Just sit back and enjoy the ride!

As Sean, Rachel, and Jeff get down to the soft sand of beautiful Black's Beach, they see Roberto, Sonya and Maria already settled in. Jeff sprints over to Maria, giving her a big hug and kiss. "Guess what! You'll never believe it!"

"I don't know--you just signed a contract with the real Cubs."

"No. Way better! Sean asked me to be his best man!"

"Oh, wow! In their wedding, right?"

"Yeah, I'm so happy, I'm crying! Again."

Rachel and Sean greet Roberto and Sonya, exchanging hugs. Then they step over to Maria, waiting for her to finish with Jeff. She notices them standing there. She turns to give each a warm hug, "You guys are awesome, making Jeff your best man."

With his hand still on her shoulder, "We consider ourselves quite honored."

Rachel agrees, "Yes and we wonder who we might get to walk down the aisle with him," laying her hand on her other shoulder.

"Oh?" with a hint of jealousy.

Rachel adds, "We want you to be my maid of honor!"

Maria screams, falling into the sand, almost break dancing. Jeff helps her get up, excitedly but gently.

"So what do you say?"

Giving Rachel another hug, showering her with kisses, "I can't believe my ears! Yesss!!!" Then she runs to hug her mama, "Can you believe it!!! God is so good!"

Sonya smiles, "All the time, from the tire tube to the mountaintop."

"Oh, Mama, I love you!"

Jeff starts rubbing sunscreen on Maria's back. Soon they do each other's front side at the same time. "Jeff let's get on the blanket, so I can sit on you as we do this."

"Yeah, I like that better too, most honorable maid."

Soon they all go to swim in the mild surf. Alex and Logan show up to play with Jeff and Maria. After hearing all the new news about the wedding, Alex and Logan announce that they're an item now. Jeff pats them each on the rear end, "That's way wild guys!" Agreeing, Maria hugs them.

Soon Logan slips away, approaching Sean. "Sean, sir, I'm sorry for upsetting you. Thanks for not telling my parents."

"Logan, you're private life is none of my business, until you take it into my house. You're welcome back anytime. I'm forgetting it, trusting it never will happen again."

Surprised, "Jeff said I couldn't for two weeks."

"Let's just say I appreciate your maturity and respectful tone, but please don't call me sir. It will give me gray hair!"

Laughing, "Yes sir! I mean, yes Sean! I wouldn't want you to lose your touch of green."

"Imao. I didn't know your family are naturists."

"They're not. Alex just asked my parents if I could come. They said I could try it once."

"That was easy."

"Actually, no. Alex became totally persuasive. And I begged big time."

"We don't tell people we're naturists."

"I won't tell anyone."

"You're a good man, Logan."

"Thanks, Sean."

... After Alex and Logan leave, Logan asks, "Alex, why didn't you apologize to Sean?"

"What for, I'd rather crap in my pants."

"What's the matter with you. You have a thing for him!"

"No I don't, dickweed!" Hanging his head, "OK, I used to."

"You still do!"

"Why don't you shag a diseased dog!"

Logan ignores the insult, "Does he... is that why he threw us out?"

Alex just breaks down crying.

Logan hugs him. "It's OK, Alex. I'm here for you."

"Yeah, you want Jeff and I want Sean. And they just do the mammary mambo."

"Just don't push me away, Alex. We can't help it that others turn us on. Yeah, we want what we can't have. The fact of the matter is, we turn each other on and want each other. Yeah, we both get jealous. Let's just get over it. Somehow, we can do it."

"Logan, you're a dream-come-true," as they hug each other passionately, exchanging wild kisses. "How can you love me? Jeff's got man meat ten times my size."

"Alex, don't ask how, I just do!"


As usual, Sonya and Roberto pick up Jeff for church. Jeff sits beside Maria in the back. Their excitement about walking down the aisle together continues wildly. They hold hands tightly, praying together, thanking God for his overwhelming goodness. Their appreciation bubbles over.

In church they sing their hearts out with every praise song, raising their hands in worship frequently. As silence fills the sanctuary, Jeff suddenly cries out, "Ah shub rall el shah reed rom. Brop ud el shah hon alk lize fulp rir el yah weh sed moz lar zon saf. Jur hul ma! Jur hul ma!"

Then Jeff falls backward, but the man behind him reaches forward, guiding him into his chair. This man then speaks out, "Our God sees to much comfort. Our God passionately pleads that our hearts burn with fire as we look to him as Lord. Live my Word! Live my Word!"

The pastor smiles, "Out of the mouth of a child! Praise you Jesus! Praise you Jesus!" He then leads in singing an old children's song, "The B-I-B-L-E, yes that's the book for me. I stand alone on the Word of God, the B-I-B-L-E."

During the song Maria whispers to Jeff, "What did you say!"

"I have no idea! No idea. It just happened. Then it was like a wave rolled over me. But I feel great! I feel like God loves me even more than we love each other."

When church ends, Jeff turns around, looking up at the distinguished gentleman behind him. "Are you the man that caught me as a fell?"

"Yes, I am. God has shown you favor."

"Yes he has. But I have no idea what happened."

"You spoke in tongues."

"I did what?"

"God is holy. Our God is an awesome God. He spoke through you."

"Yeah? Yeah! But it didn't make any sense."

"No, he speaks in an unknown language. He then gave it to me in English."


"Yes, indeed!"

"Why did I get knocked over?"

"God's spirit can be like a blast of wind."

"Yeah! It was! Why did he pick me?"

"Just feel honored. Trust that he knows what he's doing."

"I do! I do!"

"Go where he leads and do what he says."

"I think I go where he leads, but I have no idea what he says."

"Now that God used you in a special way, you can easily understand that he used others to give his message to us in writing. That's what the Bible is. His Word."

"That used to be hocus pocus to me. Now it makes sense. I'm gonna start reading it."

"Good! And follow the message you spoke in tongues. Live his Word."

"How do I do that?"

"Take his Word to heart. You'll get fired up."



2007-09-29 17:12:09
This is as bad as everything else you've submitted. I'd like to shove my boot up your ass, you fucking make-believe story writer. 0/10


2007-05-31 02:40:37
What is this title all about "love dove love shove" please explain this story does not make sense are you bi-polar if so I understand but fuck come on......


2007-04-11 17:04:29
Self styled 'published author' - by him - on his own site !

How much more pathetic is tahat !

As pathetic as his stories.

Sorry JR - you're no story teller.


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give up


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Shit as the title

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