Billy gets to train someone new
Billy’s Summer Job 2

Tuesday progressed with no excitement. The thoughts of yesterday’s events came back to Billy’s mind every time he entered the office.
[Am I gay? Ugh. NO.]

At 3:30pm, Jesse showed up for his inspection. He told Billy the trash cans that were further away, around the picnic tables, were being neglected. He also gave Billy the check-off list for cleaning the rest area. “I’ll see you some time during the day on Thursday.

Tuesday night Billy called Suzy. They chatted and he asked her to come over. Suzy came over and they made out for awhile. Billy’s mom was home so there was nothing else they could get away with.

Wednesday arrived early. Another early 6:00am wake-up and at work at 6:30. Billy brewed the coffee and thought back to Monday again. “Just wait till’ Friday, save up after Wednesday”. What could that have meant?

Billy cleaned up as usual.

At around 10:30 a car pulled in to a far picnic area where the car would be shaded. A woman of about 35-40 and a boy of about 13 got out and stretched and walked to the rest rooms. Billy could tell she had been driving awhile. Her hair was messed up.

As they neared the restrooms, the woman said to the boy, “Ryan, I’ve been driving since 4 am. I’m gonna clean up and get some sleep for about 2 hours. Get your kite and go fly it in the field.”

Ryan entered the men’s room. Billy followed soon after, put out the “closed for cleaning” sign, and locked the door.

Billy strolled in walking around acting like he was cleaning up as Ryan stood at the urinal releasing the pressure on his bladder. He rubbed his eyes as he began waking up. He walks over to the sink to wash up.

Billy: “Hey, how’s it going?”

Ryan: “Okay, just tired.”

Billy: “How long have you been on the road?”

Ryan: “Since about 4. Got a 2 hour break here. My mom thinks I want to fly a kite. What does she think? I’m 13 and three-quarters. I’d like to do other stuff.”

Billy: “Almost 14, huh? Gotta girlfriend yet?”

Ryan: “Yeah, kinda.”

Billy: “She let you touch her yet?”

Ryan: “No, haven’t been alone to do anything.”

Billy: “Seen any nude pics before?”

Ryan: “Yeah, a few times. I’d like to see more.”

Billy: “I got some pics in the office if you want to see them. Just go out to your car and get your kite. How hard does your mother sleep?”

Ryan: “She sleeps real hard once she gets to sleep. She has a mask. She’ll be out quick. Are you sure it’s okay to be in the office?”

Billy: “Trust me. I got some good stuff there. Besides, it’s more fun than flying a kite.”

Billy unlocks the door and Ryan bounds out to the car. His mom is already there with the passenger seat tilted back. He gets the kite out and says “Goodnight, mom.”
She mumbles: “Um-hum. Have fun.”, as she drifts off to sleep.
He runs back to the restroom with the kite in hand. Billy puts the sign away and opens the office. They both enter and Billy locks the door.

Billy: “Have a seat, relax.”

Ryan takes a seat on the bed and looks up at Billy, wondering what will happen next. Billy reaches under the bed, rubbing the outside of Ryan’s bare leg, and pulls out the box of magazines. Ryan looks through the collection, his eyes widening, as Billy’s had Monday.

Billy looks over his new friend. He’s got bright orange/red hair, green eyes, and freckles. He is slim, maybe 5’5”, about 120 pounds. He’s wearing an over-sized T-shirt and cutoffs.

Billy: “So, you like what you see?”

Ryan: [Blushing] “Yeah, I guess.”

Billy: “Let’s get comfortable.”

Ryan watches as Billy removes his uniform shirt and shorts. He sits back down wearing only his briefs, and rubs his leg against Ryan’s. Ryan continues to look at his near-naked new friend. He wonders if he will look that good at 16, with some more weight and muscle.

Billy: “Come on, your turn.”

Ryan’s attention is drawn back to reality. His face becomes flushed and confused as he thinks about what is going on.

