Priest abuses young boy


I was much younger when this happened, 11 almost 12, and because my parents were very religious I went to a Catholic school. We were in Sister Mary’s class learning science when Jimmy and I began shooting spit-wads at each other every time she turned around. He had just got me good so when Sister Mary turned to the blackboard I let one loose on Jimmy hitting him on the side of his head.

Not paying much attention in my victory I didn’t notice Sister Mary had turned around and saw me. “Billy, come to the front of the class!” she yelled at me. Getting up hanging my head slightly she scribbled a note. “Take this to Father Matthew’s office, he will deal with your behavior”.

This was the school policy, Nuns didn’t punish students the principal Father Matthew did, and he had a reputation of being harsh. Obviously I was nervous, what would he do to me?

Sitting outside his office I waited until he called me in. Handing him the note he opened it and read what Sister Mary had written describing my offense. Father Matthew shook his head, “Billy, this isn’t your first time in my office. You need to take your studies more seriously, and I’m going to help you.”

He continued, “first, you’ll be punished severely for this, then we’ll meet once a week after to monitor your efforts. Now come around the desk to me”. I walked up next to him as he pulled a large wooden ruler from the desk drawer. “Billy, pull your pants and underwear down and lay over my lap” he commanded. It was embarrassing because my pubes had just started coming in and it was like peach fuzz.

But I had to follow his demands so I unbuttoned my uniform pants, zipped them down, and pulled them and my underwear to my knees. Next, I took a few steps and leaned over, bent at the waist, and over Father Matthew’s lap. My ass was up for him to spank it. And he did, bringing that ruler down harshly on my small butt cheeks. The sting was painful.

After several slaps my butt was getting numb and oddly my dick was growing as if it was exciting me. It was and I couldn’t control it.

Father Matthew noticed my erection because it was pressing into his leg. “I think that’s enough Billy” he said then began rubbing gently my ass cheeks. “It seems that you’re reacting that you liked that Billy, did you?” I replied in fear “no Father Matthew, that hurt.”

“Then why did your penis get firm my son?” he asked. “I don’t know Father, it wasn’t something I could control”. His hand started slipping between my cheeks and he was grinding into my butt hole area. Occasionally I felt his fingers stroking my balls that had yet to grow any hair.

“Well Billy, I think it is time to teach you about the male anatomy”. Still bent over his lap he pulled my thighs apart and grabbed my semi-hard dick. “Billy, this is your penis, when stimulated blood fills it and makes it stiff, ever have that happen?” With his hand around my dick it was getting harder and harder and I couldn’t stop it. “Yes Father, I must confess that I have pulled on it and would get a tingle after doing it for awhile, sometimes some sticky stuff comes out of it”.

I had just confessed to masturbation, a sin according to my teachings. “You need to repent for that sin Billy, kneel down in front of me an say 3 hail Mary prayers” he directed me. I moved off his lap, pants still around my knees with my butt and dick exposed, kneeled in front of him, eyes closed and began my penitence.

There I was, on my knees inches away from the Father’s legs, head bowed, eyes closed, and as soon as I put my hands together I felt him grab them. He pulled them towards him, I thought he was comforting me but that wasn’t his motive. The next feeling I had in my hands was a long, hard, stiff cock. Looking up I realized that Father Matthew had opened his robe and was nude underneath.

A slight gasp left my mouth but for whatever reason I didn’t pull away. My dick was poking straight out now. “Billy, move your hands up and down on me to show me what you do when you are alone” he said. His cock was so long it took one hand on top of the other and that only covered half of his dick.

Moving my hands jacking his cock soon some pre-cum came out, I didn’t know what it was and kept jerking his dick. He got harder and harder and his cock head swelled and turned purple, I was worried I was doing something wrong. “Father, is this right or am I doing something wrong?”

“No Billy, you are doing fine, this is what a leader must do to teach his flock.”

I’m still massaging his large cock when he tells me more instructions. “Billy, as you are moving your hands put your mouth around the head of my scepter or penis as you know it.” Shaking a little bit from being nervous I move closer and as my hands pull him my mouth opens and gets on his swollen purple glistening cock head.

“Father that tastes salty, what is it?” I ask after tasting that glistening goo on his penis head. “That’s love juice Billy, it says that love is between us my son.” Looking down at my hard dick I can see the same goo on my cock head, so I believe the Father’s words.

He now instructs me to use my tongue to lick and swirl around his warm cock head. “That’s right Billy, jack my dick while licking and tasting my love juice.”

After a few more minutes his hands grip my head as it was lapping at his dick. “Remove your hands Billy, I’m wanting more” he says as I do what he commands. He pushes my head from the back down onto his hard huge cock forcing it deep into my mouth. I gag and can’t breath well, but I’m powerless because he’s the school principal and I’m just a student.

He then starts pulling in and out my mouth, with each push he gets deeper into my mouth cutting off my breathing. My mouth is watering constantly and my spit is driveling down his nuts. What a sight, Father Matthew face fucking an 11 year old boy on his knees with his own hard prick.

