Dawn's continuing adventures
Chapter six

Charlotte had been out all day and when she returned home, the house was dark. She flipped on the light switch and kicked off her shoes. Dropping her bags on the floor, she headed to the refrigerator for a cool drink and then collapsed onto the sofa. It had been a long day and she was tired. But she had gotten fucked, and that brought a smile to her face.
She wondered what her husband and daughter had done. She guessed they had probably fucked each other and her smile widened. She knew it would be different when it was just the two of them again, just husband and wife fucking, and she wondered what they had gotten themselves into. But, it made her hot just thinking about Dawn and Scott, and how it had been with Greg, and how extra hot it made him this afternoon.
She unbuttoned her blouse, slipped her skirt off and walked up the stairs. She heard muted sounds from the bedroom and paused momentarily outside the open door. He’s probably got Dawn in bed with him, she thought, slipping out of her top and undoing her bra as she walked silently toward the bed.
There was a dim night light in the room and as her eyes adjusted, she saw there were three figures on the bed. A dark form that was too big to be a woman was cradled against Scott and their little daughter was nestled between the two men.
Well, this should be interesting, she thought as she tiptoed into the room and put a knee on the bed. She reached out and touched Scott, who stirred as her fingers fluttered up his thigh, and woke up enough to kiss her as she hovered over him.
“Who’s this in bed with you?” she asked, her voice a luxuriant whisper.
“It’s Joe. He’s a cop that Dawn flirted with, and we ended up bringing him home. He’s got a really marvelous cock.”
To illustrate, Scott put his hand between Joe’s legs, massaging him until he stirred and his cock started to stiffen. “Why don’t you try it?” Scott said, holding the cock as an offering to his wife.
She looked first at her husband, then at the cock he held in his hand. She licked her lips and took it gently into her mouth, feeling it start to grow as she sucked on it. He shifted his position slightly and Scott touched Dawn, shaking her lightly awake. She rubbed her eyes and saw her mother sucking on the black man’s cock. A yawn escaped from her lips as she stretched out and said, “Hello Mommy. It’s yummy, isn’t it?”
“Yes darling,” Charlotte said, releasing her lip lock on the now erect cock. “and so big.”
“Uh-huh. I can’t take it all, but Daddy can.”
“Here, have a little taste my baby.” Charlotte offered the hard cock to her daughter, who locked her own lips around it, sucking it expertly. She slurped on it, getting the full taste in her mouth.
“Ummmm,” I like this black cock,” she said as she rubbed on his balls and watched her mother start to devour it.
“What? What the hell?” Joe said, starting to sit up.
“Relax,” Scott said. “My wife’s giving you a blow job. She just got in.”
“More fucking cock suckers in your family,” he said, and his teeth flashed whitely. “Not that I’m complaining.” He put his hands behind his head and gave himself over to the feelings as Charlotte lapped at his cock and Dawn played with his balls and thighs, and Scott began kissing his nipples and rubbing his hard stomach.
“What a great fucking family,” he mumbled as they all feasted on his body.
Dawn watched as her father sucked on the dark nipples, and she went up to join him as her mother started taking Joe’s cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. She loved sharing with her mother, but she loved it with her father even more. There was something special about the bond between them, especially since they’d started being sexual with each other.
She took Joe’s other nipple into her mouth and looked at her father across the cop’s broad chest. She trailed her tongue up his neck and he pulled her to him as her lips brushed against his. Joe’s tongue stabbed into her, filling her mouth and making her eyes bulge.
“God, he’s hot, Daddy. Look at Mommy sucking him off, and he’s really revved up.”
“You taste good, baby,” Joe said. I love getting my cock sucked, but I want to fuck you in your little pussy. I bet it’s so tight.”
“Tight and juicy,” she said. “It’s dripping wet right now, but you know what I wanna do?” She looked at his lust-soaked eyes, knowing she could get him to do whatever she wanted as long as she agreed to fuck him. “I wanna suck Daddy. And I want you to suck him too.”
“I never sucked no cock before,” he said.
“Come on, it’ll feel good. Mommy’ll suck you while you and me suck Daddy. And then you can fuck me,” she said, smiling at him. “Right in the pussy. With your big black cock.”
She sprawled across Joe’s body, rubbing her budding breasts against his sweaty chest until she was in reach of her father’s bulging hard-on. She put her hands on his hips and pulled him to her, taking his cock into her mouth and sucking in her cheeks as she gobbled it down. She looked up into his eyes, with love and lust mingled together in her expression.
It was just about the sexiest thing Scott had ever seen, his cute young daughter sucking on his cock, rubbing herself against a strong black stud, while her mother sucked the big black cock into her mouth.
Joe watched the young girl as she slurped hungrily on her father’s cock. Her tiny little ass was just in front of him, and her smooth slender legs were dangling over his side. Her nipples were smothered against his chest and his cock was buried deep in her mother’s sexy mouth.
He reached out his hands and kneaded her firm young butt cheeks, spreading her legs apart so he could wriggle his fingers between them and rub up and down her hairless slit. Her pussy was so wet it was practically dripping, and he slid one finger inside her, working it in and out in a slow rhythm until she got used to it. He then added a second finger, and then felt for her little clit and rubbed it between his thumb and forefinger.
