Sibling Sex

It was all I could do to keep my mind on my work.

Sara had bent over to pick up a bunch of the paper clips she had dropped near my desk and the cheeks of her ass were right there, behind the folds of her sheer dress, facing me. The picture in my mind having my hands on her hips, pulling her ass back onto my rock hard shaft was driving me up the wall and if I didn't switch my mental images to something a lot less stimulating, I'd be in trouble! I'd better do it quickly before she sees the effect she is having on me.

"Sara, can I give you a hand?" I offered chauvinistically.

"No thanks Bob. I almost have them all," she mumbled over her shoulder.

She had now dropped to her hands and knees to finish the clean up job and my mind was racing again picturing me on my knees behind her, driving my cock deep inside of her. I knew she was my sister but a stiff dick doesn't think of those things. She finished retrieving the clips and stood in front of my desk asking if there was anything she could do for me. I wasn't sure if it was meant as a double entendre or not but I was damn sure tempted to blurt out, 'Raise your dress, turn around and bend over my desk and let me ram my cock deep inside of you Sis,' but I didn't.

I had been working out of the office I had created in the area above our three-car garage and had hired my young sister Sara to manage the office and do all of the secretarial work. Our folks had died several years earlier, leaving us the property and enough money to get Sara through college when she was ready and to set me up in the management consulting business I was interested. Sara was now 20 and I had just hit the big three oh.

We had joined a group of friends at the beach a month or so ago and it was the first time in a few years I had seen Sara in a bathing suit. She had a fantastic ass and tiny waist with what appeared to be large firm, breasts. Her bathing suit barely hid the dark outline of large nipples and once again my mind was going wild. Voluptuous would be the word that came to mind every time I glanced at her. She had let her blonde hair grow out to shoulder length over the last year and I thought it framed her face nicely. In my minds eye I kept seeing her hair spread out over my lap as she was sucking my cock.

Sara was a good-looking gal and I found my mind switching almost all of her innocent poses to ones with sexual connotations. Perhaps foolishly or naively, I thought we could just go on about our business relationship as brother and sister without anything else entering the picture. I had forgotten, or perhaps hadn't noticed, what an attractive gal she had grown into. When she would bend across her desk to reach anything on the far side of it, her breasts would flatten on the desk and her ass would be high in the air. My mind would instantly begin seeing the picture of my cock entering her pussy from behind as I pulled her to me.

Right then the ringing of the phone shattered the mood. Sara jumped to answer it using the phone on my desk. Shit, it was a business call I absolutely couldn't avoid.

I had to go to Chicago on business for a couple of days but there was plenty to keep Sara busy in the office while I was away. She wasn't the fastest typist in the world but she was improving day by day. . Bullshit, I had a better idea

"Sara, pack-up your laptop and enough clothes for a couple of days. You're coming with me on this trip to Chicago."

If I couldn't fuck her on this trip given the excitement she was going to feel, I never would.

The flight went perfect and we were checked into the hotel without any trouble. My room had a king-size bed with a humongous bathroom and hers had twin double beds with a normal size bath. Both had large screen TV's and each had a mini bar. She yelled over from her room asking if I wanted her to make dinner reservations at the hotel dining room or did I have something else in mind.

Oh, I had something else in mind all right but she was talking about dinner.

"Call down and make reservations."

As we came off the elevator I took her by the elbow and guided her into the oak-paneled lounge just off the main dining room. I was a little generous in tipping the maitre de to get nice window tables in the lounge and then a corner window table in the dining room, each overlooking the lake. The tip must have been fine for the maitre de was all "yes sir's" & "no sir's" and had a huge smile on his face as he was seating us.

The dinner and drinks went over great and the four glasses of wine Sara had seemed to make her a little more jovial than usual. After dinner we went for a little walk, over near the lake but I suggested we get back to the rooms before it got too dark for us to see our way.

When we got to our rooms, she flipped on her TV and lo and behold an adult movie was showing on the porn channel. A gal was deep throating a guy.

Sara said, "Wow, take a look at this."

I went over to her room and saw what she was looking at and immediately thought of her doing the same for me.

"Looks as if they are both having a good time."

"Sure, as long as he reciprocates when she is finished with him."

"Sis, I didn't know you knew about that stuff."

"Oh yes, I never experienced it but I darn sure know about it."

I noticed she hadn't bothered to change the channel and her eyes were glued to the set. It wasn't long before the guy had pulled out of the gals mouth and was shooting his load all over her face.

All I heard from Sara was "Mmmmmm."

"Sara, it sounds as if you wouldn't mind experiencing that for yourself." I commented.

She had turned her head and coyly looked back over her shoulder when she answered with a beautiful seductive smirk on her face, "You're right. Have anyone in mind?"

"Matter of fact, I do." As I stepped closer to her.

The TV porn had aroused me and my cock was hard as a steel rod. Her pretty, blue eyes were staring deep into mine as I lowered one hand, freeing my cock from my jeans. I then raised my hands to her shoulders as she dropped one hand down to my crotch. Her fingers were soon wrapped around my shaft as she stepped back a little to look down at what she was holding.

I hadn't taken my eyes off her for even a second and my cock was rock hard. She was soon going to find out how it tasted. I was lying back on the bed with my legs dangling over the foot of it and she lowered herself to the floor between them and took my shaft in one hand as she positioned herself over it. Her nipples were just lightly touching my knees and I lowered a hand down to touch them. As I did I could feel her shiver as if an electric shock vibrated through her whole body. Her nipples were starting to get very hard and I could feel her breasts begin to quiver.

Looking at his swelling cock, Sara gasped. "I don't know if I can take all of that but I'll try." She inhaled.

"Do what you can Sis."

With that she put one hand under my balls and used her other one to guide the head of my cock to her mouth. She used her tongue to lightly touch the bulbous head, then let her tongue go all around the ring where it met my shaft. She then tried to take it all inside her mouth.

Surprisingly she didn't seem to have much trouble getting the head a good ways inside her mouth before she tightened her lips around my shaft. Soon it was as if she was mimicking the gal in the TV porn flick raising and lowering her head and hand as she was jacking the guy off while sucking his cock. It was as if she was letting him fuck her mouth. She started the same thing on me and it didn't take much before she had me moaning. I had put one hand on the back of her head and was pulling her down lightly on my dick. I was hotter than hell and knew I wasn't going to be able to stand much more of this. The funny part was the more aroused I got, the more it looked as if she did also. It wasn't long before she was raising and lowering her mouth fast and furious. Every now and then she was able to let my cock get further into her throat without gagging. She would suck in deep then instantly pull her mouth up before the gag reflex hit her before continuing on at her normal depth.

A few minutes later I was throwing my hips up to meet her and shouting, "Sara, I'm cumming."

I then shot a huge load deep into her mouth. Most of it went down her throat but a lot of it was all over her tongue and oozing out of her mouth around my cock.

She kept her mouth wrapped around my cock as long as I was still shooting and then tightened her lips around my shaft as she pulled her head up and almost off me, helping milk the rest of my juices out of me. She looked up at me from around my cock mumbling, "Bob, I have seen pictures of guys shooting off before but I never knew it came out so hard."

