I'm a firm believer, that we have no more choice over what we are drawn to sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table. PEACE...MILKER

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I was only 12 almost 13 year's old and I was out hitchhiking again when an older car pulled up beside me and offered me a ride. Sitting inside of it was the old...65-70 year old, black, shoeshine man from the downtown movie theater, that I went to almost every weekend.

" Where ya going boy?"

" I don't know, no where I guess."

" No where, what do ya mean by that?"

" Well, I'm just out wasting time."

" Oh yeah, you gots ya a little girlfriend, yet?"

" No."

" But your old enough for one, aren't ya?"

" I don't know."

" Here boy, let me see."

Before I could even figure out what was going on, he'd reached down inbetween my little thigh's and had started to rub gently on my little cock and ball's.

Rub.............Rub/Rub,.....................Rubbing gently.

" Oh yeah, here it comes, your old enough to do it alright, baby."

I'd never had a man or anyone else for that matter playing with me like that before, so looking down and watching him rubbing on me down there, was doing something inside of me. Something that I didn't really understand yet, but he sure did.

" Oh yeah, you like that, don't ya boy?"

" Uh huh."

" Take it out, I wanna see it."

" My dick?"..." You wanna see my little dick?"

" Uh huh."

Even I'd noticed that he was breathing harder, when he'd said the...Uh huh and sat there watching as I reached down and started unbuttoning my levis.

" That's it, come on, take it out baby."

It was almost like I didn't have any choice, I had to take it out for him, I don't know why.

The only sounds coming from the old car, were the sounds of his heavy breathing, as I slowly reached into my tiny, little, white, cotton underwear, slowly pulled it and let him look at it, while I was still holding onto it.

" Oh shit yeah, you got a nice one alright, a really nice one."..." Can I touch it?"

" If you wanna."

" Oh baby, I wanna alright, you just don't know yet."

Watching as he reached over, and touched my little boner, made me feel strange inside and the next thing I knew, I'd let out a little whimper and that's when he knew that he had me.

" Can I?"

" Huh?"

" Can I play with it?"

" You wanna play with it?"

" Uh huh."

" I guess so."

He didn't need to be told twice, as he reached back over and took ahold of it and started to work it up and down slowly.


" What are ya doing, Mister?"

" I'm jackin it."

" Huh?"

" I'm gonna make it cum, just hold still baby."

I was to embarrassed to tell him that I didn't really know what he was talking about, so I just kept quiet and let him keep doing it.


" Ohhh."

" Yeah, feel's good, don't it baby?"

" Uh huh."

" Ever had it sucked on?"

" Nooo."

" Why not?"

" I don't know, I guess because no one's ever told me that they wanted to do something like that to it, yet."

" Want me to do it?"

" Here, what if somebody comes by and see's what your doing?"

" So, I'm suckin on a young boy's cock, I've been doin it since I was little, even younger than you baby."

" Really, how come?"..." Why would ya wanna do a thing like that, if you were a boy?"

My older brother and I used to have to sleep in the same bed together, when we were little and he was the first one, to coax me into sucking on it."

" Oh no, did ya like it?"

" Not in the beginning."

" But then ya did?"

" Uh huh."..." Come on baby, let me suck on it, just a little."

Before I could even answer him and even say...yes or no, he'd bent down over it and slipped his warm, wet mouth down over the end of it and had started sucking.


" OHHH."

" Uh huh, feel's good, don't it baby?"............Slurp

" Uh huh, Uh huh."

" Good, I knew ya'd like it."...............Slurp/Slurp

When the old black man saw how much I was starting to like it, he raised up off of it, started the old car back up and without saying a word to me, drove me on over to his house.

I don't remember being scared, as he drove me over there. I guess because I didn't feel like he wanted to hurt me, whatever that means.

As soon as he had me in the house, he took me into the bathroom with him and closed the door.

" Ya like's that pee, don't ya baby?"

" What?"

" You heard me."

