I'm a firm believer, that we have no more choice over what we are drawn o sexually, than we have over what our taste buds like, when we sit down at the table. PEACE...MILKER

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When I was 11 year's old, my aunt Karen, pulled me down across her lap and gave me my first spanking. To be honest, It didn't hurt me all that much, and I think she knew it, because the next time that she spanked me, she went so far as to pull my pants down, along with my tiny, little, white cotton underwear, before she gave me the spanking. The spanking that I'll never forget, believe me.

I was totally embarrassed, as she made me stand right there in front of her, as she slowly unbuttoned my pants, let them drop down to my ankle's and then while she was still looking at me, she jerked my tiny, little, white cotton underwear down to, exposing my little cock and my little, tiny, ball's to her, before I could even begin to cover them back-up, with both of my little hand's.

Since I was almost 12 year's old, I was just starting to get my pubic hair down there, but it was still mostly peach-fuzz, tiny, little, blonde peach-fuzz, that was surrounding my little cock, my tiny, little, nut-sac and even down around my tiny, little, star shaped asshole.

And the shame or embarrassment that I felt, as she sat there looking at me, before pulling me on down across her lap, was unreal, but she was my aunt and I had to do whatever she told me to and she knew it.

I could feel her, as she placed her warm hand on top of my plump, little, bare butt, and just as she started to talk to me and rub on it gently, she picked her hand up and slammed it back down on my raised, little, butt-cheeks, as hard as she could.


" Owww."


" Owww, Nooo, Nooo, Stop."


" No, No, I'll be good, I promise."

" Oh, you'll be good alright."...*SMACK*

" Owww."

I could feel the heat building up, in my plump, little, butt-cheeks, as she swatted on it, again and again and again, and I could also feel something else happening down inbetween my little leg's and so could she.

I was getting a boner, from her spanking me and I didn't even know why.

" What's that Billy, something's poking me down there?"


" Owww."

" Your getting a boner Billy, does that mean that you like getting spanked on your little bare butt, with your pants and your underwear pulled down?"

" No, Nooo."


" Owww, Owww, Owww."

All of a sudden it was over, all over, as she jerked me up off of her lap, looked hard at my little boner, before whispering, " Get dressed Billy, and if you tell your uncle about what just happened, you'll get more of the same, only harder."..." Do you hear me?"

" Uh huh, Uh huh, I won't tell, I promise."

" Good, you better not or you'll get it, believe me."

The shame that I felt, as she watched me bend over, reach down, and then slowly pull my underwear and then my pants back up, was unreal. But the real shame came from the fact that I still had a boner, and that she was still looking at it, as I slowly covered it back up, with my pants and my little underwear.

From then on, she'd always make me stand there in front of her, as she unbuttoned my pants, jerked them down and then slowly slid my tiny, little, white cotton underwear down. Her head would always be so close to me, that sometimes when she leaned forward to push them down, her hair would softly brush up against my little cock and my tiny, little, nut-sac, tickling and teasing them, as she slowly pushed my little underwear all the way down to my ankle's.

Did she know?

Did she know that her pretty, long hair, brushing against them, was turning me on in some strange kinda way, when I didn't even know what being turned-on sexually meant yet?

As soon as she had them all the way down, she'd pull me down across her lap again, and without even saying a word, she'd just start slapping on my plump, little ass again.


" Owww "..." Owww."


" Owww, Stop, Stop."

" No Baby, you've been a bad boy again and you have to be punished for it."


" I'll be good, I'll be good."

Once again I could feel my little boner starting to come up and so could she. I was so embarrassed about it doing that, but there wasn't any way that I could stop it or I would have, believe me. Because as soon as she felt it pushing against the inside of her pretty, well tanned thigh's again, she let out a little whimper, stopped spanking me, rested her hand on my plump, little, butt and then started rubbing on it gently.

" You like getting your little butt spanked, don't ya Billy?"

" Nooo."