She kept on sucking her father’s cock while Joe played with her pussy. His fingers were wet with her juices and as he massaged her between her legs and up her ass, he felt her little butt hole. He pushed at it and his finger went inside. There was some stiffness, but he held it there for a moment and then it slipped in all the way. He put his thumb into her pussy and squeezed together, so his finger and thumb were pressing against each other, separated only by a thin membrane. One finger was deep in her asshole and his thumb was exploring her inner pussy.
She moved her hips, shaking her butt at him as he fingered her. She raised her head off her father’s plump cock and repositioned herself, taking her father with her. Scott kneeled beside Joe’s head, and Dawn leaned in front of his face, feeding him her nipples and letting him play with her ass and pussy as she once again started sucking on her father’s cock. This time she put her fingers around the base of it.
“Come on Joe,” she said. “His cock’s waiting for you. It’s nice and hard and wet, and I’m gonna help you, cause I love sucking my Daddy’s cock.” She looked up at Scott again, and he was grinning down at her as she shifted his cock toward the black man’s mouth. She held the head against his lips, then kissed his lips, then when she pushed the cock forward, he opened his mouth and took it in.
He lashed his tongue around the head of it and started sucking on the shaft. Scott let him set the pace and the depth, not wanting to push him too far at first. “Ummm, it feels good,” he said. “Your lips feel good on my cock.”
Dawn kept her hold on her father’s cock and pulled it out, sticking it into her own mouth and sucking hard on it several times before kissing Joe again, stabbing her tongue deep into his mouth. “See?” she said. “I told you it’d taste good.” She put the hard cock back in his mouth and watched him start to suck on it, more thoroughly this time. She could see it going in farther and farther and she removed her fingers from the base.
“Oh yeah,” she said. “Suck it good. Suck that cock just like you love it.” She could hear little moaning sounds as he got more into the sucking and soon she saw almost all of her father’s cock disappearing into the black man’s mouth. She touched his cheeks and kissed his neck, taking little nips with her teeth. Her tongue poured into his ear and then she blew hot breath across the moistened channel.
Joe was getting even more intense with his sucking, and Scott started fucking his face, pushing his cock all the way in until it pushed past his throat muscle and he could fuck it like a pussy. His hips started moving involuntarily.
“Um, that feels good,” Scott said. “I don’t think this is the first cock you ever sucked.”
“I bet he sucked his brother’s,” Dawn said. “I bet they did a six and nine.”
“Uh-huh, sixty-nine. You’ve had some cock in your mouth before, haven’t you baby? Yeah, some good hard cock meat.”
“Family meat,” Dawn said.
He didn’t say anything, but renewed his efforts on the cock stuck deep in his mouth.
“Oh, suck me,” he said. “Suck my cock you motherfucker. Suck me off.”
Dawn spread her fingers under Scott’s balls and squeezed lightly as he fucked the black man’s mouth. She could tell he was getting ready to cum and she wondered if he’d be able to take it. “He’s gonna cum, aren’t you Daddy? You’re gonna cum right in his mouth. Right in his fucking mouth.”
“Yes, baby, yes, yes, yes, oh, here it comes now.” He strained his face and pushed with even more intensity. Dawn felt his balls getting even tighter and then she felt the cum spurt up and out of him and into Joe’s mouth. She could feel it flowing through the veins in his cock as she held it and she thrilled to watch it shooting into Joe’s mouth.
Joe let the cum fill him up, and then put his hand on the jerking cock, pulling his mouth free. Dawn was instantly there to lap up the remainder. She clamped her mouth around her father’s cock and sucked on him like a straw, trying to get every last drop of his cum. He jerked and she got the final burst, which she swallowed greedily.
She then turned to Joe and started licking the cum off his cheeks and chin. “Yum, you taste good,” she said, licking the cum from him with relish. “I love the taste of cum.”
She leaned over him and kissed him, shooting her tongue inside his mouth to flick at her father’s cum that was lingering there. He kissed her deeply, letting her explore his mouth for the white hot cum that filled him.
“He’s yummy with cum in his mouth,” Dawn said. “You taste it Daddy.” She kissed her father on the lips, feeding him the taste of cum from her mouth. “Now taste it in him,” she said, leading his head close to Joe’s.
The two men stared at each other for a moment, but Dawn was pushing her father right into Joe. Their lips met tentatively and then Scott forced his tongue inside, tasting the muskiness of his own cum, and feeling the soft lips embrace his. They lingered over the kiss, wrapping their tongues around each other, and then giving each other several little kisses at the end.
“Yes, he’s delicious,” he said.
“That was good,” Dawn said. “You sucked cock really good, and then you ate cum. You and your brother did it, didn’t you?”
“Am I gonna fuck you now?” he said.
“After you tell me. You sucked your brother, didn’t you? You and him were hot between the sheets when you were kids, and maybe even still.”
“She’s very insistent about stuff like this,” Scott said. “She won’t let me get away without telling her everything.”