Billy: “You do want to see more mags and to be comfortable, don’t you?”

Ryan: “Yeah, I do.” He slowly stands up and pulls the T-shirt up and off.
Billy looks on and sees the pretty boy nipples and hairless underarms.
Ryan then quickly pulls his shorts off and sits back down quickly. He wasn’t fast enough for Billy not to get a good look at his perky butt in those tighty-whiteys. As he sits back down, his bare leg touches Billy’s hairy leg. He opens the mag again and sees things he’s never dreamed of. Billy peruses a mag himself, but occasionally peers over to see his little buddy adjusting his growing boy-cock.

Ryan sees a spread that interests him and readjusts his cock. He is so entranced; he didn’t notice that Billy has removed his underwear and sat back down next to him.

Billy: “This one is really good,” he says as he lifts the mag from the area of his stiff dick.
Ryan looks over to see the magazine. He looks down at the mag in front of Billy. He freezes; his eyes go wide, as he looks at this big cock inside the fold of the mag.

Billy: “You’ve had sex-ed, haven’t you?”

Ryan: “Yeah, a little.”

Billy: “You’ll be as big as me in a few years. I was like you are a few years ago.”
Billy drops the mag to the floor and stands up. He turns around to face Ryan and spreads his legs 2 feet apart. Ryan looks on and sees this 5.5 inch dick and hanging balls just 2 feet from his face.

Billy: “You’ll start growing hair, here and there soon enough. Ha-ha.”

Ryan: “Hey, I DO have hair down there.”

Billy: “Okay, prove it.”

Ryan stands up not thinking and starts to drop his shorts.

Billy: “Whoa, wait. Let me sit down.”
Billy sits down as Ryan grabs the band of his shorts and pulls them down. His 3 inch semi-hard cock flops out. His balls are smaller than Billy’s. Cool, tan-lines on a red head.

Ryan: “See, I have a bunch there and a few on my balls.”
He musses the thatch of hair above his cock and points to the 5 hairs on each ball.

Billy: “Well, have you masturbated before?”

Ryan: “Yeah, I started when I was like 12 or so.”

Billy: “You wanna go through the mags and jack off together over the best ones? I could tell you really liked that one.”

Ryan: “Yeah, I guess.”

Ryan sits back down. They go back to viewing the porn mags, each looking at the other, as they grow bigger and harder. They lay down head-to-feet.

Billy grabs the lube out of his backpack, lubes up, and hands the tube to Ryan. Ryan places a gob of the stuff into his hand. He begins to massage it in looking at the picture of the couple in the mag. He occasionally looks down at Billy’s bigger cock and his technique.

Billy looks down at the 3+ inch cock just next to his. He feels the arms, legs, and torso of the younger boy rubbing against his side. He releases his hand from his own cock and starts massaging the top of Ryan’s thigh. He moves his hand to the inside of the boy’s thigh pressing them apart and slides his hand up to Ryan’s soft almost bald balls. He massages Ryan’s balls taking both into his bigger hand rubbing gently. He reaches out with his left hand and places Ryan’s small right hand on his balls. “Do what I’m doing,” Billy says.

With both dicks free of hands now, Billy wraps his hand around the base of the boy-cock and Ryan follows. They feel each others shaft fingering and palming, and jack each others cock. Billy gets more of the lube in his hand, pulls Ryan’s hand up, and plasters half the lube into his hand.

He starts at the base of the boy-cock wrapping his thumb and forefinger around, then the second finger, then the third. Too short for the fourth. He starts jacking Ryan’s cock fast then slow. Ryan follows suit with his whole hand around Billy’s dick.
Ryan starts gasping and releases Billy’s cock. He can’t control himself and has the best orgasm he has ever had. The first shot hits his neck and chest. The second hits his stomach and splatters into his navel. The third shot slides down his cock merging with the lube.