" Oh, yes you do."..." Don't lie to me Billy, or I'll have to spank you even more."

" I'm not lying, honest I'm not."

" Yes, you are Billy, why else would you get a boner, like you do, if you didn't like it?"

I didn't know what to say to her and my silence gave her the answer that she was looking for, as she raised her hand up again and brought it back down on my plump, little, ass-cheeks, as hard as she could.


" Nooo."


" Owww."


" Agghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."..." Stop, stop, please stop."

But she wouldn't stop, she just kept spanking me, until I lost it, and that's when I squirted my 3 or 4 drops of warm, white cum, down inbetween her smooth tanned thigh's, and after that happened, I started crying.

She would smack my plump, little butt, until I'd squirt and started crying, and then and only then, would she stop. No matter how many times it would take, sometimes 10 times, sometimes 15 times maybe even 20 times, she'd slap on it, to make me... really feel it, before she'd stop again.

Sometimes the stinging and burning, would last for a full 15 or 20 minutes, after it was all over. But even though the stinging would go away, the burning and the heat from it would last for hours.

She'd always wait until my 2 girl cousin's were gone, before she'd punish me and believe it or not, I was glad. I was glad because having them watching her, as she slapped on my plump, little, bare ass, as it stuck up over her lap like that, over and over again, would have been to embarrassing for me and I don't think that my mind could have handled it.

I don't know how many times, she'd pulled my pants and underwear down and spanked me, before it finally happened.

I'd done something to get into trouble again and this time, as she had me standing in front of her, waiting for her to pull my pants and underwear down. She calmly leaned back in her chair and had the strangest look in her eyes, as she whispered, " Pull them down."

When I didn't do it, she said it again, " I said, pull them down, Billy."..." If you don't do it, I'm gonna give you a " Tanning ", that your little butt will never forget."

I didn't have the slightest idea, what a...Tanning was, but from the way she was looking at me, I didn't want one, so I undid my pants and slowly pulled them down for her.

" The underwear to Billy."

I had the strangest feeling, as I put my thumbs in the waistband of my tiny, little, white cotton underwear and then slowly slid them down for her. Something about pulling my underwear down, knowing that someone...this time my aunt, was going to be looking at me down there was doing something inside of me. I was to little to understand, that for some strange reason, that having her seeing me naked down there was turning me on sexually.

All I know is that by the time I had them down to my ankles and was standing up again, my little dick was starting to swell-up and I was starting to get a boner for her. I tried to cover it up, with my little hands but everytime I did, she pulled them away again and made me stand there, as she kept looking at it.

Even though it was only 3 or 3 1/2 inches long, it was still a boner and for some strange reason, I was embarrassed to have an older lady...even though she wasn't really that old, looking at it.

She made me stand there for what seemed like the longest time, before she pulled me down across her lap again, opening her pretty little thigh's just enough to let my little boner go down inbetween them, before she slowly closed them back up around it, and then once again, she started spanking me.


" Owww."


" Owww,"...................................." Owww/Owww."

I don't know how many times she smacked my little ass and made my plump, little butt-cheeks burn and sting, until once again, I started crying.

This time I could feel her hand barely touching my hot little butt-cheeks and she was whispering, " Ohhh baby, it's so red."..." It's so hot and red."

And that's when I felt the little shudder go through her and all at once she started quivering and moaning.

" Ohhh,"..................." Ohhh."......." Ohhhhhhhhh."

When she finally stopped quivering, she took her hand away and let me get up again.

Neither of us said a word, as she watched me slowly bend down, pull my little underwear and pants back up and run into the bathroom.

The shame that I felt, as she watched me go ito the bathroom and close the door, was unreal.

Did she know, did she know, that I was going into the bathroom, to finish it and jack my little boner off?

If she didn't know when she watched me go in there, she sure did, when she slowly opened the bathroom door and saw me sitting on the old white toilet, with my young stiff boner in my hand. She didn't say a word to me, about what I was doing to it, she just let out another little whimper, quietly closed the door and left me sitting there working it up and down, faster and faster, until it squirted.

