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I'd just turned 11 year's old, when my step-brother, Bobby, took me into the bathroom with him and taught me how to masturbate.

No, he didn't just come up with the idea out of the blue, he'd caught me peeking at his morning pee boner, something that I'd done a 100 times, well, maybe it was only 25 or 30 times, but you get the idea of what I'm saying, I was more or less interested in it.

Whatever that means.

Did I wanna do something with it?

No, not really.

But I did find myself wanting to look at it, and that's why I peeked at it, every morning when he had his pee boner and he had to walk past my bed, to get to the bathroom.

Bobby was already 16 year's old, so his boner was huge, compared to how big mine was.

Yes, I could get a boner, I'd been getting them since I was 9, but believe it or not. I didn't know what to do with them yet, so I took Bobby up on it, when he offered to take me into the bathroom with him and show me how to do it..

Again it wasn't that simple, because when he'd caught me peeking at it, he stopped beside my bed, took ahold of it, and embarrassed the shit out of me, as he held it out to me, and whispered, " You like it, don't ya Billy," and I was so embarrassed that he'd caught me peeking at it, that I couldn't even lie to him and tell him, " No."

I don't even know how long he stood there showing me his pee boner, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, maybe even 4 minutes, before he turned away, went into the bathroom and closed the door.

I could hardly breathe, after he'd held his boner out to me like that, and tried to get me to admit, that I'd liked it.

But he wasn't through with me yet, as he started making plans to get me to admit it, before the week was over.

Every morning now, he'd stop, stand beside my bed, getting me to look at it again, before he went into the bathroom, peed with it and got rid of it.

One morning he wasn't satisfied, with just getting me to look at it, and that's when he reached down, grabbed ahold of my little hand, pulled it to his pee boner and got me to feel it, while he just stood there and watched me.

My mind was screaming, " What are you doing Billy, your feeling up a boy," but I couldn't let go of his warm, hard boner, I don't know why.

All of a sudden there was a noise in the kitchen, and Bobby heard it but I didn't, and that's when he whispered, " Stop, someone's up already," and got me to let go of it.

The next morning, everybody had gotten up early and gone into town, everybody but Bobby and me that is and that's when he was finally able to get to me. Get to me as he took me into the bathroom with him and let me watch him, while he was sitting on the old white toilet and playing with his morning pee boner.

Again, I could hardly breathe, as I stood there and watched him, as he worked his hand up and down om it, slow at first but getting faster and faster, the longer he did it.


I don't know how long I'd been standing there in front of him, watching him doing it, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, maybe even 4 minutes, before all at once he let go of it, leaving it sticking straight up in the air, and as he looked right at me he said, " Now, you do it Billy."

" What?"

" Take ahold of it and do it Billy, it won't hurt ya."

" No way."

" Come on."

" Nooo."

All of a sudden, Bobby reach out, grabbed ahold of the little hand and pulled me down to it. Pulled me down to it, to where he had me kneeling down in front of him and once again he said, " Take ahold of it and do it Billy, you and I both know that you want to."

I don't know what changed in me, that made me go from saying..." No," when he had me standing up and looking down at it, to what I was feeling now, as he had me kneeling down in front of him and looking right at it. Looking right at it and it was no more than a foot away from me, but something sure did, because before I even knew that I was doing, he had me working my little hand up and down on it, just like he'd been doing to it earlier.


" Oh shit, that's it Billy, that's it, work it."


I don't know how long I'd been, what he called, " Jacking it," when all of a sudden, something white, squirted up out of the end of it and he moaned.

Squirt...................................................." Agghhh."

" What's the matter, are you ok Bobby?"

" Oh fuckkk, don't stop, don't stop, I'm not done yet."

And as I started working it up and down again, some more of the creamy, looking, white stuff squirted out of the little hole in the end of it and just as it landed on the back of my little hand, I let go of it and jerked my hand back.

" What are you doing Billy, I told ya to keep doing it."

" No, No, you peed on me or something."

" Oh shit, Billy, I didn't pee on ya, that's cum, sweet, white cum, taste it, all of the girl's really like to eat it."

" Ewww, that's nasty."..." And besides I'm a boy and not a girl, remember?"

" Yeah sure, Billy your a boy, I remember."

I don't know why, but even I thought that his voice sounded funny, when he'd said that to me, but it did. Little did I know, that as soon as he'd gotten me to touch his boner and play with it like that, that Bobby's mind started churning and trying to figure out a way to make me into a little girl. A little girl that he could get to play with and even suck on his long, skinny boner, whenever he wanted her to.