" What do ya mean?"

" You know what I mean, your a pee freak."

I didn't know what to say when he'd called me that, mainly because it sounded so nasty to me or whatever.

I've been watchin ya baby, down at the movie theater. Watchin ya and how ya can't stop lookin at my golden yellow, pee stream, as it's comin out of the end of my old dick, when the two of us are standing there at the urinal's, peeing."

" No, you haven't."

" You gots ya a thing for pee, don't ya baby."

" Nooo."

" Yes, ya do."

" Liar."

" Oh, I'm a liar, am I?"

Before I could even answer him, he grabbed ahold of my little arm and pulled me over to the old white toilet with him.

And then without even saying a word, he calmly slid his zipper down, reached into his pants and pulled his old, wrinkled, black cock out.

" What are you doing?"

" Shhh, watch me baby, I'm gonna pee for ya and then we'll see if I'm a liar or not."

I couldn't believe what was happening. Here I was standing in a bathroom with an old man, and old, black man, that was about to take a pee and get me to watch him, while he was doing it.

" Oh yeah, here it comes baby, watch it."

The pale yellow stream, that was coming out of the end of his old black cock, was huge, and noisy, and I couldn't believe how loud it was, as it shot down into the old white toilet bowl so hard and fast, that some of the cold water even splashed back up, out of it.

" Oh yeah, you like watchin that pee coming out of the end of my old cock, don't ya baby?"

" I couldn't believe it, as he just stood there and...peed...and peed...and peed, like he was never gonna stop, as he got me to stand there beside the old white toilet and watch him.

All at once he stopped the huge flow and as he turned and looked at me, he whispered. " Kneel down baby."..." Kneeldown an open your little mouth, you and I both know that ya wanna taste it."

How did he know?

How did he know what was going through my little mind, while I was watching him doing it?

At that moment in time, I hated the older boy, a boy named Bobby, that lived nextdoor to me, when I was little. Used to live nextdoor to me and hold me down and pee in my little mouth, just so he wouldn't have to go into the house and use the bathroom, when we were out in his backyard, playing.

He made me his little toilet and for whatever the reason, I let him.

I don't know how long I'd been standing there remembering Bobby, and looking at the old man's black cock, before...The need, the need to do it again took over and the next thing I knew, I was kneeling down in front of him, and letting him slide the wet end of it, into my open mouth.

" That's it, close your mouth baby and suck on it, I saved ya some of what your wantin."


" Oh fuck, here it come's again baby...get it."



" Swallow......................Swallow."Oh yeahhh."


" Oh yeah, you likes it alright, fuck ya."


When he was finally finished peeing and he still had his warm cock in my mouth, I could feel him starting to get a boner and the next thing I knew, my warm, soft tongue was slowly curving around up around it and starting to make love to it.

" Oh shit,.......easy baby, you don't wanna do that or your gonna find another little surprise in your mouth."....... " Another little surprise that you might not be ready for yet but your gonna get it anyway if you keep teasing on the end of my old cock like that."

I don't know how long I'd been teasing on the end of it like that, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, maybe even 4 minutes, before I lost it and started sucking on it for real. Sucking on it for real, just like the older boy, Bobby, had taught me to do to his, when I was littler.


" Oh fuckkk, Oh fuck, I got's me a little cocksucker here, haven't I baby?"


All at once he stepped back, pulling his long black cock out of my warm, sucking mouth and whispered, " Come on baby, lets you and me go into my bedroom."

" No, No, I can't " and without even arguing with me, he just slipped his old, warm cock back into my little mouth again and said, " Ok baby, we'll do it here baby, if that's what ya want."

I knew what he wanted, he wanted to fuck me. He wanted to fuck me up my plump, little ass, but I just couldn't let him do it, not yet anyway.