She let her head rest against my stomach as she kept my cock in her mouth as it was getting softer and softer. It wasn't very long before it was down to its normal size.

She then looked up at me asking, "Feel good?"

"Are you insane? I feel terrific. Sara, where in the hell did you learn how to do that?" I asked.

"Bob, I am almost embarrassed to tell you but over the last year or so I have rented a number of XXX videos and studied the hell out of them. I didn't want to act like a dumb klutz when this opportunity came."

I took her by the hand and gently guided her back to my room, letting her unfasten her blouse and bra while I was stripping off my own clothes as we made our way to the bed. I had mine almost completely off by the time we had reached it and she wasn't far behind me.

I lay back on the bed, watching her finish undressing saying, "Honey, have I ever told you what a terrific body you have?"

"No you haven't but I love to hear it." She murmured.

"C'mere and let me run my fingers all over it before I put my cock into your hot little pussy." I coaxed.

"Bob, I'm a little scared. I am a virgin and after seeing the size of your cock I think it is going to hurt like hell going into me." She whimpered.

"Don't fear it hon, I am going to make sure you will feel a lot more pleasure than pain."

As she bent forward at the waist to finally remove her panties her lovely breasts were pointing at the floor with her blonde hair cascading down around them. As she stood up I could see she had partially shaved her pubic hair, I guess to accommodate the bikini bottom of her bathing suit. Her pussy hair was as blonde as the hair on her head but it was her tiny ass that was holding my attention. It looked small and firm and although she talked about wrapping her mouth around my cock, I just knew before this night was over my cock was going to slip between her tight little cheeks on its way to her pussy.

I held out my open arms to her and she fell into them and locked her lips on mine. I soon had my hands on her tight little ass with her firm breasts pressed hard against my chest.

I pulled her up onto the bed where I twisted myself around to get my face lined up with her pussy. It seemed the right thing to do would be to get her pussy squirming with some passion before I ever let my mouth near it so I let my fingers search out her well hidden clit. I soon had a couple of fingers inside her tight little pussy lips and could feel she was already soaked. My fingers kept rolling across the sheath of her clit and she went a little wild when I got it to show itself. Her hips were thrown high off the bed and her hands were grabbing whatever part of me they could reach, pulling me to her. As I lowered my face to her waiting pussy, I let my lips brush against her nipples, momentarily sucking on each of them on my way to her crotch. She moaned with ecstasy as her nipples hardened with excitement.

My hands spread her pussy lips as my face buried itself as far inside of them as I could get it. I let my tongue do some deep probing before bringing my mouth half way out so my tongue could do some work on her outer lips and her clit. Once I was able to get her clit free of its sheath I took it gently between my lips and touched it lightly with my tongue. I then started to suck her clit as I let my tongue go up one side of it and down the other. I think it was the sucking of her clit that had her throwing herself all over the bed and was causing me to have a tough time keeping my mouth buried between her soft, pulsing pussy lips.

I folded a couple of fingers tight together, wet them on her pussy juices and slipped them just a little ways into her before I began to move my hand in a fucking motion. I was fucking her pussy with my fingers and I could hear her beginning to pant.

"Bob, I am feeling a stirring deeper inside of me, stronger than any orgasm I have ever given myself. It feels strange."

That was the last thing she said before she screamed, "Oh God, I'm exploding."

I kept my mouth moving just as hard as it had been and by then had a few fingers buried deeper in her pussy. She was still breathing fast and was throwing her body back and forth to each side of the bed. My cock was rock hard again and I raised myself up and moved between her legs.

"Sara, brace yourself. Here it comes."

"Yes, Yes ... fuck me." She said through clenched teeth.

Her pussy was soaked as I touched the head of my cock to her lips. She could obviously feel it and pushed her pussy forward to meet me. I wasn't going to need that but it showed she was ready. I was on my knees with one hand guiding my cock into her. I pushed in a little and she started to moan with pleasure. I looked down at her crotch and could see I only had an inch or so in her and her pussy was already tightening around it. Another push and my cock slipped in another inch or so. God her virgin pussy was tight. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to get inside her with only pussy juices and my saliva as lubrication. She must have felt the deeper penetration but never made a sound to acknowledge it. I then had my hands under the cheeks of her ass, lifting them even higher, giving me an even straighter shot at entering her. ....

She was biting her lower lip, breathing a lot faster and harder than she had up to then as I gave one final thrust before looking down to see I was completely buried just as she gasped,

"Oh God."

I stayed like this for a minute or so, just lightly kissing her lips and fondling her breasts before moving at all. I then started to thrust in and out very slowly. My hands were still cupping her ass cheeks as she swung her heels around behind me using them to pull me further into her.

It didn't take her long to get in sync with my movements and she was meeting my thrusts with those of her own. She reached up behind my neck and pulled me down to her face where she planted a huge kiss on me. Her tongue was deep inside my mouth, searching out mine.

My thrusting was beginning to get faster and I still had my hands down on her ass, pulling her to me with all the strength I had. Her vaginal muscles were tightening on my shaft and I could feel the warmth building deep inside of me as I fucked her fast, deep and hard. It wasn't long before my cock was pulsing with the huge load of cum I was shooting way up inside of her.

I lay beside her and we lay motionless for what seemed to be forever.

"Sis, in case you are worrying about getting pregnant...don't. I was going with a gal a few years back and she didn't want me to use condoms so I had a vasectomy without telling her and now I only shoot blanks babies."

"Great. I started to think about that just about the time you were shooting inside of me and was a bit worried. Hey, by the way. I would appreciate it if you called me by my name rather than 'Sis'. Incest is bad enough, never mind having you remind me of it every time we are doing anything sexual. OK?"

"You got it Sara. Honey, I hate to draw this fun and games to a close but I have a very important meeting in the morning and I want to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for it, so I better get some sleep. We will still have a couple more days here so it doesn't mean the end of our wrestling matches."

She laughed and agreed.

We weren't in our sleeping positions more than a couple of minutes and spooning as close as we could get when my cock started another rise to the occasion.

Feeling that, I could hear Sara laugh and say, "Well now, it would appear that Bob's cock doesn't want to go to that meeting in the morning. Perhaps it would rather stay here with me while he went off and earned some money."

Now it was my turn to laugh but not before I reached down and from the rear, guided my cock into her waiting pussy. I didn't waste any time with foreplay and just jammed it into the hilt in one swift move. That took her breath away but soon had her pushing herself back at me.

"Damn Bob, that feels sensational." She grunted. Once again, I put a hand on each of her hips and pulled her back harder as I thrust in and out faster and faster. This wasn't love making was simply 'fucking.' Since I had cum so much so recently this one was going to take some time and we were both loving it. I took my hands from her hips and moved them up to her firm tits and pulled back on them. It wasn't long before I was driving my cock in her from the head to the base in long fast thrusts and she was grunting with each of my inward moves. She had a hand between her legs and was massaging my shaft as it went in and out of her. I could feel her fingernails lightly rubbing against my shaft and it didn't take long before she was ooohing and ahhing with each thrust. A few more and she was pushing her pussy back and squishing it around the base of my cock.