This continues for many minutes before the Father leans over and grabs my dick. It was stiff before but now is rock hard. Father jacks me and teases my balls and asshole.

“Billy, sit on the edge of my desk, my son.”

Standing up, releasing my mouth from his huge cock, I put my bare ass on his desk right in front of him. Father Matthews pulls my pants down my legs and off my feet. All I’m wearing is the white shirt and tie of my uniform.

He then pulls my thighs apart and bends over me sucking my nearly hairless boy cock into his mouth. I’ve been rigid for a long time and plenty of pre-cum had soaked my dick’s head. Father lapped at it like a starving man. “You are very much a special student, your training is going to be good” he says.

Again, like a starving man he sucks my cock furiously. The feeling of pleasure is growing every second. “Father, I think that gooey stuff is going to come out of me soon”, warning him. “Billy that’s ok, I want that to happen, don’t worry, you won’t make a mess because I’ll swallow all of it.”

A few sucking strokes later it is too much to hold back. This is the first cum that another person had brought me to. Father’s spit had seeped down my ball sack and into my ass crack. As soon as I told him I was about to cum I felt one, then another, finger slip into my asshole. Father Matthew was sucking my cock, rubbing my ball sack, and finger fucking my ass. I was paralyzed with sensatory overload and was very happy, even at 11 years old it was exciting.

Soon I began to tingle and knew what was going to happen. Usually in the past when I would jackoff recently only a little cum would shoot out. This felt different. “Father Matthew, I’m going to shoot some goo out of my dick”, warning him again.

His sucking went tighter and faster engulfing my entire boy cock and coaxing my cum with his tongue and throat. My body went stiff with my balls drawn tight into my crotch. In waves of pleasure my cock unleashed several loads of cum as Father Matthew greedily gulped every pulse. As I started to cum he swallowed my boy cock to the base and his throat massaged and emptied my nuts completely. I was left a panting, spent, but still excited youth at his pleasure.

And I wanted more.

My dick was getting softer but still half hard in the Father’s mouth. His fingers were also exploring my well lubed asshole by his saliva. Taking his mouth off my twitching cock he then inserted a third finger into my ass.

Looking up at him and down to his crotch showed and an open robe with a pulsating huge cock. “Billy, you’re going to experience something special today my son.”

With that statement he reached down and grabbed me under each knee. As I was already sitting on the edge of his desk so it was nothing to pull my legs upward. He stepped forward and I could feel his huge dick pressing against the flesh of my butt.

“Accept it my son, relax and enjoy our union” was his words. At that moment I felt his engorged cock head pressing at my spit slick bung hole. My legs are pushed back exposing my ass to him, I was scared but excited as well. The pressure at my never fucked asshole was growing, Father Matthew was going to penetrate me and I couldn’t stop it. Not that I wanted to.

My hole opened enough that I could feel his cock head pop in me. It felt painful but good at the same time. He stayed there for awhile waiting for my asshole muscles to relax.

When he felt me loosing up to accept his exceptionally large cock he began pressing harder. Inch by inch his man cock slid into my tight virgin butt. Soon he was buried deep, all the way to his balls, into my ass. I squirmed in pain, but that soon changed to uncomfort.

“You will get used to it my son, and I will help you to do that” he said as he saw the painful expression on my face. But it wasn’t too bad now and would get easier to take in a few more strokes.

His pace got faster, he was now pounding my ass deep and hard, my body bouncing on the desk. Even with him banging my ass with hard, deep, forceful thrusts my cock was getting hard. Father Matthew saw that and was jacking my dick while fucking me brutally.

Father Matthew got a look on his face that looked strange. “Billy my son, I’m going to put my seed in you” and his body stiffened.

With this huge fat cock ripping my asshole apart it grew larger and I felt it pulse.

I felt this massive man cock spasm and I clenched my ass muscles. Hot, thick, cum was filling my ass and I milked his cock with my butt. Wad after wad was flooding my bowels and I couldn’t get enough. It seemed endless, Father Matthew was shaking and I was milking his cock of every drop I could get.

He was buried balls deep in my ass, my legs over his shoulders, his huge dick penetrating my inner regions. My 11 year old boy ass was violated for the first time and I was liking it. He laid his upper body on mine, panting and slowly pushing his now softer cock in and out of me. I wrapped my legs around his back pulling him into me to let him know it was ok, I enjoyed it.

When he pulled his dick out of my ass I could feel a large amount of cum drip out of my just hard fucked ass.

“Clean up Billy and get back to class. I want to see you once a week to follow-up on your progress”.

For the next 5 years once a week Father Matthew abused me and fucked me hard. It wasn’t until our 10th Class Reunion that I found out he was doing this with other boys and girls. Father Matthew abused his authority to rape and abuse kids.

But hey, I liked it so he’s ok with me.

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