Dawn's continuing adventures
Chapter seven

“Wow,” that was really great with that cop, wasn’t it?” Scott said. “I never dreamed I’d get a cop to suck my dick.”
“I told you he was cute when we first saw him,” Dawn said. “And we didn’t even get a ticket.”
“Thanks to my sexy little babe of a daughter.”
“And he’s got a brother. I can’t wait to get two big black cocks at the same time, and watch them do their six and nine. What are we gonna do next, Daddy?”
“I’ve been thinking about that,” Charlotte said. “We’ve sure explored a lot in the past few months.”
“Yes, and it’s been delicious,” Scott said. “I’ve especially enjoyed eating our daughter’s tiny little pussy.”
“No regrets about any of it?”
“What do you mean?”
“You know, about getting Dawn started so early.”
“I was only ten when I had my first blow job, from my father, and you told me you were just a little older when your father started doing it with you. So, we come from a background of starting young”
“Uh-huh. Still, it does seem a kind of quick start for such a grown up thing.”
“She’s taking to it, though. I mean, you can’t deny how much she loves getting cock.”
“And pussy.”
“Yes. I don’t know what her limits are, as a matter of fact. The more she gets, the more she seems to want.
“No denying that. She is a hot little number, and, oh I don’t know. It gets me hot thinking about her and about us and all the stuff we’ve been through recently.”
“I know it turns you on. It’s natural to have some concern when it’s your own daughter, but think how much worse it would be if we deny those feelings and keep them all bottled up inside of us, and her.’
“What you say makes sense, and, well, I guess it’s just a little after thinking, a little wondering if we’re really doing the right thing.”
“Of course we are baby. We’re introducing her to sex as a completely natural feeling and letting her explore it whatever way she wants. It’s not like we’re forcing her. A lot of it’s her idea. Like with the cop. She just took that and ran with it.”
“Umm, uh-huh. He was hot, too, wasn’t he?” she said, her thoughts turning to the sex session they’d just recently had. “It makes we wet just to think about it.”
“That’s more like my baby. I bet you’re thinking of something even more outrageous right now.” He grinned and rubbed his crotch, wondering what further adventures they could get into, how far they could push their sexual limits.
“I’ve been thinking about getting a dog,” Charlotte said. “You know, one of those muscular ones with a big tongue.”
“Well, that would certainly be a new twist.”
“Uh-huh. There’s a kind that has purple tongue. Have you seen those? They really pant and drool a lot. Their tongues are always sticking out.”
“Oh, I see where you’re headed with this,” he said, chuckling.
“We could train him to do whatever we want,” she said. “With his big tongue.”

Charlotte went to the animal shelter to pick out a dog while Scott stayed home and started on a fence to keep it out of the pool and other areas of the back yard. She came home and reported that it would be a few days before they could pick the dog up because of some shots and paperwork.
“He’s adorable,” she said. “He’s got these big brown eyes, pretty brown and white hair, and he’s so gentle. I can’t wait to fuck him.”
“Fuck him?” Scott said. “I thought you were getting him for tongue action. Eating pussy.”
“Oh, well, you know, since the rest of the family’s so versatile, I thought he would be too. Maybe he’ll like to lick your cock too, and maybe he’ll have a big enough dick to fuck me, or maybe Dawn.”
“We’re getting a little depraved around here, don’t you think?”
“Yes, deliciously so, don’t you think?” She licked her lips in lascivious anticipation.
Scott grinned at his wife, not knowing exactly what to think. It was one thing to fuck his daughter, but he’d never thought about fucking with a dog, or any animal.

That weekend they brought Brownie home. “It’s the name he already had,” Charlotte said. “Maybe it’s okay.”
Scott had completed the dog run and they had picked up a dog house, food and water bowls and some other supplies while waiting for him to be ready. Brownie was about a year old, with plenty of friskiness still in him. Scott roughhoused with him in the back yard, and Dawn put the new leash and collar on him and took him for a walk, showing him off to all the neighbors.