Her squeal started right about then and I had to move my hand up and over her mouth to keep her from making so much noise the hotel's security staff would be knocking at our door. She actually bit down on my hand as she exploded with another orgasm. As she was cumming she kept throwing her pussy back at me and was flailing her arms back trying to get something to hold onto as she threw herself around in the throes of her orgasm. It wasn't but another minute or so before I too was exploding, deep inside of her.

Damn, if I had known she was such a great piece of ass I would have made a move on her years earlier. She was unbelievable in bed.

"Sara, rise and shine. We have a very important appointment this morning. I was going to just attend it myself but I want you to join me and take as many notes as you are able. I know you can't take shorthand but at least get the highlights down on paper."

The day went great with Sara doing a fine job taking the notes. I could have used a tape recorder but most people become very self-conscious and start to clam up when they see one whirling away on the center of a desk or conference table. This worked perfectly and I might have just committed myself to taking her on all of these types of meetings. Not just for the sex but as a secretary or should that be spelled sexcretary?

We had some cleaning up to do to with some of the documents we had discussed and I was glad Sara had the foresight to bring along the portable printer. We had the changes made by just after noon and ready for presentation at 10AM the next morning. Having the printer with us saved another whole day with getting the changes made and ready for our signatures; thank God she thought to bring it. That left us all afternoon and evening to amuse ourselves!

"Sara, I have found the perfect gadget for you."

"What is it Bob? Something sexual I hope."

"Strip down and come in here" I yelled from my room to hers.

She was soon as naked as a jaybird and came waltzing into my room with her arms outspread and engulfing me in a gigantic kiss.

"Come with me" as I led her to my bathroom. I hadn't told her what it contained yesterday hoping to surprise her today and I succeeded.

"Take a look" as I stepped back giving her a clear view.

"Holy cow, a Jacuzzi." She shouted.

"But not only a simple Jacuzzi but one with adjustable jets both for amount and direction. Your pussy is in for a treat."

We soon had the tub filled over the jets and she was slipping into it trying to keep her hair dry.

I directed her to quit worrying about her hair and lie across the tub so she would have a jet only about twelve inches from her pussy and she could rest her head on the other side of the tub. Once she was positioned I turned it all on. Her eyes got bigger than silver dollars and her mouth pursed out with her lips making a perfect 'O' with a whooshing sound coming from them.

"God, this is unbelievable. I may never get out of here." She purred.

I had also stripped down and my cock was at full attention watching her amuse herself. "You mean you wouldn't want to get out of there for a turn with this?" I teased, waving my cock at her.

"Oh darn, you know I will" as she started to scramble around looking as if she wanted to get back out of the tub.

"Lie back. I want you to let the jet bring you to orgasm. I will be kissing your tits while the jet does its job and you can reach over and hold onto my cock for support."

All of a sudden she was pulling herself even closer to the jet stream. It was a pulsing stream that made it even more arousing. My lips had found her nipples and soon had them both harder than stone and she was squeezing my cock as if she was never going to let it go. It wasn't long before her lower legs, hanging outside of the tub were kicking while her ass was squirming. Her breaths were coming fast and furious again and she was making that cooing sound she makes before her orgasms. I reached one hand down to where the water jet was hitting her pussy and lightly brushed my fingers over her clit. The jet had uncovered it and it was the water hitting it with some force and that was turning her on. I could see she was moving her ass to get it closer to the jet when she let out another of her shrieks as she let go with another gigantic orgasm. She was throwing her hips in the air almost to the point where she was going to throw herself out of the tub altogether. I put one hand on her lower abdomen and held her still while she came down from her climax and used the other hand to turn the pulsing jets down to their lowest level. She mouthed 'Thanks' as she ran both of her hands down to her pussy and gently let her fingers lightly touch her pussy lips as her clit once again went into hiding.

"Sara, it's only three PM. We haven't had lunch so we have the choice of getting dressed in some casual clothes and going out to one of the great luncheon spots in the city or we can have lunch sent up from room service and then go out for a nice late dinner. Which would you prefer?"


I ordered smoked salmon salads with some sourdough bread and blueberries and cream for dessert from room service. We had the wine in our mini bars so we were set.

After lunch we just lay around talking about how great the trip had turned out. She told me how much she wanted to have sex with me and for how long and even described the intentional dropped paper clip fiasco back in our office at home. I couldn't help but laugh and told her of my fantasy of her giving me a blowjob when she was down on her knees picking up the clips.

She found the porn channel on the TV again and we lay there watching a couple of gals taking care of a guy. Wow, was he smiling.

She had her head in my lap and was running her fingers up and down my cock. She was tracing the veins in it and then let one hand go down and do the same thing with my balls. She would pick them up high and then lean forward and to lick my shaft and take my balls in her mouth. I could hear her slurping and the sound of it was turning me on big time.

"I never saw one of these before other than in pictures." She said.

"Take a good look. It's all yours." I countered.

'Bob, what the hell are we going to do when we get back home? Everyone knows we are brother and sister and live in the same house so the living arrangements won't be a problem but are we ever going to be able to go out together?"

"Honey, I honestly haven't given that very much thought as of yet. I was concentrating more on how much we enjoying ourselves on this trip."

Right then she turned her head a little and had the head of my cock buried in her mouth. She wasn't moving her head but her tongue was going wild around my cock ridge.

"Sara, whew, that feels superb. Would you like to turn your butt around and we can eat each other at the same time?"

"Is that what I have heard referred to as sixty-nine?" She asked.

"That's it." As I moved around a bit and pulled her pussy up to my mouth.

I took it as easy as I could with my tongue just licking the sheath covering her clit and had a couple of my fingers penetrating her pussy. She squirmed her crotch around while she was pressing it harder against my mouth. It wasn't long before she was almost fucking my tongue. She had my cock buried about as deeply as it could go and she was holding my balls with one hand while the other was working itself up and down my shaft. Damn, it felt good. I thought I would try something a little different with her to see her response. I slipped my fingers out of her pussy and worked one around to her ass. I pushed it in just a bit and I could not only hear her gasp but could feel her pull herself down and away from my mouth and hands. I let my hand follow her movements and pressed in a little more until I had that finger buried in her ass up to the middle knuckle.

I then heard, "Bob that hurts."

"Hold still a minute or two honey and let's see if it stops hurting when your ass gets accustomed to it." I answered.

I was hoping if she could manage to take a few fingers in her ass, there might be some hope for me to be able to bury my cock up that tight little corner of heaven.

She went back to sucking my cock and I let the fingers I had in her ass slide out a little and then resumed tickling her clit with my tongue. I kept my fingers in her ass right where they were, figuring when she started her orgasm I would push them in a little more. That's exactly what happened. I started to work her clit faster and faster and then heard that familiar sound coming out of her as she was ready to have her orgasm. When I felt her hips getting thrown up to me with the throes of her orgasm I pushed my fingers in almost as far as I could. She gasped a little but resumed throwing her hips. She now had one hand down at the back of my head pulling my face even deeper into her crotch. The pressure in my crotch was becoming intense as my orgasm was getting closer. When she finally threw her pussy high in the air and started her shrieking around my shaft, I shot my load in her mouth. The streams of cum coupled with her shriek were almost choking her and she had to slip my cock out of her mouth to catch her breath. Whew, that was wonderful. My fingers were still buried up her ass and I started to move them around a little as if they were fucking her asshole. She lay like that for a minute or so and then turned over and let her movement remove my fingers.

