Its Friday and Billy is in for a surprise
Billy’s first summer job 3

Billy arrives at work on Thursday as normal. He thinks all day about his experiences on Tuesday. He wonders what tomorrow will hold. He thinks of yesterday and the fun he had with Ryan. The day progresses; and he takes a break. Time for some reading material, “Adult Stories”. “Oh, crap”, Billy thinks, “I gotta save up for tomorrow.”
He strips off his clothes and takes a cool shower. “Tomorrow then”, he says smiling.

Friday arrives and Billy is at work as normal, doing his cleaning bit, looking around the parking lot. “Okay, it’s Friday! Where are you”, he thinks to himself, his heart pumping with anticipation and wonder of what Seth has in store. This goes on all day until around 2:45.

A full-sized motor home pulls into the rest area and parks by the farthest picnic table under the canopy of a tree. A woman of about 20 steps out wearing a checkered shirt tied just below her chest and a pair of Bongo shorts (the kind with the stripes that point to one area). She wears tennis shoes. She has nice tan legs, stomach, and arms. She slowly walks to the restroom area. As she walks up, she sees Billy as he exits from cleaning the women’s room. “Ooo, he is cute,” she thinks.

Lisa: “So, is that all clean now?”

Billy looks up and sees her. “Wow,” he thinks.

Billy: “Yup, all ready to go for awhile.”

Lisa: “Thanks.”

She smiles at him as she passes him and accidentally rubs against his arm. He watches as he sees those striped shorts pointing to one spot.

She takes care of her business, checks herself out in the mirror and puts her hair up in a pony tail. She presses her breasts up with her hands and wonders what it would be like to have bigger breasts. “I’m really gonna do this! Time to go!”

While Lisa was busy, Billy proceeded to clean out the trash cans going near to her motor-home. Lisa walks up behind him. “He does have a cute butt,” she thinks.

Lisa: “How’s it going today?”

Billy: “It’s okay, I guess. But it is getting better now,” he says with a blushing smile.

Lisa: “Well, it’s gonna get a lot better in about 10 minutes.”

“Seth sent me,” she says in a whisper; her eyes twinkling and her lips smiling as she says this.

Billy: “You mean, you and me? WOW!!!”, as he looks over her body.

Lisa: “Hey, calm down Boy!
You gotta get a shower first. That’s why I said 10 minutes.
Now go, and don’t forget SOAP!”

Billy races back to the office, tears off his clothes and showers as fast as he ever has. It doesn’t matter what the water temperature is. He knows he wants to think about what they will do, but then realizes he can’t think and soap at the same time. He dries off and pulls on the clean shorts and shirt he brought with him. He grabs the strand of 3 condoms attached together, shakily locks the office door, and races back to the motor-home.

Lisa is sitting out on the picnic table enjoying the cool summer breeze as Billy walks back.

“Hello again,” he says with a smile.

Lisa: “Hi, I’m Lisa. Seth said you might want to have some fun.”
She reaches out her hand and he takes it helps her up. He hugs her close palming the slope of her bare back and tentatively kisses her.

She breaks the embrace and reaches for his hand and pulls him to the door of the motor home. They enter and kick off their shoes. There is a CD player playing a mix of “getting it on songs” and the windows on either side of the bed are open allowing for a nice breeze.

She leads him back to the bed and sits on the edge. She looks up at him and unties her blouse, unbuttons it, and removes it. She’s wearing a bikini bra pressing up her B-cups. She starts to remove the bra from around her neck when Billy reaches down to help. He removes the top strap and looks at the tan-line cleavage coming more into view. He drops to his knees and reaches around her back and unties the rest. Meanwhile she crosses her arms and begins to drop them after the strap is completely free. There before him now are 2 of the most beautiful peaches he has seen. As the breeze continues through the motor-home, her nipples become erect at the feel of fresh air.

Billy reaches out with each hand cupping each breast underneath. He gets closer and kisses her on the neck as he gently massages her soft breasts. He kisses his way down the center of her chest and kisses and licks her right breast and then over to her left breast. Once he is on her left breast, he removes his right hand and slides it down her belly to the button of her Bongo shorts. He un-buttons them, quickly unzips, and opens the fly to expose the panties.

She pushes him away, stands up and removes her shorts. She turns around giving him a show.

“You’re turn,” she says as she removes his T-shirt and shorts; his bulge evident as she drops the shorts.

She pushes him flat on the bed and kisses his neck and then down to his nipples. She licks, kisses, and sucks them lightly.
“See, this is how I like it,” she says.
Billy: “Oh, OK.”

She stops playing with his nipples and reaches her hands down to the waistband and pulls his shorts down and off. His 5.5 inch dick stands at attention.
She rolls her fingers through his pubic hair, grabs the base of his cock and gives it a squeeze. She moves her face in just below his thighs and smells the fresh soap and boy odor. She sticks out her tongue and licks his ball-sack up to the top of his shaft and bobs 2 inches twice, and back down his shaft to his balls. She plays with one with her tongue, opens her mouth and takes it in. “Yuck, I’m not used to hair there now,” she thinks. She continues and does the same with the other. She licks back up to his cock and swirls around it along with one last suck. She leans back up and rolls over onto the bed.