Oh, I'd been fucked before and I can't deny it.
I'd been fucked by the older, white men. The older white men that had picked me up hitchhiking, just like he'd just picked me up. And after they'ed gotten me into their car's with them, they'ed find a lonely place to park, jerk my little levis and then my tiny, little, white cotton underwear down, and have their way with me on the backseat's of their old car's, before I could get away from them.

All I could think about, as I kept looking at the size of his long, black boner, was just how much bigger it was than any of the older white men's cock's had been up inside of me.

Three weeks later, he would not only get me to go back into his bathroom with him again and drink and swallow his warm, salty pee but he'd also take me back into his dark bedroom with him, where he held me down on his kingsized bed, and showed me what it felt like to be fucked, really fucked, by an old, big dicked, black man.

As soon as the old black man, had his cock back in my mouth again and knew that I wouldn't go into the bedroom with him, he reached out, took ahold of my little head, with both of his huge black hands and started working his warm boner in and out of my little mouth, slow at first but getting faster and faster the longer he did it.

Slurp...........Slurp/Slurp......" Umm " .....Slurp/Slurp

The shame that I felt, yes shame, as he listened to the tiny, little, sucking sounds that I was making on it while I sucked on it, was unreal. There could be no doubt in his mind now, that I'd not only sucked on someone's cock before but that I'd probably gone all the way with it and even swallowed.

" Suck it baby .........Suck it."


" Oh Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittt................Here I come, here I come."...Squirt........"Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,"

And pretty soon the only sounds that were coming from his bathroom, were the tiny, little gulping sounds, that I was making on it, as he not only got me to suck on it but to eventually eat it to, right there beside his old, white toilet.


When it was all over and he'd left me kneeling there beside the old white toilet, as he went back into his bedroom, I knew that I had to get up and get out of there as fast as I could and I did.

He didn't say a word, as he watched me coming out of the bathroom and running out through his front door. I didn't wanna talk about it and I didn't want him to give me a ride home, all I wanted was to be alone now, because believe it or not, I was crying.

I wasn't crying because of what he'd just gotten me to do with him in his bathroom, I was crying because for whatever the reason I'd liked doing it and I was ashamed of it.

It was 2 weeks before I saw him at the old movie theater again and I felt my face getting all hot, as he called me over to his shoeshine stand and handed me a tiny, little piece of white paper.

Being curious about what was on the little piece of white paper, I went up to the boys bathroom and read it.

As I slowly opened it up and saw how he'd written his phone number on it, I really felt embarrassed about what had happened over at his house. I felt embarrassed because just thinking about now, as I read his phone number, was making me get a little boner.


Why was I getting a boner just from reading his phone number?

I wanted to throw it away. I wanted to thrown it away and pretend that the whole thing had never happened, but I couldn't.

I couldn't throw it away and 3 weeks later, when I found myself standing at a pay phone and calling the number that was written on it, I felt totally embarrassed because I already knew what was gonna be happening to me, he was gonna fuck me and for whatever the reason, I was gonna let him.

The fear that I was going through as I stood there and pushed the numbers on the pay phone, was unreal. And when he did finally answer it, I was to embarrassed to say anything to him about what it was that I needed. Yes, I needed his cock again, but I was to embarrassed to say it, so, I just stood there and held onto the pay phone.

After me standing there in total fear for something like 3 or 4 minutes, he whispered into the phone, " It's you."..."It's you baby, isn't it?"

How did he Know?

How did he know that it was me and not somebody else, that was calling him?

I still couldn't say anything and the next thing I knew, he was whispering, " I gots ta pee baby, wanna come over and watch me again, while I'm doing it?"

If it had been an older white man that had said that to me, I probably woulda hung-up on him and forgotten all about it. But something about it being this man, this old black man saying it to me, made a little whimper come out of me and as I felt my little boner getting hard and starting to come up again, I whispered, " Uh huh."

" Oh yeah, come on over baby, ya knows thats ya wants it."

Without saying another word, I nervously hung-up the pay phone and started walking over to his house.

Neither of us said a word, we didn't have to, as he slowly opened the front door, saw me standing there, turned and got me to follow him into the bathroom.