"Bob, that was fantastic but I didn't like having your fingers up my ass. I have heard that some gals let their boyfriends fuck their asses but I don't think I am ready for that yet. Those gals told me once they had a baby or two their pussy was kind of stretched out and didn't give their lover the tight feeling he once enjoyed. It'll be a while before my pussy gets that stretched so you are going to have to make do with it like it is and my mouth until I have those babies." She laughed.

Well, it was worth a try. Perhaps I should have waited until I had some real lubrication available for my fingers.

We had a nap before getting cleaned up and dressed for dinner. That night's dinner was going to be what Chicago was famous for...steaks. I had a filet and Sara enjoyed a rib eye. They were outstanding. She sipped a couple glasses of wine while I had my usual scotch and water. All in all a fabulous eating experience.

We were given the name of a nice little nightspot with live music and a small dance floor. We enjoyed both of them before returning to the hotel. It was only nine PM and our business appointment the next morning was for ten AM so we had plenty of time for a little more fun and still be able to get a decent nights sleep and ready for the morning. Getting two rooms was a total waste of money since she never used her beds at all. BUT, this was the way it turned out. It could have just as easily gone the other way and had each of us using our own room. Ah well, we'll know better for the next trip. Hell, the IRS was going to pay for most of hers anyway.

I flipped on the TV and it was still on the porn channel. This one had a couple in my favorite position ...doggie style. I called Sara over and told her that was going to be us in as long as it would take for her to get undressed. Geez, I never knew she could strip so quickly. She was sitting on the bed naked as I was still taking off my jacket and tie. She reached out and unbuckled my pants and let them fall to the floor as she slipped her hand inside of my shorts freeing my cock. She pulled me to her and took it in her mouth and started her up and down and in and out blowjob motions. I was hard in a minute and reached down and lifted her lips to my mouth. When I finished a kiss I gently pushed her back onto the bed and she knew what was expected of her.

She was on her knees in a flash with her chest down on the bed. Her oh so lovely ass was staring me in the face and rather than just slip my cock into it I leaned forward and ran my tongue all around the rim of her asshole. Wow, did that get her going. She started to throw back at me while reaching around to lightly touch my face as it was buried deep between the tight little cheeks of her ass. I stayed like that for a few minutes as I let my hands reach forward under her chest and let my fingers work her nipples. I wanted to fuck her doggie style and I might yet do that but she was going to be having an orgasm in another minute or so just like this. She was breathing hard and fast and sort of blowing air out and sucking it in deeply with her passion. I figured I could top it all by pushing my tongue deep up her ass and that was it. She pushed her ass back into my face as she was letting go with another huge orgasm. My tongue was still doing its magic up her ass and my fingers were rolling her nipples as she let herself fall flat down onto the bed.

"Bob," she said breathlessly. "I never even heard about that way before but it was indescribably awesome."

"Glad you enjoyed it honey but look here, my cock is feeling neglected." As I pointed at my crotch. "Get back up on your knees honey. I am going to fuck your pussy as hard as I can. You will be begging for mercy by the time I am through with it." I laughingly threatened.

She rolled over and had her ass pointing to the ceiling almost before I finished that sentence. I positioned myself between her legs and used one hand to guide my cock head to her pussy. I let it go forward a little so that the head of it barely opened her pussy lips as I was grabbing her hips to pull me to her. She could obviously feel what was happening and she pushed herself back at me. I was now in her an inch or so when I gave one giant thrust that buried me to the hilt. She gasped and just stayed there motionless while her pussy was learning to accommodate what had just been rammed it. I then used my grip on her hips to pull her to me as I was ramming her hard. She was grunting with each of my thrusts. The harder I thrust the louder she grunted. She then gave out with a huge moan. I thought I had gone too far and was hurting her so I stopped and pulled out.

All I heard was, "What the hell are you doing? Keep fucking me."

Oh damn, I had mistaken her moans for those of pain and not pleasure. I quickly corrected my mistake and was soon driving myself in and out as hard and as fast as I could. My hands were pulling her hips back to me so hard that I was raising her chest off the bed with my actions. She was tossing her head from side to side and reaching around with her hands to pull me to her even more. I released one hip from my grasp and put that hand in the middle of her back and pushed her back down on the bed as my cock started to shoot stream after stream deep inside of her. I couldn't ever remember cumming so much and with such force. I was like a fire hose and I knew she would have been able to feel my cum hitting the walls of her pussy. Her vaginal muscles were clamping onto my shaft and actually milking my cock as I brought it out slowly before slipping it back into her a few times. It was as if it was a hand with the fingers jacking me off. Whatever it was, it was magnificent.

It would appear we had turned each other into rather awesome fucking machines over the couple of days..

The next morning we were up bright and early, had our breakfast in the hotel restaurant and checked out by nine AM. A short cab ride over to the prospects office and we were ready for the presentation of our proposal. It went fine and it appeared as if I was going to get the contract I was hoping for. The flight home was uneventful and when we arrived back at the office Sara told me we needed to talk.

She unloaded the portable printer and laptop and was back at my desk in a half-hour or so. She plopped down on the chair opposite my desk and could only think of one thing to say, "Well, where do we go from here?"

"Sara, it beats the hell out of me. I think we can safely say without fear of contradiction we each care a ton for the other. Not only because we are brother and sister but also because we like each other as human beings. Am I right?"

"Right as rain Bob but that still doesn't give me the direction we are going to travel as lovers, as well as siblings. We can sneak around this town finding out of the way places to eat and enjoy but everyone in town knows we are siblings and they would have a shit-fit and it would probably ruin your business if they thought there was anything going on between us sexually. Agree?"

"I'm afraid you're right but I can't believe we can just turn our backs on what took place between us over the last couple of days. You were a virgin but I sure wasn't and I can honestly say I never felt closer both sexually and emotionally to anyone than I did to you. When I stood before the group making my presentation this morning I looked over at you and saw the warmth and love you had for me just pouring out of you. Right then I was asking myself the question we are discussing right now."

"Bob, I think we ought to give it a few days while we thrash this around in our minds to see where we can go with it. I thought of one thing that we have discussed several times in the recent past and that is the money our folks left for my college. You know I really want to get a college education but have been putting it off again and again. Maybe now's the time for me to get serious about it and go off and get educated."

"Maybe you're right Sara. It will break my heart to see you go but it's probably the best answer to our problem. You can get the education you want and need and it will remove us from the terrible tempting situation we find ourselves in."

"Let's talk about it over breakfast but in the meantime, I'll be in your bed in a few minutes so get ready for another of my fantastic blowjobs or anything else you would like." She said as we left the office.