Squirt..." Aghhh,".......................Squirt..." Aghhh."

Now I was even more embarrassed, everytime I was around her. I was embarrassed because she'd not only spanked me and saw me getting a boner, she'd also caught me playing with it in the bathroom, after she'd spanked me.

The next time that she figured that I needed a spanking again, she pulled her dress up, spread her little leg's ever so slightly and let the end of my little boner go down inbetween them, before she spanked me.

I had the weirdest feeling everytime her hand hit my plump, little, butt again, making my my butt quiver and my hips jerk, pushing my little boner back and forth, down inbetween her warm thigh's again and again.


" Owww."


" Owww."


" Owww "..." Owww "..." Owww "............" Owww "

Once again I felt her sliding her warm, smooth, warm hand, back and forth across my plump, little, butt-cheeks, as she started whimpering and saying, " Oh baby, it's so red, so red."

What she said next, shocked me even more, as she leaned down and whispered in my little ear, " Are you gonna go play with your little boner again Billy?" And before I could even answer her, she added, " Can I watch?" And that's when I almost squirted down inbetween her thigh's, just from hearing her saying it like that.

I was so embarrassed, that I couldn't even answer her. Why did she have to ask me that?

When she finally let me back up again, I jerked my pants and my tiny, little, white cotton underwear back up and without even buttoning my pants, ran into the bathroom, sat down and started jerking on it.

I had to cum and I didn't even know why, yet.

It was like I didn't even have a choice anymore, I had to play with it, everytime she spanked me. Not even caring, as she slowly pushed the bathroom door open and watched me. Watched me while I played with it, until this time the 3 or 4 drops of my warm, white cum, squirted up into the air and then slowly dropped back down again. Gasping when she saw it squirting, before she quietly closed the door again.

She was spanking me every chance she got and by then I was liking it and didn't care. I liked the stinging, I liked the burning of my plump, little butt-cheeks and I especially liked her watching me, as once again I jacked it and made it squirt for her.

Yes, for her.

Eventually she was spanking me, with her dress pulled up around her waist and she wouldn't be wearing any panties. Showing it to me. I couldn't believe how pretty the red hair on it was, as she'd slowly spread her leg's for me and let me look at it.

Yes, she was showing me her pretty red haired pussy and I was looking at it, believe me.

One time she even tried to get me to kneeldown in front of her and kiss it, for her, but I couldn't do it.

I don't know why.

All I know is that before it was all over, she was joining me in the bathroom and kneeling down in front of me, as I sat there on the old white toilet and she would suck me off, until once again, I squirted.

She'd spank me and get me hard, as hard as a 12 year old boy can get and then make me go into the bathroom again, where she could come into the bathroom with me and suck on it again.

She never sucked me off anywhere else in the house and I never could figure that one out, still can't, for that matter.

Everything went perfect for almost 7 months and then one day, one of my girl cousin's, Gloria, came home from school early and caught her spanking me and from then on, she'd let my cousin spank me to, just to keep her from telling my uncle what she was doing to me.

She never told my uncle alright but she did tell Paula. Paula was my other girl cousin and from then on, I had 2 girls and a full grown woman, wanting to pull my pants and my little, white cotton underwear down and blister my plump, little ass, every chance they got. And that was almost every day, believe it or not.

At least one of them was always finding something that I'd done wrong that day, just so the 3 of them could spank me again and the one thing that I liked about it most, besides the burning and even the stinging of my plump, little, butt-cheeks, was that one of them...I never knew which one of them that it was gonna be, would always follow me into the bathroom and finish me off by getting down on her hands and knees in front of me and sucking on me until I eventually squirted and they...ate it.

Yes, I was getting blowjobs from my aunt and even both of my cousin's and my step-uncle never did find out about it.

Or did he?

Maybe, the 3 of them were sucking him off to, when I wasn't home, and I'm the only one that didn't know about it.
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