As soon as he had me playing with myself regularly, he told me how much better it felt, to have a pair of girl's panties wrapped around it while I was doing it and he even shocked me, by pulling a tiny, little, pair of girl's panties out of a drawer and handing them to me.

I didn't wanna take um, I don't know why. But as soon as my hand had touched them, I fell in love with the way they felt and somehow he could tell that something had just happened to me.

It was gonna be easy for him to get me to do whatever he wanted and he knew it, when he saw how I was handling them, as I wrapped them around my little boner and started working it up and down again. It was almost like he had me fucking the little pair of panties, or whatever.

Bobby let me work my little boner, with the tiny, little panties 6 or 7 different times, letting me get used to feeling them on my little boner and then it happened.

He'd taken me into the bathroom again and had me running my little boner back and forth in the panties, when all of a sudden he stopped me and said, " Put um on Billy, that's when they really feel good touching you."

" You mean that sometimes you put um on and play with yourself, Bobby?"

" Uh huh, sometimes."

" Oh, wow,"

Bobby's plan to turn me into a little girl, a little girl that he could have sex with, was working, as he watched me slowly, slipping my levis and then my little, white cotton underwear the rest of the way off, slip the tiny, little pair of girl's black thong panties on and then start feeling on my little boner, that was now trapped in them.

" Oh, Ohhh."

" Feels good doesn't it, Billy."

" Uh huh."

" Yeah, I thought that you'ld like um, so I bought that pair for ya, you can keep um."

" Really, Bobby?"

" Sure Billy, now you won't have to wait for me to get home from school, so you can put um on and play with yourself."

Why him saying it like that, that I'd be able to put them on, when nobody else was home yet, made my little boner twitch, not once, but twice, I didn't understand yet, but it wouldn't take long for me to figure it out, once I started wearing them.

Even my step-brother, Bobby, noticed that something was changing inside of me, before I did and it was me, that was wearing them. Wearing them more and more, even sometimes when I'd go to school that day.

Yes, I was 11 year's old and I was wearing a tiny, little, pair of girl's, black thong panties to school every now and then and nobody even knew it.

It was the 3rd time that Bobby had come home and caught me wearing the black thong panties in our bedroom, that it happened, as he took me into the bathroom with him, while I was still wearing the panties and told me that since I liked to wear the panties, that he'd bought for me, so much, that I was his girl now and that I had to do whatever he told me to, no matter what it was.

Being naive, and only 11 year's old, I thought that being his girl, meant that all I had to do, was to wear the black thong panties for him and let him see me in them and that that's all.

I didn't even argue with him, as he pulled me over to the toilet with him, made me kneel-down, as he slid his levis and then his underwear down, sat down on the toilet, took ahold of his boner and then as he looked right at me he whispered, " Kiss it."

Not in a million year's, would I have ever thought that another boy could get me to kiss his boner, but something about him getting me to wear the tiny, little panties had changed me inside, and the next thing I knew, I was bending down over it and watching it, as it was getting closer and closer, to my tiny, little mouth.

I was close enough to smell the pee on the end of it, and I'm embarrassed to admit, that it wasn't turning me off, like it woulda done most people, it was turning me on, and drawing me down to it. It wasn't until my lip's were close enough to it to lightly brush against the end of it, that I lost it and the next thing I knew, I'd not only kissed it, like he'd wanted me to, but I was licking on the end of it now and kissing on the front of his warm, dangling nut-sac, that was handing down below it.


" Oh fuck, what are ya doing Billy, I didn't tell ya to do that, yet?"

" I'm sorry, Please."

Bobby, had the strangest look in his eyes, as he slowly slid down on the old white toilet, until his hairy little nut-sac, was hanging down, over the front of the old white toilet seat, spread his little leg's even wider, and then as he looked at me again he said, " Ok Billy, go ahead and lick on um, if that's what ya really wanna do."


I could taste the old stale pee all over them, but I didn't care by then, because just getting him to let me lick on them, and wash them with my tiny, little, pink tongue, was all that I needed, at that moment in time and somehow he knew it, as he let me do it.

I don't know how long he let me lick on them, before he had to push me away from them, because he was so afraid of cuming.

He wanted to fuck me, while I was wearing the panties that he'd bought for me, but he was afraid that my tiny, little asshole wasn't ready to be taken yet, or so he told me later.

He was right, my mind couldn't have handled being fucked, being fucked by a boy, with his long skinny boner in the beginning.

In fact it wasn't until about 6 weeks later, after he'd taken me into the bathroom with him and gotten me to suck him off and eat his...White Candy, yes that's what he called it, candy, White Candy, that he was finally able to tell me what he really wanted from fuck me up my plump, little ass, that I was finally able to...Give it up to him and let him go ahead and do it.