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Taboo: The Series

index : Incest/Taboo : Sibling Sex Ch. 02

Sibling Sex Ch. 02

This is Chapter two in the saga of Bob and Sara. You will remember from the original Sibling Sex they are brother and sister who, on one of Bob's business trips, finally succumb to the inevitable. Things get a little serious with Sara as she finds herself falling in deep love rather than simply having great sex with her brother and this continues on with the progression of that story.


The phone was ringing off the wall as I was coming through my front door. I had been away on a short trip for work downstate and traffic was murder. I grabbed the handset to hear,

"Bob, I can't stand it. We only have been apart a few days and I am going crazy missing you." It was my sister Sara. As we had discussed after our first business trip, that turned into a sex marathon, we had to find a way to separate ourselves from each other for fear our neighbors and friends would go a little nuts if they ever found out we were sexually involved. Our town is more than a little provincial and an older brother sexually involved with his younger sister would be frowned upon big time. It would destroy my business and completely ruin our reputations. Sara going off to college was our solution but from the sounds of what she was now saying it wasn't working. We live in Annapolis, Maryland and she had been accepted into the University of Penn. in Philadelphia.

"Bob, I don't care what you say. I'm coming home." Sara said in a frenzy. This wasn't just a casual comment...she was nearly in a panic.

"Honey, I miss you too but can't we give being apart a chance? One week is hardly a test for us." I replied. "Look, stick it out till the end of the month and I'll come up to get you and we can thrash it all out, among other things." I said with a very knowing and seductive sound in my voice. I was trying to calm her but could hardly tell if I was being successful over the phone.

"OK but when you get here you can forget about 'thrashing anything out', I'll be interested in the 'other things' to which you are alluding." She laughed. "Don't get a room at one of the local hotels/motels. I understand most of the rooms on a weekend are taken by students and their boyfriends/girlfriends and I wouldn't want them to see what an ugly guy I am going with." She joked.

"Ugly guy, I'll fan your sweet little ass for you."

"Promises, promises!"

"Hey, I know. If you can miss your Monday and Tuesday classes I can come up on a Friday afternoon and we can almost be in Canada by bedtime, even with stopping for dinner. It'll be great, we can try some new restaurants and Canadian dishes and spend Saturday and Sunday just messing about up there and then drive back on Monday afternoon and Tuesday to get you back to school by Wednesday. How does that sound?" Offering this in an attempt to bring her down from the mood she seemed to be in.

"Fantastic. My Monday class is total bullshit and missing one other won't hurt a bit and even if we don't get back until late Tuesday I'll be OK. Besides, I'm going to drop out anyhow. Remember?"

"Well talk about it." I answered.

I got there mid afternoon on Friday and thought she was going to strangle me with her kisses. I had popped the trunk and she threw her small case in, slammed the lid down and jumped into the passenger's seat. After a three-minute kiss my lips were sore.

"Whoa, honey. We have the whole long weekend."

"Bob, this being apart is killing me. Before we knew each other sexually being separated while you were away on your business trips bothered me but nothing like this. All I can think about is all of the things we did to each other on our first business trip together. Oh, how I wish we weren't related."

"Well, we are and there isn't anything we can do about it so we better find a way to deal with it we can both accept. I am working on something but I'm not ready to talk about it yet." I answered.

"What the hell are you working on. C'mon, if it involves me I have a right to know." She snapped.

"All in good time. There isn't any sense in getting your hopes up if it won't work. I shouldn't have even mentioned it now."

"You're damn right you shouldn't have. This is all I'll be thinking about until I know what you are working on."

"Cool it honey. We have a mini vacation staring at us. Let's enjoy it."

"You are a piece of work, or should I say shit? You get my hopes up and then dash them without a second thought. If you are going to be that way, get this rattletrap moving. We can cover a long way before dinner and then another hour or so before we are settling down for the night." She ordered.

Dinner was only so-so in a roadside restaurant and we did go for another hour and a half before checking into a huge Holiday Inn. The room was very nice and the mini bar was larger than the usual size, which would have been great, if we were planning to spend a lot of time there.

I carried the small amount of luggage up and she opened the door in front of me and was in the shower before I even had the stuff set up on the little folding luggage racks common in most motel rooms. My clothes were off in a flash and I joined her in the walk-in shower. Damn, it was great to hold her sweet body again. I had almost forgotten what a great shape she had and how firm her lovely breasts were.

She threw her arms around my neck and pulled our faces together. She was so aroused her nipples were actually poking my chest. She let her tongue find mine and then let the two of them entwine for what seemed forever. While she was doing that I dropped my hands to cup her sweet tiny ass. Not to be outdone she let one of her hands drop to my crotch where she soon had her fingers wrapped around the shaft of my cock. Whew, we better slow this down and do it quickly or I would be shooting my load before I even got to touch her warm waiting pussy. His cock was as hard as I ever remembered. I could see there was some pre-come showing and I certainly didn't want to hurry that along and I wanted this first time today to be memorable for both of us. No Wham Bam Thank You Mam. The shower together was a great beginning for this rendezvous but I wanted the mood we were in right then to go far beyond that.

"Bob, give me a treat. Carry me over to the bed!" I pleaded.

That was all it took. He had one arm under my arms and the other dropped down to cradle the backs of my legs and he had me off the floor and we were on our way to the big- peoples king- size playground. He slowly lowered me to the side of the bed and then leaned over and lightly kissed my breasts. His tongue was the tenderest thing I could think of when it came to our lovemaking. He was letting it softly caress my nipples and then letting it slide down and around the sides of my breasts very sensuously. He had one hand lightly touching my navel and then moving oh so slowly down over my abdomen. When his fingers touched the very top of my pubic hair he stopped and let them swish the short hairs around a little. I have most of it shaved so it won't show in a bathing suit but he is able to touch it in a way that drives me up the wall. He then let those fingers move down slowly so they were in a position to spread the lips of my pussy for his fingers to explore. God, he knew how to arouse me.

I could feel him shifting his position. It wasn't long before I could see he had moved me so I was lying completely up on the bed with my head resting on the pillows but he had positioned himself to where he was lying between my legs with his face looking up at me. I just looked down and smiled. The next thing I felt was him taking little nips on the inside of my thighs; first one leg and then the other. While he was doing this he had moved one hand up so it could let his fingers wander around my nipples. He was using his thumb and index finger to lightly, oh so lightly, squeeze a nipple and then roll it around between his two fingers. He would do that a few times on one nipple before moving his hand to the other one. This was really generating some heat deep inside of me.

His tongue found the swollen lips of my pussy and then let it search deeper until it was softly caressing the hood over my clit. It was soon peeking out from under its sheath when he let his lips lightly clamp onto the nub and then have his tongue flick back and forth over it. He then folded his fingers into a teepee shape and slid them into my pussy and slowly began moving his hand so that he was fucking my pussy with his fingers. Whew, this was going way too fast.

I let my hands rest gently on the back of his head while he was burying his face between the lips of my pussy. Damn, he could really make me feel good this way. All of I sudden, and I still don't know why I did it, but I pulled away from his mouth and rolled over so my knees were straddling his head with my pussy resting on the back of his head. My knees were almost clamping his ears.

