want to know somethin’. When are you goin’ to fuck us?”

I didn’t immediately answer the girls. But, my mind was racing. Lord-a-mercy, what a birthday! What a glorious celebration I’ve had! And, hell, the day ain’t even over yet!

I just sat there in the gentle pourin’ rain starin’ at all them bare-ass-nekid sisters of mine. I looked at all of them young titties jigglin’ and all them pretty nude pussies all puffed-out and waitin’.

What better birthday present could any fella want?

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