Part 1 - Jake receives more than a present on his birthday
The party was one of the best of this semester, there was sex, and drugs, music, alcohol and girls but these weren't the only things that was catered up for Jake that day. Jake was a jock, and one of the most athletic and hottest of the campus. He was 19 years old and had any girl he liked.

Today was his birthday that meant he was the oldest jock in his group. The party was a bash and everyone enjoyed the free flowing booze and the constant naked girls. By ten o'clock at night everyone was in a room fucking some chick they picked up from the party.

Before long a siren sounded as the police came around the corner. Most people ran and the rest hid the evidence before the police entered, after around ten minutes they left giving a warning for no more trouble.

The group of eight friends gathered beside the pool and sat in a circle…having nothing else to do and no one else there, they just talked. The talk around the group was of their just recent adventures in their rooms and they talked about the girls they wanted to fuck.

Before long they were all horny and one of the jocks popped a stiffy, soon someone else noticed and before long announced it to the group "Greg's got a boner…HA." As they laughed Greg yelled for them to stop, "well if you like looking at my crouch so much, why don't you look a little bit deeper."

Greg then jumped up and pulled his pants down along with his boxers exposing a long uncut shaft almost 9 inches long, at the other end was two perfect sized succulent balls covered in a short shaven bush of pubic hair. The smell of sex filled the air proving his recent accomplishments. "What the fuck are you doing man," one boy stuttered.

"What, don't you like it," he retorted, "I know we all have this bond, and I've been waiting for the right moment." He pushed himself over to Jake, leaving his pants behind "please birthday boy, be my master." Jake was taken aback he looked around the group and was astonished to see his friends kissing each other.

Before Jake could say something two succulent lips smothered his mouth as a long twisting tongue lunged into his throught, his ecstasy was surreal he fell into a deep passionate kiss. Greg withdrew; Jake came back to reality and watched as Greg trailed down to the bottom of his shirt exposing his rock hard abbs.

In his daze Jake didn’t realise Greg moving to his hips and taking his top off to expose his own chest. The rest of the boys sat naked and watched as the boy licked his way down Jakes chest, along to his snails trail and down to his pants. Slowly Greg took his pants down leaving only his boxers where a huge bulge stood, waiting to escape it confinement.

With a sudden movement his boxers were below his knees, the boys were astonished as a thick, juicy 10-inch cock jumped out. Uncut and perfect, with a large pulsating head, his cock stood upon two egg sizes balls which were perfectly visible behind the soft sweaty skin.

The boys grew harder, some started stoking their cocks, two moved together as one took the others cock into his mouth as the other groaned in delight. Greg didn't take his time either; Jake jumped out of his daze as his cock leapt into the boy's warm and wet mouth.

Jake groaned as the pulsating movements of Greg's mouth sent Jakes senses wild. Jake was lost in the moment and took his fingers deep into his partner's arse. The other boys watched in awe, deep passionate kisses filled the room, while the boys played intimately with each other.

Jake was reaching climax, “Oh God Greg! Slow down or you’ll make me cum! Greg! Did you hear me! I’m serious you’re gonna make me cum right now!” Jake said as he humped Greg's mouth. “It’s okay, let it!” Greg replied back, slipping Jakes hard cock right back into his mouth.

“What? Not in your mouth, Greg! Watch out Greg! It’s gonna shoot in your mouth! Oh God it’s coming! I’m gonna cum! Gonna cum!
Oh, I’m cumming in your mouth! Oh fuck! - You’re drinking it…
You’re drinking my cum! Oh yeah! Oh fuck Greg! You drank it!” Jake said.

Greg took on the load, getting up to kiss Jake as he swapped cum in between mouths as it danced between the passionate tongues. Greg stepped back as they both swallowed their loads. Jake loved the taste of his cum he lingered the taste for as long as he could.


(Next Time)
Greg gets finished of, while the boys decide to make a cocktail using their own special drinks. LOL.

Hope you like my story. Please no harmful comments. Feel free to comment if there are problems with the story. I'll fix them in the new one. CONTACT ME AT…LOVE ALL BOYS…GAY PRIDE…IM OUT…

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2010-03-23 21:31:40
finish the god damn story i wanna cum

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2008-09-24 02:43:14
make next longer but got me off exetremly well

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2008-05-28 22:09:34
This is a really hot story that definitely needs continuing. Who needs girls when guys know what other guys really need and secretly want.


2007-05-31 14:52:18
nice but ended quite quickly


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make it longer, 6/10

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