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One day, when I was walking home from the saturday movie's, the old man that lived down the street from us, pulled up next to me and offered me a ride home in his old car.

As I opened the car door and started to get in, he grabbed up some old magazines, from off of the frontseat and started trying to hide them from me. They were magazines of naked women and he was trying to cover them up, and that's when I told him, " That's ok, I've seen some just like those before."

I was lying to him because to be honest, I'd only seen the regular girly magazines before and they weren't nearly as dirty as these were, believe me. When he heard me saying that I'd seen some of them before, he mumbled, " Really," and that's when I lied again, as I said, " Uh huh," and he believed me.

As he handed them back to me, he said, " Well then, go ahead and look at um, if you really want to."

As I slowly opened the first one, I was really shocked because they not only had naked women in them, they also had men, naked men and they were doing things, " Nasty " things to each other.

I'd never seen a girl's or in this case a woman's hairy pussy before and to be honest, it looked kinda...mean, to me.

I don't know why.

Even the men's long, thick boner's, yes, some of them had boner's, looked...mean to me. And even though in some of the picture's, they had the women licking and sucking on them, they still looked mean to me.

Just seeing the women licking and even sucking on the men's boner's, was even making my young boner start to come up and get hard. And when I looked down at it, I really got embarrassed because you could see how it was pushing up against my tight levis and trying to get out of them.

I wasn't the only one in the car that had noticed it, because all at once he whispered, " Which one's did that to ya," as he looked down at the swollen bulge in the front of my levis. And before I could even answer him and pretend that I didn't understand what he was talking about. He'd reached over, laid his old hand on it and then just held it there, letting me feel the warmth of his hand on it, as he waited for my answer.

When he saw that I wasn't gonna fight it, and try and push his old hand away, he squeezed on it twice and then started rubbing on it gently.

I really didn't know what to do, I wanted to tell him to...stop, but I couldn't. I couldn't tell him to stop, because what he was doing to me...rubbing on my young, stiff boner, was really starting to feel good to me and since nobody had ever done that to me before, I just leaned back against the old car door and let him do it.

Was it right to let him do that to me or was it wrong to let him do it?

I don't know.

I couldn't believe all of the strange noises that he was making, as he kept rubbing on it slowly and as he felt it getting bigger and bigger for him, he moaned and then said, " Oh, you've got a nice one, a really nice one," as he kept squeezing on it, again and again, through my levis.

" Agghhhhhh."

I don't know how long he'd been driving around, rubbing and squeezing on my young, stiff boner, 2 minutes, 3 minutes, maybe even 4 minutes, before he found a place to park, where there weren't any other people or cars around and started to slowly unbutton my levis.

Once again I wanted to tell him to stop, but I couldn't.

The embarrassment that I felt, as I looked down and watched as I let an old man unbutton my levis was unreal. But the real embarrassment came when he finally had them open, slowly pulled them down my little thigh's, along with my tiny, little, white cotton underwear, and exposed my young, stiff boner to him.

As soon as he saw how it popped up out of my levis like that, he let out a strange little moan, took ahold of it with his old wrinkled hand and started working it up and down slowly. Jacking me off, with the possibility of people coming by, right there in his old car.


I don't know how long he had been working it up and down like that, when all at once he whispered, " Do ya like it, when I do that to it," and I heard myself whisper back, " Uh huh."

" Good."


All at once I started getting that strange...tingling feeling down along the inside of the tip of it and knowing what was about to happen, I started screaming at him, " You better stop, you better stop, Oh shit Mister, you better stop," but he wouldn't stop and the next thing I knew, I'd raised my little butt up off of the frontseat and was pushing my little pelvis up at him, again and again, just before my young, stiff cock erupted and squirted, not once, not twice, but three times, spewing its warm white liquid up into the air just above it.

Squirt..." Agghhh,"......Squirt..." Agghhh,"......Squirt..." Agghhh."

No sooner had my young, stiff cock, stopped squirting, than the guilt started to set in, as I looked down and saw how my warm, white, boy cum, was slowly oozing down along the sides of my still somewhat stiff boner and then down across the back of his old, wrinkled hand.

" I'm sorry, I'm sorry."

He laughed and said, " Don't worry, I wanted it to do that."

" Really?"

" Uh huh."

What he did next shocked me, as he reached in the glove compartment, got out a kleenex and believe it or not, he started wiping the cum off of the end of my half hard boner.

Just watching him taking ahold of it and wiping on it like that, made it start to come up again. No, not a full blown boner but it was getting hard for him again, and he could tell it, believe me.

All at once, he looked at me and whispered, " Can I?"

" What?"

" Can I?"

" Can you what?"

" Can I suck on it?"

" What, you mean that you wanna suck on it, like the women were doing in the magazine's?"

" Uh huh, can I?"

And without even waiting for my answer, he bent down over it, and kissed it. Yes, kissed it, right there, where my white cum, was still slowly oozing out of the little hole in the end of it, my little peehole.