" Come on baby, come on over here, stand next to the toilet with me, and gets whats ya need."...." I ain't gonna hurts ya with it, you knows that."

It wasn't until he'd opened his pants up, reached in and slowly pulled his old cock out, his old black cock out, that I finally got the courage to go over, stand next to him and watch him.

" Yeah baby, watch it now, watch it."

I don't know how long I'd been standing there watching it, and waiting for something to happen, when all at once he whispered, " Oh baby, it ain't comin, your gonna have ta gets down there and licks it on the end and maybe that will coax it into peein for ya."

" Ohhh."

" Come on baby, you and I both knows, that thats why your here."

I couldn't hide it anymore, he knew."

He knew as I slowly bent over, took ahold of it, and started licking at the little hole in the end of it, again and again and again.


" Oh yeah, here it comes baby, here it comes."....

The feel of the first squirt of it, as it splashed against my tiny, little, pink tongue, made the strangest little quiver go through me and he saw it and said, " Come on baby, get down there, don't make me waste it." And the next thing I knew, I was kneeling down beside the old white toilet next to him, holding my tiny, little, pink tongue out for him and letting him pee on it.



" Oh Fuck Yeah, that's it, lick it baby, lick it."..." Oh yeah."



" Oh shit ya, you sure likes that pee, don't ya baby?"..." Who in the fuck taught you to do that?"

" Umm, Umm "..Lick.....Lick..................Lick...Lick

" Oh Fuckkk, open your mouth, open your mouth baby, let me finish it off in there."

Again he stopped peeing but this time after he'd stopped, he turned towards me, got me to open my little mouth, tilt my head back and let him slip it in.

" That's it, that's it baby, now go ahead and suck the rest of it out of there."

I couldn't believe the warmth of his huge, black cock, as it heated up the insides of my little mouth, just by being inside of it.

The last thing I remember before I closed my eye's and started to slowly suck on it again. It was a total look of power, with his upper lip even curled, as he looked down and saw that once again he had another young, little, white boy, sucking on his old cock. Sucking on his old, black cock, right there in his bathroom, where nobody could see what he getting him to do to him.

White girl's and white boy's loved to suck on a black cock, after they'ed gotten over the embarrassment of doing it the first time. Especially the young, little one's, like this one was and old Henry had found that out when he was only 13 year's old, when he'd coaxed a little white girl and even her brother to do it, when the two of them weren't even 11 year's old yet.



" Oh baby, your somethin else."..." Shit yessssssssssssss, swallow it baby, swallow it."..." Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."


" Oh fuckkk, Oh..............................fuckkk."

As soon as he'd finally stopped peeing and his warm, smooth, black cock had slowly slipped back out of my tiny, little mouth again and was now just hanging down in front of him, he whispered, " Did ya like it, did ya like how it tasted baby " and once again I felt my face getting all hot.

" Oh, you liked it alright, fuck yesss, you liked it."

Just as I was getting up to leave he stopped me and as he slid his pants and then his underwear all the way down, I saw that he had the strangest look in his eyes, as he slowly sat down on the old white toilet and then slowly spread his huge, thick, black leg's apart for me.

" Where ya going baby, you an me ain't through yet. You got what you needed, now it's my turn, get down here and suck me off or are ya gonna try and tell me that you've never done that?"

Oh, I'd sucked it alright, the older boy that used to live nextdoor to me had seen to that, when I was little. He'd seen to that by taking me into his bedroom with him, when nobody else was home, supposedly to play video games with him and while were were in there, he'd taken his long skinny boner out, tried to coax me onto licking on the end of it and eventually he got me to do it, just so he'd keep liking me.

Oh, he ended up liking me alright, that's for sure. But only after he'd gotten me to suck his young, hard, cock off, so many times that I eventually started to crave it. Crave it just like he knew I would, if he could get me to do it enough times and he did, more times than even I can remember.