Billy rolls over on top of her. He feels her breasts pressed against his chest, her stomach to his, and the thin material between her pussy and his throbbing cock. He kisses her and then quickly down to her breasts again. He reaches her navel and laps at that as she shudders. He creases the inside of the top of her panties with his hands. He watches as she breathes and sees the outline of her lips through the wetting panties. He grabs the sides and pulls them off quickly, his eyes fixed on the area they were covering.

She has a quarter inch strip of hair going from her bikini line down to her clit. He can see just a few hairs here and there below. He opens her legs and moves his head in just below her knees. He can see the wetness of her lips and the perky clit standing up. He reaches up and spreads her lips, looking in to where he knows his cock will go. He comes closer, blows on her pussy, and gets a whiff of her scent, sweet and wet.

Billy can’t control himself. He pulls out one of the condoms and quickly puts it on. He spreads her legs and mounts her and the first attempt is a miss. He puts a pillow under her butt for a better angle. He enters her for the first time. She is tight, wet, and breathing haltingly. He stops when he is all the way in. He starts bucking.
Lisa: “Hey, slow down there, guy!!!”

He bucks 5 times when it happens. A sensation he has had before but not as blunt. When he is fully IN the 5th time, he feels a long finger jammed into his ass. With this feeling, he cannot move. He looks one way, then the other.

“Seth?” he says.

Seth: “Yeah, buddy. I told you I’d be here. Looks like you got started before me. I did get to see a lot of what you 2 were doing. Looks like you received more than you were willing to give. You think she was ready to get rammed?”
Billy: “I, ugh, couldn’t help myself. I dunno.”

Seth: “You okay, girl? Having fun?”

Lisa: “I was until 2 minutes ago. Then I got a jack-rabbit.”

Seth: “Get off and get down there and clean up that rubber smell.”

Billy: “Finger?”

Seth: “I’ll do with it what I want to.”

Billy raises off of Lisa and makes his way down to her wet rubbed pussy with a finger still in his ass.

Seth: “Lap it up from the bottom to the top like a dog drinking water. I want all that rubber taste out of there.”

Billy does as he is told. He feels her lips and clit quiver as he laps upwards. After 5 laps the taste of the rubber is gone. He squirms forward hoping to dislodge the uncomfortable finger.

Seth: “You can’t get away that quick. Turn around.”

Seth’s finger falls out of Billy’s ass. Billy turns around so his butt is just over Lisa’s stomach.

Seth: “Bend over and close your eyes.”
Billy obeys not knowing what will come next.

Seth hands Lisa the lubed 2 inch butt plug. She takes it and spreads Billy’s left cheek exposing his ripe tight asshole. She rubs the tip against his anus up and down and presses it in. Billy yelps as the toy passes and is engulfed by his sphincter. Seth stands at the end of the bed watching.

Seth: “I thought it would be fun with you, but it looks like you still need training. You didn’t take care of her. Now you can get me ready. Open up.”

Billy is still dazed from the pain in his ass when he feels the dick press against his lips. He opens his mouth and takes the head in sucking, and then Seth presses further in to the back of Billy’s throat. Billy gags and Seth pulls back to the head. Seth fucks Billy’s mouth for a few minutes and removes it.

Lisa: “Hey, remember me?”

Seth: “Ah, yes. You! More training, boy. Get up.”
Billy gets up and Lisa moves to the top of the bed with her legs spread and bent. Seth and Billy lie down on the bed by either leg.

Seth: “Now let me show you what you should have done.”

Seth begins kissing and licking Lisa’s inner thigh just above her knee. Her breathing gets heavier as he kisses and licks higher. When he gets to the crease of her lip, he turns around and says, “Your turn.”

Billy begins licking and kissing his way up and gets the same response. When he arrives with at the crease, he stops and looks over as if to say “What next?”

Seth pulls up Lisa’s leg and places it over Billy’s shoulder, then places her other leg over his outside shoulder. The guys are side by side face to each side of her lips. Seth says, “Watch and follow.”

Seth licks the outside of her lip from the bottom to her clit and back down. Billy watches and follows. They get into a rhythm where one is at her clit and the other is at her lips. Seth stops at her clit and wraps his lips around it and starts licking softly. Billy continues working on her lips. Lisa has never had 2 mouths on her clit and pussy. She presses her body down to both mouths. Billy takes the cue, inserts his tongue in her cunt. When that isn’t enough, he inserts his middle finger which she starts bucking up and down on. She cums convulsing back and forth on the lips around her clit, the lips licking her lips, and the stiff finger in her cunt.

After recovering for a few minutes, she looks at Billy and says, “Fuck me now.”

Billy looks over at Seth and says: “Okay with you?”

Seth: “Go for it now. Gotta get a fresh condom though.”

Billy removes the old rubber and places the new one on over his stiff cock. He moves in between her legs and is about to enter.