I couldn't believe what was happening, as I felt his warm, tight mouth, slowly, slip down over the end of it, close down around it and then start sucking on it, just like the girls in the magazines had been doing.


" Aggghhhhhhhhhh, mister, mister, what are you doing?"

There was no answer to my question, and pretty soon the only sounds that you could hear coming from the old car, were the tiny, little sucking sounds that he was making on it, as he worked his warm, tight, mouth, up and down on it, faster and faster.


As I closed my eyes, and leaned my head back, I tried to picture all of the women in the magazine's, pretending that I was one of the men and that I had my young, stiff boner in their mouth's.


I could feel something, something slowly moving back and forth across the end of my young, stiff boner and I was so naive, that I thought that it was the tip of his finger.

It wasn't until he'd slid both of his old hands down under my young, little, butt and pulled me up off of the frontseat of the old car towards him, that I finally understood that it was his, warm, soft tongue and not his fingertip that was doing it and I almost lost it.

" Ohhh shit."

I could feel his warm, soft tongue, slowly, circling the end of my boner, again and again, before sliding down along one side of it, and then slowly working its way back up the other. Stopping only for the briefest of instant's, to kiss and even lick on my little nut-sac as it hung down below it, like he was trying to show me what he needed from me, before it licked its way back up to the swollen head, slipped back down over it and he started sucking on it again.


" Aggghhhhhhhhhhhhh, nooooooooooooo."

I couldn't believe how sensitive it was becoming and before I knew it, I started begging him to stop again and believe it or not, he did.

Neither of us said a word as he sat there, watching me, as I slowly pulled my tiny, little, white cotton underwear back up, then my levis and he started the car up, so he could drive me the rest of the way to my house.

I guess that I was to embarrassed about what had just happened, to be able to talk about it but he sure wasn't, because before he got me the rest of the way to my house, he said, " Maybe you'ld like to come on over to my house some day and look at some more of my picture's?"

I knew what he was saying, he was saying that he wanted to suck on my young, stiff boner again and the next thing I knew, I could hear myself whispering, " Uh huh" and felt my face getting all hot and I knew that I was blushing, as I pushed my car door open, got out of his old car and ran into my house.

I tried not to go down there, for at least 3 or 4 weeks, but then the memory of his warm, soft, mouth, sucking on my young boner, wouldn't leave me alone and the next thing I knew, I was standing at his front door, knocking on it and he was letting me in.

I didn't know what to say, because he already knew why I was there, and it wasn't to see the picture's, and both of us knew it but he got them out anyway and started showing them to me.

I didn't need to see the picture's this time, to get my boner up, because believe it or not, it had already started to come up, all the way back to when I was standing at his front door and knocking on it.

It was almost like my young cock already knew what was about happen to it, that is, if he still wanted to do it.

Oh, he still wanted to suck on my boner alright and then some. And before he let me back out of his house, later on that day, he'd not only sucked on my young, stiff cock again, but he'd also rolled me over onto my stomach, with my pants and underwear still pulled down, and worked his old stiff boner up into me, an inch at a time, before I could get away from him.

Yes, he'd fucked me, fucked me up my little ass, right there on his livingroom floor.

Was it my fault?

I don't know.

All I know is that by the time that I finally understood what he was trying to do to me...fuck me, he was holding me down and working the end of his old stiff boner up into me.

" Nooooooooooo, Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

When he finally had enough of it up inside of me to fuck me with it, he started working it in and out of me, slow at first but getting faster and faster, the longer he did it.




I don't know when my cries of pain turned into little whimper's of pleasure, but I do know that he noticed something different happening to me and the next thing I know, he was saying, " Oh fuck, Oh fuck, you like that old cock up in there, don't ya baby?"

" Uh huh "................................................" Uh huh."

" Oh yeahhh."


All at once I felt his warm cock expanding up inside of me and knowing that he was gonna cum in me and I started screaming, " Nooo, Nooo, Don't cum in me, please don't cum in meee," but the next thing I knew, I could feel it, as it started jerking way up inside of me, not once, not twice, but three times, spewing its warm, white liquid up into me again and again, before I could get away from him.


Was it shame that I felt, as I more-or-less ran all the way home, with my tiny, little asshole, still throbbing, from the abuse that his old boner had just given it?

Or was it guilt, because I'd somehow liked it, as I'd felt his long, skinny boner, slowly moving back and forth, and working its way up into me deeper and deeper?

I'd like to say that he to me, again, but I can't because he did.

He got to me again and again and again, until about 6 months later, when he finally moved away.

Yes, that's right, he moved away but not before telling 2 of his even older friend's about how much the little boy down the block, liked...taking it up the ass, really liked taking it up the ass, and that's when both of them started doing me to, first one at a time, then one after another and then eventually both of them would be doing me at the same time.

I couldn't say..." No," to them, when they'ed take their old boner's out and show them to me and somehow they knew it, as they'ed take them out and show them to me again and again, every chance they got.
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