It took a few weeks for everyone to settle in to the rhythm of having a dog in the house. He would want to play on his own schedule, jumped up and down on everyone until they started scolding him, claimed every piece of furniture as his own, until they started declaring some spots off limits. Sometimes he barked at night, out of loneliness Charlotte said, since they were spoiling him so much. Gradually they all got used to each other.
“He likes to have his belly rubbed,” Dawn said. “And his balls played with, but I’m not so sure about his dick. Is this it?” She rubbed the skin covered tube clinging to Brownie’s belly.
“It stays inside until he gets excited,” Scott said. “Then it sort of pops out.”
“Oooh, I wanna see it pop out,” she said.
“Keep rubbing it like that and maybe it will,” Charlotte said. “Feel it to see if it’s inside there. You know, sort of like jacking him off.”
Dawn put two fingers around the meaty shaft just above Brownie’s balls and she thought she could feel something sturdy inside. She rolled it between her fingers and moved it up and down to see if it would get any bigger. Brownie lay on his back, but raised his head up to see what she was doing.
“It’s okay, Brownie,” she said. “You’ll like this. I think.”
As she rubbed on him, he started to get excited, and struggled to get up, or to move his head to between his legs, but Dawn held him down, stroking him insistently. His hips started moving and she saw a red, wet thing slide out the end of the tube. Brownie started panting and whimpering.
“I think I got it,” she squealed. “Is that his dick? Does he have a hard-on now?”
Charlotte looked and say, “Yes, I think so. He seems to like what you’re doing.”
Dawn increased her attentions to the dog’s dick and his hips started jerking spasmodically. He struggled to get to his feet, and this time Dawn let him, but she held onto his dick, lying on the floor herself so she could keep jacking him off, and holding him in place with her other hand so he didn’t get away.
He was really panting now, and his hips were bucking rapidly. His tongue was going in and out of his mouth, his tail was wagging. He whimpered and his eyes sparkled as Dawn jacked him off even harder.
“I think he’s gonna cum,” she said. “Look at him go.”
“He’ll love you if you get off,” Scott said. “Forever.”
“Oooh, ooh, lookee,” she said as the dog’s gyrations increased. “He’s fucking my hand. Go Brownie, go,” she shouted.
In a wild flurry of motion, Brownie started cumming. White sticky stuff flew out of his dick and onto the carpet. Dawn watched in glee and slowed her stroking down, just as she did when her father came. She squeezed her hand against the base of the dog’s dick and more cum oozed out. He turned to look in her eyes, and immediately started licking himself.
Dog cum was dripping off her fingers, and Brownie licked it off, then licked himself clean. He was still panting furiously, and licking himself noisily.
“He came, just like that,” Dawn said. “All over my hand. Good boy,” she said. “You did good.”
“So did you honey,” Charlotte said. “Look at him lick himself. God, I’d like to get that tongue between my legs.”
“Put a little of his cum there and I’ll bet he’ll lick you,” Scott said.
Charlotte stared at the voraciously licking dog, and quickly peeled off her tight shorts and tiny panties. “Give Mommy some of his cum,” she said.
Dawn still had a few drops on her hand and she rubbed these onto her mother’s pussy, running her fingers up and down the slit, and even slipping a finger inside to get her good and wet. “Do you really think he’ll do it, Mommy?”
“Bring him over and give him a whiff,” she said. “I’m dripping wet and ready.”
Dawn guided Brownie toward his mother, who had her back propped against the sofa as she sat on the floor with her legs splayed out in front of her. She put his head between her legs, and he sniffed. She put her hands behind his ears and encouraged him. “Come on baby, Eat Mommy’s pussy,” she said, her voice a husky murmur.
He put out a tentative tongue and licked at her slit. She winced at the contact, but kept her fingers behind his ears, scratching him gently. He looked up into her face, then put his head back between her legs and his tongue came out and found her wet gash. He buried his nose in her and started licking more. She gushed fluids out and shivered as his tongue glazed over her clit. She pulled her knees up to give him better access and scooted her ass forward.