I can still remember the first time that he got me to taste the warm, white liquid, that spurted up out of the end of his young stiff boner. He'd been sitting there working his boner up and down slowly and getting me to watch him, when all at once, white stuff, started spewing up into the air out of the end of it, before dropping back down onto it.

I didn't even know what cum was yet, so I was totally shocked when I saw it doing that and I thought that he'd peed on himself or something like that.

" You peed."

" No I didn't, it's cum Billy, I came for you."

" For me?"

" Uh huh, taste it Billy, it taste's just like candy."

I can still hear all of the little moan's that came out of him and believe it or not out of me, as he watched me slowly bending down over it and then felt my tiny, little, pink tongue, as it started licking back and forth through the white stuff, the warm, sticky and sweet, white stuff, that he called cum, that was still all over the end of it.

He was right, the warm, sticky, white stuff did taste like candy, at least to me it did, and I ate it from then on, each and every time that he wanted me to. And that went from once or twice a week, to at least 3 or 4 times a week, sometimes more, before the whole thing was over.

The old black man couldn't take it anymore and finally he said, " Come on baby, don't just stand there lookin at it, we both know that ya want it."

The old black man was right, I did want it, really want it and the next thing I knew, I was kneeling down in front of him and taking ahold of it, as he sat there on the old white toilet with his huge black leg's spread and showing it to me.

Just looking down at the young little white boy, that was kneeling down in front of him and holding onto his huge black cock now, made the clear sweet pre-cum start to ooze slowly out of the end of it and the next thing he knew, I was bending down over it and licking on the end of it, with my soft, warm, pink tongue.


" Oh yeahhhhhh, that's it baby, lick it."

I couldn't believe how smooth, almost like silk, the skin on his old, black cock was, as I held it in my little hand and started licking on the swollen head, first on one side and then along the other, before sliding my warm soft tongue down underneath it and licking all the way down to the front of his huge, warm nut-sac.

" Oh fuckkk yesss, lick um baby, lick um."


He could feel my warm, soft tongue, as it slowly explored the front of his huge, warm nut-sac and just as he was about to lose it, I raised up and started in on the big head again.

Circling around and around on the swollen head, teasing the tiny, little pee hole before sliding down along one side of his huge black cock, all the way down into his dark black pubic hair, lingering there and licking all around in it for at least 2 minutes, before I slowly started licking my way back up along the other side of his long, swollen boner and found the big head again.

All at once the old black man was moaning and saying, " Oh fuck, Oh fuck, take your pants off baby, lets go into the bedroom," as he watched my little head bobbing up and down on his long, black boner, faster and faster.


I must have sucked and teased on the end of it for at least another minute or two, before all at once I let go of it, stood up and left him sitting there in the bathroom.

Just as the old black man was starting to get up and go see what had happened to me, I appeared in the doorway again, only this time I was naked, totally naked.

" Oh shit yesss."

Just seeing my plump, little, white as and the way that it stuck out, way out behind me, made the old black man's cock twitch and then jump and all he could think about after that, was getting his huge, black cock up inside of my plump, little ass and fucking me with it.

He didn't care that I was only 12 or 13 year's old or something like that.

I'd come over to his house, hadn't I?

I must have known before coming back over, that the old black man was gonna try and fuck me again, especially after how much he'd wanted to do it, the last time that I was over there.

Neither of us said a word, as I kneeled down in front of him again and continued where I'd left off by taking ahold of it and working it up and down slowly, while the old blackman just sat there on the old white toilet and watched me doing it.


Bending down every now and then, to lick the clear sweet pre-cum away again, as it slowly oozed out of the tiny, little hole in the end of it and then started to run down along the sides of it, slowly.

All at once I started whimpering and moaning and started begging the old blackman to pee for me. Holding his huge black cock in my little hand and pointing it straight-up, as I watched it and waited.