Seth: “Hold on, let her guide you.”

Lisa reaches down and pulls the 5+ inches to her lips. She rubs his cock up and down against her clit getting her wet again. She pulls him down and into her. When fully in, she reaches around and holds his butt so she can feel his whole length. It helps that Seth is pressing down on the plug at the time. After 45 seconds of grinding, Billy can’t help himself and starts bucking in and out of her. Seth removes the plug. With this freedom, Billy can focus on the feeling of his dick and see her b-cups jerking up and down with each trust. She gets real wet and they can all hear the slapping of balls to ass on the inward thrust. Billy cums in 3 minutes of pounding her wet pussy. He rolls off and removes the rubber.

Seth leans over her and kisses her on the lips. He then lies prone on the bed. Lisa rolls over and mounts his waist. She reaches behind her, jerks him twice, pulls out a condom and tears it open with her teeth. She opens it up and quickly encases his 6.5 inch member.

Lisa: “I’m gonna fuck you now.”

She slides down to his cock. She leans to one side and angles his cock into her pussy. She slides slowly down his shaft half-way then back up. On the second stroke she rides it all the way to the base. She starts bobbing up and down going to different angles until she finds it, her favorite angle. She bobs up and down in her favorite position panting heavier. Seth reaches out and cups one of the breasts that are bouncing up and down. As her orgasm nears, he gives it a flick. She looks evilly into his eyes. He returns the stare. When her orgasm arrives, she impales herself on his cock at that right angle. With the convulsions around his cock, he cums at the same time.

She leans down, still filled with his limp dick, and kisses him on the lips. This position makes her ass more wide open. She feels the hard cock press into her ass cheeks and the body behind it. “Boys sure are horny,” she thinks.

Lisa: “We’ve got company.”

Seth: “Oh, really?” as he reaches around and feels Billy’s ass pressed into his girlfriend’s.

Seth: “Well, there are all kinds of things we can do,” as he rolls Billy off of them. He then rolls over Lisa.
Seth stands up and hands his dick to Billy who is sitting on the side of the bed.
Seth: “Take it off and clean it up.

Billy removes the condom getting as much cum inside as possible and tosses it in the trash. He looks at the sticky cock and swirls around the head. He slurps it up and down the sides as it gets hard again.

Seth: “Lie down,” he says to Billy.

Billy lies down with his cock standing straight up. Seth gets the lube and puts a glob on the top of Billy’s knob, and jacks him up and down.

Seth: “He’s ready when you are.”

Lisa moves up to straddle Billy’s cock. She is turn towards his feet though and he knows he doesn’t have a condom on. “What next?” he thinks. He looks down and he sees. Her ass is caked with the same lube glistening. She reaches back and slowly impales her ass on his cock. “Oh, that is so tight. WOW!!!” When she goes down the second time, she leans back to rest her back against his chest. “Just rest, and enjoy the ride,” she whispers.
Billy enjoys the tightness of her ass and reaches around to massage her clit and cunt. Lisa enjoys this other sensation she didn’t expect. Seth removes Billy’s hand and eats her wide open pussy and erect clit.

Lisa: “Just fuck me now, damn it.”

Billy thinks, “Huh, you’re gonna fuck her while I’m in her ass? I can’t believe this.”

Seth moves in between her wide open legs and places his sheathed cock at the base of her lips sliding it back and forth. Lisa reaches down and inserts his cock with urgency. They each feel the sex of 2 other people at the same time. Billy feels the tight asshole around his cock and the cock pressed just millimeters from his cock. Lisa feels the penetration of 2 cocks at the same time again. She always loves having a virgin bare cock in her ass. Seth can feel the wet pussy contracting and the smaller cock just millimeters away and the slapping of his balls on his new buddies’.

After Seth’s third pump, Billy feels the lube pushing and pulling his cock in and out about a half inch of Lisa’s ass. Lisa moans like she never has before. By Seth’s tenth pump, Lisa starts bucking on both cocks and cumming hard. The lube is working better and Billy is enjoying 3 inches of her bucking on and off his cock. With the lube of both Lisa’s pussy and the lube in her ass, the guys get a great feeling see-sawing back and forth. The tightness of her ass and pussy, the rubbing of their balls, and their cocks so close together sends them over the edge as they both moan loudly. Billy more so, considering he gets to spew his cum freely into her asshole.

As they finish, Billy speaks up: “OVER.” Seth gets up and Lisa rolls to her side with Billy still embedded in her ass. He hugs her from behind and fondles her breasts. “I’ve never done that before,” he whispers as he gives her a final squeeze and slips out.

Seth: “I told you it could be a great summer. We might be back this way. But, like I said, just keep your eyes open and always wear a glove.”

Billy: “Yeah, I see what you mean. I gotta get cleaned up and clean up. Talk to you later.” As he puts on his shorts and shoes.

He looks back at Lisa’s lily-white butt as she’s lying there on the bed and rubs his cock.
“Man I’d like to get that from the top. Maybe next time.”

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