“That’s it. Eat my clit. Oh, God, he’s fucking incredible,” Charlotte said as she leaned her head back and let the dog lick her pussy deeply. He nuzzled into it, getting the smell into his nose as his tongue worked furiously at her. Dawn put her hand back on his dick and started jacking him off again. Soon he was fucking her hand again as his mouth worked at Charlotte’s sopping pussy.
“He’s gonna make me cum,” she moaned. “I’m gonna cum right in your mouth, you fucking dog,” she said. “And you’re gonna eat it all up. Oh baby,” she said, her eyes closed as she shivered with ecstasy. She stuck one hand inside her blouse and started pinching her nipple.
Scott was kneeling by her side now with his cock in his hand, jacking himself off furiously. “God damn, what a fucking dog,” he said. “I’m gonna cum all over your belly while he eats your pussy.” His forehead was creased with sweat and he was pumping as hard as he could on his engorged cock.
Charlotte looked up at him through lust crazed eyes and licked her lips. “Yesssss,” she hissed through clenched teeth. “Yes, I’m cumming now.”
Her body jerked and she cried out as the orgasm shook her. Brownie kept up his attack on her pussy, and Scott was about to spill his seed. Her secretions increased and Brownie lapped them up hungrily as he jerked his hips to Dawn’s ministrations. Soon he was whimpering again and more of his cum spurted out onto the floor.
“He’s cumming again,” Dawn shouted.
“So am I,” Scott said and the first drops of his pearly white cum shot out of his cock as he aimed it at his wife’s wildly throbbing body. She was just riding over the wave of her own orgasm, and watched as his cum dribbled onto her belly and tits. A couple of drops fell on Brownie’s head. He looked up momentarily from his pussy eating and Charlotte showed him the hot cum on her belly.
“Here boy,” she said. “Eat some of this nice warm cum.” She dabbed some of it on her finger and touched his nose with it. He licked it off and followed her finger as she trailed it across the cum on her soft stomach. He lapped that up too, his tongue making big wet splotches across Charlotte’s belly.
Scott grinned at the sexual nature of the dog. He was still gripping his cock in his hand, and he squeezed the base of it and saw another drip of cum appear at the tip. “Here, try it right from the tap,” he said, pushing his cock toward Brownie’s face. He sniffed the hot organ and licked the drop off the tip, his tongue lashing around the head until he had cleaned it up thoroughly.
“Oooh,” Scott said. “He’s a cum eater.”
“And a cunt eater,” Charlotte said. “He’s a good dog.”
“Yes, very good.”
Brownie lapped up some more of Charlotte’s pussy juice and then went back to cleaning himself off. Afterward, he lay panting on his side, his tongue lolling out of his mouth.
“We wore him out,” Dawn said.
“We did give him quite a workout,” Charlotte said, smiling. “And he really ate my pussy great.”
“Felt pretty good on my cock, too,” Scott said.
“And he came twice,” Dawn added. “I can’t wait to see what other tricks we can teach him.”
“I bet he’ll fuck you next time,” Charlotte said.
“With his little red dick,” Dawn said, smiling. “I think I’d like that.”
“You like everything to do with sex, I think,” Scott said.
“Yes, just like Mommy,” Charlotte said.
“Think he’d eat my asshole?” Scott asked.
“If you put some cum up there I bet he would,” Charlotte said.
“Know who I’d like to fuck again?” Dawn asked.
“You mean the cop?” Charlotte said.
“Uh-huh. I really liked him.”
“He’s got a brother too. I bet we could get both of them over here, if we’re lucky. Why don’t you give him a call Dawn? He really likes you, too. I bet you can get him to come over and bring his hunk of a brother with him.”
“Double cum. Yum yum,” she said and trotted off to call Joe.

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