The old blackman knew that if he didn't pee, that I'd leave again and probably never come back. So, he started squeezing as hard as he could on his old bladder, trying to force some of it to come up out of it again and eventually it did.

As the huge gush shot up out of the end of it and went up into the air, he couldn't believe it, as he watched me turning my head into it and licking at it, catching some of it with my tiny, little, pink tongue, before it fell back down onto him again.

Just watching me, as I tried to catch some of his golden yellow pee with my tiny, little, pink tongue was to much for the old black man and all at once a huge steady stream of his yellow golden pee started gushing up into the air, just like it was a water fountain and without even having to be told to do it, I just slipped my little open mouth down over the end of it and started drinking and swallowing it, just like it was water, and it was coming out of a water fountain.


" That's it, that's it, Oh shit yesss, swallow it baby."..." Drink that warm pee, like you and I both know, that you were born to do."


All at once I started whimpering and making strange little noises and that's when the old black man saw what was happening to me and he screamed, " NOOOOOO " but it was already to late, as he saw me starting to quiver and then even jerk, as once again drinking a grown man's warm, salty pee, had made me lose it and cum again.

My tiny, little boner, that I'd had, when I'd come back into the bathroom with him, naked, was gone now and I started feeling guilty about it.

I was feeling guilty about it because I'd gotten what I needed again but the old, black man hadn't gotten what he'd needed, a piece of ass, a piece of a young, white boy's, tender little ass.

Just when the old blackman thought that it was all over, I got up and without saying a word went into the bedroom.

Knowing that the old black man could still see me through the open doorway, I crawled up onto his kingsized bed, on my hands and knees, turned my plump, little, white ass towards the open doorway, and then dropped down onto my elbows and knees and waited.

The old black man couldn't believe what was happening, as he looked out the open bathroom door and saw how I was up on his bed, on my elbows and knees, and waiting for him to come in and do me dogstyle.

Just seeing my plump, little, white ass, turned towards him and waiting for him to come in and do it, was to much for the old black man, as he got up with his huge, black boner swinging back and forth, out in front of him and came into the bedroom.

When he saw how little , my tiny, little asshole was, he knew that he was gonna hurt me with his huge cock and he almost changed his mind about doing me back there.

But then...the need, the need to push his long, black cock, up into somebody's tight, little, white ass took over, as he walked over to the dresser, pulled the top drawer open and got a tiny, little jar of Vaseline out.

I could hear him opening the little jar of Vaseline and knowing full well what was coming next, I wanted to change my mind but I couldn't. I couldn't change my mind about letting the old black man fuck me back there because that was another one of the need's that the older boy nextdoor had left up inside of me before he'd moved away. The need...the need to feel a cock, anybody's cock, way up inside of me again, like the older boy had done to me, when he'd done what he'd called, *COCKED ME* back there, by pushing his warm, stiff boner up into me, and fucking me with it, more times than I can remember.

As the old man crawled up behind me, he reached out and lightly brushed his finger tips across my tiny, little asshole and watched as it tightened-up and then slowly pushed back out and opened up for him.

He knew.

He knew that I'd been fucked before, just by the way my tiny, little asshole looked. All swollen and thick around the edge's, just like a young girls swollen outer lips would look, as they rim her tiny little pussy.

He laughed as he thought, " More cushion for the pushin," as he rubbed the Vaseline all over it and then put the head of his big black cock up against it and started pushing.


All of a sudden my little back arched and the loudest scream came out of me, as the huge, plumb shaped head, popped up into my tiny, little vaseline covered asshole and then started up into my warm, tight rectum.

" Nooooooooooooooooooooooo."

He didn't care that I was screaming and begging him not to do me, as he held onto my little hips and waited for me to get used to the size of it.

" It hurtsss, it hurtsss, take it out and I'll suck on it, I promise."

" No baby, we already did that, remember."..." Now it's my turn and I'm gonna get me what I need, a piece of this little white ass of your's."

And as he said that, he flicked his thick, black hips and drove at least another inch of his long, black boner up into me.