"Turn over Bob and let your tongue loose again on my pussy." I ordered.

He did and I started to squish my pussy all over his nose, mouth and jaw. He moved his hands so each of them was holding one of my breasts while I was opening my self up as far as I could to let his face get as deep inside of me as possible. My hands were braced on the top of the headboard as I ground myself all over his face. I could feel the warmth start again deep inside of me when I suddenly lifted myself off and slid down so my pussy was just touching the tip of his still hard cock. I rose up and soon had the head of it positioned directly in line with my pussy and I lowered myself ever so slowly. I could feel the head of it spread my lips as it was opening my vagina and I could feel every inch of him as he was penetrating me. A few more movements and I had him completely buried as I started to lift myself then drop back down.

"Damn Sara, I was wondering what had gotten into you besides my tongue. You never acted anything like this before and I must say I loved it. You sort of had me worried a bit though when you were smothering me with your pussy for I was starting to wonder what the EMS guys would say when they came to get a guy who had been suffocated by the sweetest pussy in town."

She just laughed as I began concentrating on bringing her to orgasm. I was throwing my hips as high in the air as I could and then driving as deep as I could go. It didn't take long. She was tossing her long blonde hair from side to side and biting her lower lip as she threw her pussy down to meet my upward thrusts. It wasn't long before she let out one of her little howls as I could feel her pussy vibrating and then her vaginal walls throb as she let go with a huge orgasm. My own climax came almost at the exact same time as I filled her tight little pussy with streams of my white-hot come.

"Oh God Bob, that was unbelievable." She murmured

"I should say so. For me too." I answered

Sleep didn't come quickly. It seemed that every time either of us turned in the bed during the night, it would wake the other who would take it as an invitation for another round of sex. We had better sleep late in the morning or we would be running the car off the road as we fell asleep at the wheel.

"OK Bob, it's time to get up, showered, dressed and downstairs for breakfast. We are only an hour or so from the Canadian border and who knows if they will give us any trouble crossing with all of the interest in the terrorist situation."

I answered her with, "Sure, I am as hard as a steel rail and you want to get up. I'd like to get this thing far up your pussy."

I couldn't let that challenge go unanswered so I dropped down in the bed and let my fingers lightly caress the sides of his shaft and then letting my hands slide up and down it while my mouth was getting closer to the purplish head. There was a lot of pre-come showing as I opened my lips and let the monster in. His cock is so big I can't get much more than the head and a few inches of his shaft in my mouth. As soon as I do that I get my tongue working all around the head of it and let a hand slide up and down his shaft and let the other hand move down and gently cup his balls. I then start my bobbing action. I could hear his moans starting already as I turned my body to let his mouth work on my pussy while mine was taking care of his cock. There's nothing like a sixty-nine to make my day.

She brought her sweet wet pussy right down to my face. I let the fingers on each hand spread the lips of it as I was getting my tongue warmed up to search out her clit. I know it is the quickest way to give her the strongest orgasm. I didn't want it to be fast but rather I wanted it to be one she'd remember all day. I let my face swish back and forth between her lips and even dared to let the fingers of one hand roam over to her ass after I had gotten them wet with saliva. I hesitated in trying to let them penetrate her anal canal remembering the pain it caused her the last time I tried so I let it go with just running my wet slippery fingers slide around her puckered asshole without actually entering it. With my tongue as busy as I could make it and my fingers lightly touching the forbidden area of her body, it didn't take long before I could hear her low howl and then feel her hips thrashing around with excitement. She had her mouth working my cock for all it was worth and my orgasm came up and over me before I knew what had hit me. One minute I was feeling the beginning of an orgasmic rush and within a few seconds I was filling her lovely mouth with my come. Whew, sex with her is something else again.

"OK Up and at em...time's awasting." This was her cowgirl impression at work.

"Sara, you are a hell of a better secretary than you would be as a rodeo performer. That is unless they are going to rate you on riding my bronco." I joked.

"OK, smart ass. Let's get ready for the day."

We were finished with breakfast and on the road in less than an hour. The crossing into Canada was totally uneventful. Maybe it will be a bigger deal coming back into the States. We thought we would have enough time to at least get to Montreal but after checking the maps again it was obvious we would never make it to Montreal and then back home by Tuesday night. Instead we would drive the hundred miles from Niagara to Toronto and be satisfied with seeing that city. Montreal and Quebec would have to wait for another trip.

The scenery along this part of Canada is nowhere near as breathtaking as that out in the Canadian Rockies we visited last year but we were in a different country for the weekend and that was pretty exciting in and of itself. Neither of us had ever been to this part of Canada before and we were looking forward to seeing it. We were only going to travel to Toronto that night and would explore it that afternoon and the next day and then head back to her school in Philadelphia on Tuesday. About thirty- five miles out of Toronto we came upon a sign advertising horseback rides and after a lot of discussion decided to try it.

The rides weren't just around an oval but instead were two- hour tours through some rugged country. Sara and I had both done a bit of riding years earlier but certainly couldn't be considered accomplished riders. We 'could manage' was about the best description of our horseback riding talents. They outfitted us with a couple of very pretty horses, as if their beauty was going to make them easier to ride, and we were going to be part of a group of six riders.

We were riding single file with me right behind Sara and I was last in the line. It was impossible for me to keep my eyes off her sweet little ass bouncing along in front of me. She was wearing jeans and I could see the label on them up at the belt line swishing from side to side as the horse made its way along the trail. Damn she was sexy.

I whispered just loud enough for her to hear but not loud enough for anyone in front of us, "Sara, you have a pretty ass."

That was all it took to put her into her devilish mode. She stood up on the stirrups and swirled her ass as seductively as she could and I almost fell out of my saddle laughing. She sat back down again and turned her head over her shoulder and silently mouthed, "Would you like to kiss it?"

That was it. It wasn't a contest.... I roared with my acknowledgment of her victory.

The trails had a mixture of different types of terrain. The ride started on a high plateau and then wound down to a ravine where it continued for a couple of miles. It then went back up onto a long flat section of trail where the tour guide on the lead horse took off at a full gallop and the rest of the herd just followed right along with no prodding on the part of any of the riders.

What a fucking mistake this horseback ride was. During the John Wayne gallop I was bouncing up and down so hard the 'sweet little ass' of mine that Bob admires so much was being beaten to death. I didn't think I would be able to sit for a month. The ride was coming to an end and it wasn't going to end soon enough for my taste, at least for the tenderness of my 'sweet little ass.'

I was limping my way back to the car and gave him the strictest of orders, "Find a motel and find it fast."

He looked at me and was smart enough not to make any of his wise ass remarks.

"Yes Ma'am."

He pulled into a decent looking place a couple of miles down from the dude ranch and helped me up to the room. It wasn't just my ass that was so sore, the inside of my thighs were just as bad.

"Bob, will you please fill the tub with warm water, not scalding but damn sure not cool? I am going to soak for a month or two. Oh how I wish this tub was a Jacuzzi like that one on our first trip together. I could use that kind of water massage right now."

