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I was only in the 8th grade and 2 of the older boys from my school were already getting me to play with and even suck on them. Yes, that's right, they were getting me to suck on their young, stiff boner's.

Jimmy up in the dark balcony, at the old movie theater and another boy named Bobby, that was getting me to suck on his not quiet as big boner, out behind his house, out in the wood shed.

So, I wasn't really a virgin to the cock, and more than one boy at my school knew it. Plus I'd more than played with our 2 year old boy dog, more than a few times, but I'm to embarrassed to talk about how he ended up mounting me, and humping me until his huge cock, with its...Knot down towards the base of it, locked up inside of me, until he was finished with me and had left his warm white doggie cum up as deep inside of me as he could get it.

I was at the saturday movie, all by myself and I had to pee really bad, so I went up to the boy's bathroom.

I really hated going to the bathroom when I was out in public, because they usually had urinal's in there and sometimes there wasn't anything separating them and this was one of those times.

There was an older [ 55-60] year old white man standing at the middle urinal, so I had to go up and stand next to him, since there were only 3 urinal's at the movie theater.

He was standing there, pulling and more-or-less massaging on his old cock, almost like he was either trying to make it pee some more or milk the last few drops of pee out of the end of it, and down into the urinal, before he put it away and left the bathroom

Thinking that he was all through and leaving, I reached down, opened my levis up, pulled my little dick out and stood there trying to pee, but nothing came out.

I don't know if he was watching me or not but I was certainly watching him and every now and then, I'd catch myself peeking over at his old cock and was totally amazed at how really big it was compared to mine and the 2 other boy's cock's that I'd seen.

It was during one of the times that I was peeking over at it, that he caught me doing it. But instead of putting it away, he turned it towards me, pointing it right at me, while he was still standing there, facing the urinal, and started jacking on it, which made it get even bigger.

My whole mind was screaming, " What's he doing that for," but nothing came out.


Why, was he showing it to me, was he trying to get me to do what they called...The Boy Thing, with him?

The Boy Thing, where 2 boys play with each other's cock's in one way or another, until they eventually get each other to squirt.

I could hear him whispering, " Come on baby, come on, " over and over, but I was to scared to move and besides, I didn't really understand what he was doing.

I'm embarrassed to admit, that he was not only getting me to...Want it, want it like the 2 older boy's from my school had gotten me to start wanting their's, just by taking their young boner's out and showing them to me, just like the old white man was doing to me, now.

I don't really know what happened, all I know is that one minute I was just standing there looking at it and the next thing I knew, he had me bending down over it and he was just holding me there and getting me to smell it.

The smell of pee on the end of it was strong and pungent from him peeing with it all day, and not washing it off yet.

I don't know if he told me to do it or not, all I know is that one minute he was holding me down there and getting me to smell the end of it and the next thing I knew, I'd opened my mouth and stretched it down over the end of it and was sucking on it, right there in front of the old white urinal's.


" Oh yeah, that's it, suck it baby, suck it."


" Hurry baby before somebody comes up and needs to use the bathroom."

" Umm, Umm."...Slurp/Slurp................Slurp/Slurp

I don't know how long he'd had me sucking on it, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, maybe even 4 minutes, as he held onto my little head and started moving it in and out of my little mouth, fucking it, fucking it just like it was a pussy and I let him.



All at once he got real quiet and even though I knew what was coming, I wasn't ready for what really happened.

Because when a boy cum's, he squirts his 3 or 4 drops of pearly, white cum into your mouth and onto your tongue, but when a grown man cum's, he squirts 3 or 4 teaspoons, maybe even more, of his sweet white cum, draining his huge nut-sac into your open mouth and then tries to get you it.

I could feel his grip tightening on my little head All at once he got real quiet, eased it down into my throat, as far as it would go, and that's when I felt it, as it erupted and started spewing its warm, sweet liquid into my little mouth, not once, not twice, but three times.



I didn't even hear the bathroom door opening but he sure must have, because all at once he started talking to me and saying, " Yeah baby, that's it, eat that old cock, like you and I both know that you were born to do."

The shame or embarrassment that I felt, as I heard the tiny, little sucking sounds that I was making on it, was unreal, but I couldn't stop now and he knew it, as he held me down on it and let the older boy that had come into the bathroom with us, watch him, as he got me to do it.