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

" I'm in, I'm in, hold still baby."..." Oh fuck yesss, I'm in."

And once again he flicked his black hips and drove even more of it up into my plump, little white ass and waited.

It wasn't until I felt the old man's dark, black, pubic hair, touching all around my tiny, little asshole that I knew that I'd taken it, taken it all. And knowing that, I dropped the rest of the way down onto the old man's kingsized bed and felt the old man starting to fuck me, as he rode me down.



" Oh fuckkk yesss, you like that big cock up your little ass, don't ya baby?"

" Uh huh......................................Uh huh." Squeeze.......................................Squeeze

" Oh yeah, that's it, do your thing baby, squeeze it."..." Milk it and make it cum for you."



" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhh."

" Oh shit, you better stop doin that baby or your gonna get a surprise."..." A surprise way up inside of ya, that ya might not like or even be able to take yet."

I knew that he was talking about cuming in me and even though I wanted to tell him to shut-up and just do it, I couldn't.

I wanted him to leave his cum, his nasty, black man's cum, way up inside of me, almost as much as he wanted to do it, but I couldn't tell him that and I don't know why.

All at once I lost it and screamed, as my back arched and my plump, little ass raised up even higher for him. Higher so that he could push it up into me even deeper and lose it to, just like I was about to do.

" Fuck me, Fuck me."..." Fuck me black man, and leave you warm, white, black man's seed, way up inside of me."

All of a sudden I felt it, as he drove his huge, black cock, up into me as deep as he could get it and then just held me there on it, by my little hip's, as it erupted and spewed its warm, white liquid, up into me, not once, not twice, but three times.



Even though I was whimpering and crying, the whole time that the old black man was still draining his huge, warm nut-sac up into me, the old black man could still feel my plump, little ass, grinding up and back onto his huge black boner, as he laid there on top of me.


When it was finally over, and the old black man crawled up off of me, he couldn't believe it, as he saw how my plump, little ass was still moving. Moving up and down, like he was still fucking it, as he went into the bathroom and washed his long, black cock off.

When the old man finally came back out of the bathroom, he wasn't to surprised see that I was was gone. He wasn't surprised because that's what always happened to him after he'd fucked another young white boy or white girl, up their little white ass. It was like they wanted it, his cock, up inside of them but once they'ed had it, they couldn't handle it mentally and running away was their way of denying that it had ever happened and that's what they did, each and every one of them, they just ran away.

All of the young little white boy's and most of the little white girl's that he'd ever had over there, over the year's were the same way. That is until he'd met me and I was different, as he was about to find out, 3 weeks later.

It was late in the afternoon, just after school had let out, when the quiet little knock came on his back door.

Since the knock was at the back door, old Henry thought that he must know who it was, so he didn't even bother to put any clothes on, he just opened it up with nothing on but his old boxer shorts.

Neither of us said a word, when he opened the door and saw that it was me standing there. Finally I couldn't take it anymore, as I reached out, slid my little hand into the opening on the front of his old boxer underwear and started massaging on his old black cock with my tiny little fingers.

" Oh shit, not here baby, somebody might see ya, come on in, I gots what ya need in the bathroom or does ya already need it up that tight little white ass of your's again?"

I was way to embarrassed to answer him but there really wasn't any need to anyway, as I started taking all of my clothes off, went into the bathroom, laid my little head back across the open white toilet seat, opened my little mouth and closed my eyes.

And yes, I had a little boner and that's what he peed on first, to show me that he was my Master now, before he slowly worked the pale, yellow stream, all the way up and even into, my tiny, little open mouth.



"Oh yeah, now me baby, now me."

There was no shame this time, as I got up, took a quick shower and then slowly walked into the bedroom, with him following me. Knowing that he was watching my plump little ass, and the way it stuck out for him, as I crawled up onto his old kingsized bed and waited for him to do me.

There was no Vaseline this time, he took me dry.
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