I honestly sat in that tub for nearly an hour. The pain went from my thighs up to my ass and then up my back to my shoulders. I couldn't seem to find any position in the tub in which I was the least bit comfortable but the moist heat did feel good. Whenever the water was getting a little too cool I would let some out and then run the faucet full hot for a couple of minutes. I couldn't just sit on my ass in the tub but had to sit sort of on the edge of one cheek. Bob would come into the bath every now and then to see how I was doing and after his first visit he had standing orders not to come back in without a scotch and water for me. After three or four of his visits the pain was diminishing a great deal. Or could it have been the effect of the scotch? I damn sure didn't care as long as I felt better.

The last time I went in to see how she was she looked so angelic. She had taken a towel and rolled it up and placed it at the end of the tub to act like a pillow. Her long blonde hair was splayed across it and the water was over her stomach but not quite covering her breasts. It was if they were floating with no support with the nipples pointing at me. Damn, she looked lovely.

"Bob, I think it is time I came out of this tub and hit the sack. How about grabbing a couple of towels and helping me dry off?"

I did and she was soon under the covers in the king-size bed. I just had to try and give her a laugh so I pulled the covers all the way down and planted a couple of big kisses all over the cheeks of her ass saying, "You did invite me to kiss it didn't you?" It got just the response I was hoping for.

"Bob, I'm sorry for being such a wimp but my butt and legs are killing me."

"No problem honey. I'll have some dinner sent up with some more booze for the mini bar and we will call it an end to our day."

He was very kind during the night and didn't press against my butt the way we usually sleep. He stayed far over on his side and while I would have loved to have some sex to try and make up for the torture I had endured during the stupid fucking horseback ride, I was grateful to just get to sleep.

Morning came all to soon but when I got up to use the bathroom my Annie Oakley pain had thankfully almost disappeared. Bob was still asleep and I thought he deserved a nice awakening for as nice as he was the night before. He was sleeping on his back as I pulled the covers down. His soft cock was almost staring me in the eye as I reached for it. I have never measured his cock but it must be more than five inches soft for I can get my entire hand around the shaft with the head still protruding. I held it like that as I leaned over and took the head of it in my mouth. I let my tongue slide around it and then circle the ring around the head. He started to moan and groan as soon as I did that and I would later have to break his ass about who he was dreaming of while I was doing all of this to him. I held the head of him between my lips as I removed my hand from his shaft and let it trace the veins up and down the sides of it. He has always loved the feeling of my fingernails lightly doing that and this morning was no exception. By the time I had traced two or three veins he was wide awake and had reached down and pulled me up to him.

"And a good morning to you too." He cooed as he brought our lips together for our morning kiss.

He had dropped one hand to lightly caress my pussy and his fingers soon found what they were looking for ... my clit. A few minutes later they had aroused it to the point where the nub was uncovered and he was massaging it very lightly. I quickly forgot about all of the pain of the previous night and was gasping for breath as my heart rate soared. With one quick motion he pulled me on top of him and let his cock find its way to my pussy. It soon found it and was penetrating to the very heart of my being. Once again he pushed me off to one side and this time rolled on top of me. It appeared he was changing it to be the missionary position from then to our eventual orgasms.

I had the head of my cock just waiting to get back in her as I positioned it in front of her pussy lips. I gave one long thrust and I was buried. It didn't take long before she had her heels dug into the backs of my upper thighs pulling me even deeper. Her heel pressure on my thighs was in direct sync with my thrusts. She was actually pulling me deeper and harder than I was doing myself. Whew, she is something else.

It didn't take long before I was feeling the familiar warm feeling deep inside of me and it was rushing with each of his thrusts. He had moved his face so we were locking lips as he was driving his cock deep inside of me. I could feel the ridge around the head of his cock as it plunged into my vagina. That was it, I was exploding and I held him even tighter than I had up until then. Damn, my juices weren't just running out of me along the sides of his cock, they were gushing. I pulled my face away as I moaned, "Oh Bob, I love you."

His orgasm was only minutes behind mine.

We showered, dressed and packed and then went down for breakfast. As we were pulling out of the parking lot Bob said, "Sara, we should be in Toronto in another hour or so. We can check into the first decent hotel we find and then do some exploring this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow morning. If we leave there around noon we will be back down into Pennsylvania by Tuesday night. We aren't going to have a huge amount of time to see the city but we can get an idea of what it's like."

"Sounds great to me. Now that my ass and thighs have recovered I'm ready for almost anything."

We saw a hell of a lot that afternoon and had a first class restaurant recommendation for our dinner. I had brought a typical blue blazer to go with my tan chinos and Sara had some kind of black wrinkle proof cocktail dress stuck in her overnight bag so we were ready.

Dinner was fantastic. We were told that one could get more of a French dinner offering in either Montreal or Quebec but this was fine. The wait staff had cleared the table of our dinner dishes when Bob announced he had the need to use the rest room. He seemed to be away for quite some time when I looked up and saw him wending his way through the dining room back to our table. I couldn't help but notice the bulge in his pants. He didn't have a hard on but he always fills out his jockey shorts very fully and the bulge is nearly always clearly noticeable. There were a couple of gals at a table near us I could see were watching him come back into the dining room and it was clear where the eyes of the one nearest me were aimed. Eat your heart out, he's mine, at least for now. The thought of how temporary our relationship probably was drove me a little crazy. Her eyes followed him all the way back to our table and when he was just about to pull out his chair I reached over and patted the bulge while smiling at the gal. She almost choked on whatever she was eating and I just smirked.

We were enjoying an after dinner cognac when Bob leaned over to say he had a bit of a surprise for me.

"Not another horseback ride! No damn way." I almost screamed.

"No, you idiot. Now I want you to listen to me and listen without interrupting. You can ask any questions you would like when I am through but not before. OK? I let something slip out a few days ago about something I had been thinking about and working on that could give us some solution to our problem. Are you ready to hear it now?"

"It's about Goddamn time. I have thought of very little else ever since you mentioned it."

"I have given a great deal of thought about my business and where I am located. I have concluded that it is immaterial where my office is since I travel the country and my client and prospect base is located from Portland, Maine to San Diego, California and a ton of places in between. It seems to me that if you are still interested in living together, but having it appear we aren't related, we could pull that off if we weren't living where we grew up. What I am saying is as long as there is phone service and I am close to a reasonably large airport, I could relocate the office and we could simply act as if we were a guy and gal who happen to be living and enjoying our lives together. Our only fear would be if we ran into any of our present neighbors."

She almost jumped off the chair with a huge smile plastered all over her face saying, "FUCK THEM, we have been worrying about them long enough. Put our house on the market this week and let's decide on where you want to hang your shingle." She said and continued with a bubbling, "Holy Shit, we are going to do it. I KNEW you would figure something out."

"Slow down honey, don't be so damn impatient. You are acting like a kid."

Oh shit, I couldn't have said anything worse. She has always been concerned about our ten-year age difference and my stupid comment about acting like a kid stopped her cold. She just looked at me with tears welling up in her eyes and said, "Let's go back to the room."