She looked at him with her eyes wide.
“Okay, you got me. We used to do it sometimes. He did most of the sucking though.”
“When was the last time you sucked each other?” Dawn was hanging on every word.
“Oh, maybe two, three months ago.”
“Oooh, I want to fuck him too,” she said, “and suck him, and watch you two suck each other.”
“I wanna fuck you baby. Right now.”
“Yes, I know that’s what you want, to fuck my little white girl tight pussy. You were very good at cock sucking, and you told me a nice story and got me hot and wet, so yes, you can fuck me now. But promise you’ll bring your brother over—soon.”
“You got it baby. I’m sure he’ll love to fuck you too. He loves white women.”
“And little girls.”
“Yes, especially little white girls. Like brother, like brother,” he said, grinning.
Slowly, they all moved on the bed. Charlotte had been steadily sucking cock while the others were exchanging cum. “He tastes good,” she said. “And he’s so big.”
“He wants to fuck me now,” Dawn said. “With his big black cock.”
“Sure honey, but let me help at first, because it might be too big for you.”
Dawn lay down on her back and raised her legs and Joe crawled up between them, grasping her slender thighs in his strong hands. Charlotte rubbed his cock up and down in her daughter’s slit, and mixed in a little more of her saliva for extra lubrication. She pushed the head against Dawn’s pussy and it went inside a little.
“Ooh,” she squealed. “It Is big.”
Joe pushed forward, eager to penetrate the tight hot hole, and Charlotte controlled how far in he went, holding him back so that he entered her a little at a time. Her pussy gradually got used to the giant cock until he was almost all the way inside her.
“Oh, it’s so hot,” he said. “So hot and tight. God, you’ve got a great pussy baby,” he moaned.
“Fuck me,” she said. “Fuck me now.”
He slid in and out of her pussy, slowly at first so she’d get good and wet and he could slide in easily, then harder and faster until he was pumping his cock all the way into her tiny little pussy. His thrusts bounced her on the bed and her hips raised up on the upstrokes and she was screaming and gasping as he fucked her harder and harder.
Scott was watching and playing with himself, though he was still depleted from just cumming. Charlotte lay on the bed with her legs spread out just over her daughter’s head. Joe was fucking at an incredible speed and intensity, but she opened her legs to expose her pussy to him.
“Eat me,” she said. “Eat my pussy while you fuck her.”
“Oh God, I’m cumming right now,” he said. “I’m gonna cum right in her sweet little pussy.”
“Uh-huh,” Charlotte said. “Then you can eat her out, and then you can eat me.”
Joe came in a blaze of glory. His hips were pumping at high speed and he grimaced and shouted as his cum filled the tight little pussy to overflowing. He dug his fingers into her ass and pulled her up off the bed with the intensity of his thrusts, and his cum flew out of his cock in huge rivulets, all inside her hot little pussy.
“Oh,” he said. “Oooooh. God, it feels good. Oh, it feels soooooo goddamned good.”
“Now you can taste it,” Charlotte said. “I want to see you eat your cum out of her pussy.”
He grinned and wiped a hand across his forehead. “Yes ma’am,” he said, pulling her legs over her head and stabbing his tongue deep inside her. He held her thighs in his strong hands and worked his tongue up and down her pussy lips as well as all the way inside her. He even licked her asshole and pushed his finger inside her ass and then her pussy.
She was trembling with the force of his fucking, followed by his tender kissing and licking of her pussy. “Oh, he’s good, Mommy. I like him. He’s a good fuck.”
“Next,” he said, smiling and dripping cum from his lips. Dawn rolled out from under him and lay nestled in her father’s arms as the black man tunneled into Charlotte’s pussy.
“That’s it,” she cooed. “Lick my clit. Stick your fingers in my pussy.”
He worked on her clit, rolling it around with his tongue, and slid his fingers in and out of her pussy. He even put one inside her asshole briefly before returning it to her pussy. Charlotte was so overheated that it didn’t take her long to reach the brink of orgasm.
She shoved her hips against his face, rubbing her pussy juices all over him as she pulled his head against her clit. “Lick it, baby. Eat my clit. Oh, yes,” she shouted. “Eat my fucking pussy.”
He held his mouth tight against her and ran his tongue all around her sensitive clit, burrowing his fingers in and out of her wet pussy at the same time. Her fingers were locked in his hair as she arched her back, pushing herself into his mouth.
“Oooh,” she screamed. “Oh, oh oooooh,” She shivered and jerked as he held onto her with his powerful hands, lashing her clit and looking up at her as he kept his mouth clamped against her hot pussy.
“I’m cumming, oh God, I’m cumming,” she shouted. “I’m cumming right in your fucking mouth.”
She quivered and pulled slightly away from him, as her clit was so over sensitized that it almost hurt to have it touched now. “Um, oh baby. You ate my pussy good,” she sighed as the orgasm shook her body and she started to feel its afterglow kicking in.
“What a hunk,” she said. “He eats pussy, and fucks like a madman.”
“And sucks cock and eats cum,” Dawn added.
“Yes, the perfect man.”

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