He was still sitting there on the old white toilet, with his boner sticking straight-up, when he told me what he wanted to do to me and then coaxed me into it.

You better get the Vaseline, Billy, I wouldn't wanna hurt ya."

As soon as he'd gotten me to put the Vaseline all over the end of his warm, boner and I reached down and started to slide the tiny, little pair of girl's, black, thong panties down, he said, " Leave um on Billy, your my girl now, remember."

" But, but how are ya gonna do it, if I'm still wearing the panties?"

" It's just a strap Billy, a tiny little strap, that's running down inbetween your little butt-cheeks, and that's all that's covering your tiny, little asshole right now and I'll just move it aside, so that I can get at it, that's how."

" Oh."

" As soon as I was down on my hands and knees, he got down behind me and started rubbing my little ass with his hands and saying, " Oh fuck Billy, you've got a nice little ass," as he reached inbetween my little cheeks, moved the tiny little strap out of the way and put the end of his Vaseline covered boner, up against my tiny, little asshole and started trying to ease it up into me."

" Nooo, wait, wait, I'm not ready yet."

Push....................Push..................Pushing harder.

" Nooooooooooooooooo."

All of a sudden my tiny, little asshole opened up and swallowed the end of his warm, stiff boner and the scream that came out of me, was awful."

" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."...
" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,"...
Take it out, take it out, your hurting meeeeee."

" I'm in, I'm in, hold still, Billy."

" No, No, I don't wanna do it anymore."

But Bobby didn't care, he had the end of his boner up inside of me, holding my tiny, little asshole open, as he waited for me to get used to the size of it, so, he could work the rest of it up into me and fuck me dog-style, just like I was his girl. And I guess that I was now, because he'd already entered me, with his long, skinny boner.

I don't even know what happened, all I know is that all at once, a strange little moan came out of me, telling him that...I was ready, and that's when he started working what little of it he had up inside of me, back and forth in me.




"Ugh"..."Ugh"..."Ugh"........." Stop, Stop Bobby, it hurtsss."

" Hold still Billy, it'll all be over in a minute and then you can go back outside and play."


"Ugh"..........."Ugh"......" Oh Bobby,"..." Ah, Ah."

" Oh yeah, that's it, move your little ass like that Billy and it'll all be over before ya know it."

The shame that I felt, as I felt my tiny, little ass starting to raise up and down on it, telling him that it liked what he was doing to it, was unreal. But something had happened to it, causing it to relax, as it gave-up, and let him start fucking it.


" Oh yeah, Oh yeah, ride it Billy, ride it and show it just how much you like having it up inside of ya."


" Oh fuck, Oh fuckkk, here I come Billy, here I come."

" Nooo, Nooo, Don't cum in me Bobby, please don't cum in meee."

All at once I felt his boner start jerking, while he still had it as deep up inside of me as he could get it, not once, not twice, but three times, as he emptied his dangling nut-sac up into me, and held me on it, until he was finished cuming.

Squirt........Squirt.........Squirt..........." Agghhhhhh."

" Oh Bobby, Bobby, please don't."..." Oh...Oh,"

All of a sudden my back arched, and my tiny, little butt started bucking and jerking on his long skinny boner, and that's when he started yelling at me, " What are you doing Billy?"..." Oh fuck Billy, are you cuming, aren't ya?"

I couldn't answer him, because even I didn't understand what was really going on, as my little body started quivering, quivering until he jerked his long, skinny boner, back out of me and only then did it stop. Stopped just like he'd unplugged me, and whatever kind of energy his cock was giving me, while he was fucking me with it, was gone now.

As soon as he was finished with me, I ran into the bathroom, jerked the tiny, little pair of girl's black thong panties off and then sat down on the toilet and waited. Waited for his warm white cum to come back out of me, but it never did and believe it or not, I was so young and naive that I thought that I was gonna get pregnant, just from having his cum, up inside of me.

Bobby kept trying to tell me that I couldn't get pregnant, but I never believed him and I worried about how my little belly or my tiny,little butt, was gonna stick out, and then everybody'd know how I'd let him fuck me, just so he'd like me.

When neither my tiny, little belly nor my plump, little ass swelled-up after 3 or 4 months, I knew that Bobby hadn't lied to me about me being able to get pregnant, and that's when he started fucking me for real, whenever I'd wear the tiny, little, girl's, black thong, panties for him again.

I was my step-brother's girl whenever he wanted me to be, all the way up to the 9th grade, believe it or not.

I never did figure out why he called it..."Spanking the monkey" even though sometimes he would haul back and slap my plump, little ass, again and again and again, while he had his boner up inside of me and he was fucking me with it.
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