"Sara, if you are upset about my 'acting like a kid' remark, stop it now. You know damn well I accuse myself of doing that whenever I find myself rushing into something I haven't completely thought out. If we go back to the room now it will be because you are wanting me to fuck you blind."

She came out of the mood she was in and intertwined the fingers on each hand together and rested her chin on them while she had her elbows resting on the table. She then looked at me very deeply and slowly crossed her eyes with a totally blank look on her face. I laughed so hard the maitre de came over to see if there was anything wrong. I was speechless and just waved him away.

"Maybe I'll give you what you want after I get through taking care of the gals at that table you keep looking at. One of them in particular keeps giving me the eye. She mentioned something about wanting me to fuck her ass with my big cock as I walked past her before."

"She can have you for that. I'll just take the cute maitre de for my bed partner."

"You mean the gay one? You two will make a lovely couple." I joked.

"You know you can be a real pain in the ass sometimes." I answered him.

"That's what that gal at the next table will be saying in the morning." I continued but realized I better stop this kidding or it would turn nasty very quickly.

"OK, all kidding aside. Where would you like to live? That is what it will come down to. I think we will get a fortune for the house. Mom and Dad bought it years ago and the values of the whole neighborhood have skyrocketed since then. I'm betting we will be able to get a place almost anywhere within reason for what we will be able to sell it for."

"Bob, I really would like to finish up our after dinner drink and go up to the room."

"Is there anything wrong?"

"No, I would just like to call it a night."

We made it up the room without any more discussion about our upcoming move and when we got into the room she went directly into the bathroom and closed the door. She was out again in ten minutes and went right into bed. Hmmm, something's up. Wonder what.

I dropped my clothes over the easy chair and got in beside her. I was no sooner in the bed before she had wrapped her arms around me.

"Bob, with all the times you have talked about it with both me and others I know you would like to fuck my ass. I have been scared to death to let you do it for fear your cock would tear me open. But, I want to please you so much I am willing to try it."

"Sara, you don't have to do that. I know you love me but you surely don't need to do that to please me."

"Bob, I have made up my mind. Get some Vaseline and put it on your cock and maybe that will make it easier."

"Sara, if you insist let's try something else first. I'll smear some lube on first one finger and put it in you and then two and finally three. If you can handle that we can try my cock. OK?"

"Whatever you say. I don't know anything about this."

She was lying on her back as I put the first finger in her and she seemed to take it without any trouble. She moaned a bit with the second one and then I stopped for a minute or two. When I resumed I had folded the three fingers as tightly together as I could and slipped them in. I got as far as my middle knuckles and she was whimpering.

"Sara, that's about all we are going to try. You are having pain with my three fingers and they aren't anywhere near as big as my cock."

"Bob, stop that shit. We are going to try it all the way with the real thing."

"OK, honey but I'm going to stop as soon as I see you are hurting a lot regardless of what you say."

I greased up my cock paying particular attention to getting a lot all around the head.

"Sara, let's try it with you on your back. You can spread your legs and perhaps put them up on my shoulders as I line up my cock with your ass."

She assumed the position very quickly and I had the head of my cock just barely touching her asshole as she said, "Well, what's keeping you?"

"Hold on honey."

I pressed the head of it against her and her ass retreated with the pressure. I had been holding my shaft with one hand with my other hand on her hip. I then removed the hand on my shaft and held the other hip as well. I pulled her to me at the same time I was pushing my hips forward and just the head of my cock slipped in.

She instantly gulped and then cried out, "God, that hurts."

"Hold on honey. That is as far as I am going. I will keep the head of it in you and then jerk off and shoot my load into your ass but I am NOT going to put any more of this thing in you."

She just nodded as I started to make the long strokes on my shaft. She twisted herself around so she was able to cup my balls as I was jerking off and it didn't take long as I looked down at her luscious nipples bouncing back and forth with the motion I was causing before I could feel my orgasm starting.

"Bob, shoot it as far in me as you can OK?"

"OK love," as my juices came pouring out of my cock and were squirting in her ass.

The Vaseline on the head of my cock coupled with the tightening of her sphincter muscles made the head of my cock slip out of her as I was shooting and I just aimed it to come all over her stomach. It wasn't what she wanted at all but it was the best I could do.

"Sara, This will NEVER happen again. I am almost overwhelmed with the pain you endured simply to please me with something you heard I wanted. Oh, I did want it but you can rest assure we will never try it again. I love you too too much to ever cause you that type of pain again. It is over."

I pulled him down to my face and gave him one of the long soul searching kisses we had come to love with each other. My legs had slipped down from his shoulders and were now just lightly resting on the backs of his thighs and his hands were softly caressing my entire breasts. He was letting his fingers go up one side of them and down and under them and then tenderly squeezing my nipples as he rolled them around between his fingers. He pulled his face from mine and lowered it so he could let his tongue lick my entire breasts. I had completely forgotten about the earlier pain and he had lifted me to cloud nine with his lovemaking.

God, I believe I love her as much as she says she does me. I am not sure I can ever forgive myself for causing her the pain, however brief, from my anal intrusion. How damn selfish can I get?

"Sara, let me pour us some drinks from the mini bar and let's discuss where in this great country of ours we should move. There aren't that many people who are fortunate enough to be able to just move where they want to be, knowing they can make a living wherever they chose."

We thrashed this out for the next several hours without reaching any definitive conclusion. Our discussions ranged from Southern California, over to the ski country in Utah, down to the heat of Florida and then up the East Coast and out to Long Island, NY. We agreed that neither of us wanted any of the big cities like New York, Atlanta, Washington, or Seattle. It sure sounded as if we had a lot more thinking to do. But first it was time for nitey night and all that goes with that.

We slept a little later than we had intended the next morning and when I nudged him to tell him it was time to get up he just groaned and rolled back over. There is one sure way. I reached down, lightly grabbed his shaft and then gave it a hard pull. "C'mon, time to get up."

"You little vixen. You better be careful. I don't know if your ass has completely recovered from your time in the saddle and a good spanking might be more than you could handle," he teased.

"You're right. So let's get up without any more talk and get ready for the day. This will be our last morning in Canada and we agreed we would leave here sometime by mid afternoon."

"Sara, after what we have discussed it is obvious you won't be going back to Univ. of Penn with our upcoming move so there really isn't any rush to get you back there by Wednesday is there?"

I could have jumped his bones right then but I thought it more 'dignified' or shall I say 'ladylike' if I simply threw myself at him and kissed him deeply as I let one hand drop down to massage his tool to life. It sure didn't take long and I was soon sitting on top of it and riding it almost the same way I rode that damn horse the other day. I can say without any fear of contradiction that this was a whole lot more enjoyable.

We messed around Toronto for another day before heading back south. We spent a night in Philadelphia while I gathered my stuff from school and then made the couple of hour drive down to Annapolis the next morning. We're not sure if our future together is any more clearly defined than it was before the weekend but there still are a ton of things we need to come to grips with regarding it. We'll keep you posted.

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These pictures are great. I love the cat baeskt; what a great way to keep her close but comfortable. Our cats are not allowed in the office/studio because they're too rambunctious and they like playing with the art supplies as much as I do.I think the drawings are very good.

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