I couldn't believe it, as he just kept squirting and squirting and squirting, emptying his huge, nut-sac, into my little mouth.


It wasn't until he'd finally finished draining his huge, warm, nut-sac, down into my little belly, that he let go of me, let me come up off of it and that's when I saw the older boy standing next to the door, with his mouth still hanging open. Almost like he couldn't believe what the old white man had just got me to do to him, right there at the urinal's.

The shame that I felt, as the old man calmly put his old cock away, looked at the older boy and said, " Next," and then calmly walked out the door, can never be explained.

I wanted to run but I couldn't.

I don't know why.

Even though I didn't have a boner, my little cock was still hanging out of the front of my levis and believe it or not, the older boy was standing there looking at it.

As soon as I saw what he was doing, looking at it, I had the strangest feeling go through me and the next thing I knew, I was starting to get a boner.


Why was I getting a boner, just by having another boy looking at my little cock?

All of a sudden the older boy started moving towards me and the next thing I knew, he was standing in front of me, taking ahold of my little boner and playing with it.

" Ohhh."

" You like that, don't ya?"

" Uh huh."

" Good, it's been a long time, since I've had one that's as little as your's is, in my hand.

Before I knew it, he was kneeling down in front of me and whispering, " Can I?"

" Huh?"

" Can I suck on it?"

" I guess, if ya want to."

The words were just barely out of my little mouth, when he leaned forward, slipped his open mouth over the end of it and started sucking.


" Ohhh."


Just as it was really starting to feel good to me, the bathroom door swung open again and standing there was a little boy from my class named Bobby.

" Oh shit."

Before I could even say anything to the older boy that was sucking on me, Bobby had slammed the door and left the bathroom.

All of a sudden my little boner started feeling really weird inside and since I thought that I had to pee, I begged him to stop, but he wouldn't and the next thing I knew I was peeing and listening to him, as he swallowed it.



Neither of us said a word, when it was finally over. Me because I was so embarrassed about what I had just done, pee in another boy's mouth and him because he'd gotten what he needed, as he stood-up again and quietly left the bathroom.

It wouldn't be until year's later, that I would finally understand...his need, his need to suck on a cock, young or old, to satisfy...the need, that somebody had caused in him, by getting him to suck on their warm cock again and again and getting him to drink it.

Just as I was putting my little dick away, Bobby came back into the bathroom and told me that he was gonna tell everyone at school about what he'd just seen me doing. Having sex with another boy, right there in front of the old white urinal's.

" Nooo, please don't."

No sooner had I said the, " No," than he walked over to the urinal's and said, " Then do it to me, what he was doing to you."

" Nooo, he was getting me to pee for him Bobby, so he could drink it and swallow it."

" Really?"

" Uh huh."

" Oh shit."

Just when I thought that he was gonna let me go and forget all about it, he grabbed ahold of my little shoulder's and started pushing down to the floor.

I was in total shock, as he whispered, " I can do that," unbuttoned his levis, pulled his little cock out and held it out to me and waited for me to do it.

" Come on Billy, suck on it and make it pee."

Even though my mind was screaming, " No," nothing was coming out and before I knew it, he had it in my mouth and had me sucking on the end of it, just like the older boy had done to mine earlier.


I don't know how long I'd been sucking on it, teasing it, with my little tongue, when all at once, he let out a funny little moan and the next thing I knew, I could feel his warm, salty liquid, spreading slowly across my tiny, little tongue, filling my mouth, as he held me down on it and eventually got me to start swallowing it.





The shame that I felt when it was finally over and he'd pulled his little dick back out of my mouth, was awful, but it was nothing compared to the embarrassment and shame that I felt at school the next monday, when one of the older boy's from our school came up behind me and whispered, " Bobby said that he got you to drink his pee, is it true Billy?"

The shame wasn't coming from the fact that Bobby had told him about how he'd gotten me to drink his warm, salty pee. The shame came when I heard the tiny, little whimper that came out of me, as I whispered, " Uh huh," and that's when he grabbed ahold of my little arm, pulled me into the bathroom with him, reached down and started un-buttoning his levis.


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