Ryan rests for a few minutes and reaches out to Billy’s cock. He leans up to take the bigger cock in both hands. He laces his hands together jacking the cock up and down. Billy reaches down and moves Ryan’s left hand to around his balls. It feels so great having smaller hands playing with his cock and balls. He closes his eyes as he dreams it is Suzy playing with him right now. The last image from the mag he was looking at comes to mind and he cums squeezing Ryan’s hand tighter at his favorite spots.
Ryan watches as Billy spurts 3 bursts into the air that coat his chest, belly, and crotch. Billy rests for a few minutes.

After getting his breath back, Billy rises and gets the washcloth, wets it, and cleans himself up. He rinses it again and hands it to Ryan. He cleans up.

Ryan: “Wow. That was fun.”

Billy: “I don’t think we’re done yet. We still have an hour or so.”

They both go back to reading the mags. It is so good to be young. You can get hard again so fast.

They look back and forth at the mag and then the other hard dick.

Billy: “We both got P.E. in school. We can’t sit and stare at cocks in P.E. Let’s get our cock staring and seeing out of the way. Lay down.”

Ryan lies down on the bed. Billy turns him sideways and slides up next to him in the 69 position. They each lock eyes on each other’s tan-lines, hair, balls, and shaft just 6 inches away.

Billy reaches up and touches Ryan’s hip with his hand and rubs the cream colored cheek. He slides his hand over into Ryan’s sparse red hair and taps the side of his red virgin 3.25 inch hard boy-cock. He moves Ryan’s cock to the side and cups his balls. He bends his head in to smell the boy-musk of this 13 yr-old. It is a fragrance of sweat and boy odors. He looks up from his viewpoint seeing the red-headed cock pulsing and wanting something it has never had before. He breathes heavily on Ryan’s balls and up to his cock. The boy opens and closes his thin legs with anticipation of something. He looks down his own body watching this boy staring at his thick cock. He can feel Ryan’s breath on his cock and balls.

Billy bends back up and looks over the boy-cock again. He knows he has to act fast. He reaches through Ryan’s legs from behind and cups his balls. He reaches out his tongue and swirls it around Ryan’s boy-cock.

At this touch, Ryan looks down and watches this guy, he just met, licking and sucking his cock. He has never had anyone else touch it, let alone lick and suck it. Ooohh, the pleasure.

Billy swirls around 3 times and takes the cock half-way in just past the head. He starts sucking lightly. [Remember, not too hard and no teeth.]

Billy swirls his tongue around the underside of Ryan’s dick. Ryan bucks into his mouth twice, moans, and cums in his mouth. Three blasts into Billy’s sucking mouth. Billy grabs the cup off the floor and spits the remainder in it. He then returns to the boy-cock and cleans it up with his tongue as Ryan lies panting.
Billy rolls over onto his back.
Billy: “Your turn.”

“Huh, wh…what?”, Ryan says, still panting slightly and very apprehensive.

Billy: “Your turn.”

Ryan: “I don’t think I can.”

Billy: “You have to at least lick it like an ice cream that’s melting.”

Ryan reaches out two hands cupping Billy’s balls and the base of his shaft. He looks intently at the head and the vein going down the shaft. He tentatively reaches out his tongue and it touches the head of Billy’s cock which has a few drops of pre-cum. There is no real taste. It just feels too weird to Ryan. He rises up shaking his head.

Billy: “Hey, you got a melting ice-cream there; just 2 times around from the bottom to the top. I’m not gonna cum.”

Ryan looks in Billy’s eyes and down his body. Ryan [just do it quick]. Ryan bends back down and licks up Billy’s cock one side then the other (right, top, left, bottom). He makes it 2 times around and raises his head back up.
Ryan: “There ya go.”

Billy: “It wasn’t bad, was it?”

Ryan: “No, just can’t see doing it.”

Billy: “I do need some help. Lie down and roll over.”

Ryan lies on his stomach.
Billy looks down and sees the tight creamy-white butt with cute dimpled sides, the light tan-line, and those smooth thin legs.
Billy: [So, this is what Seth saw Monday. Ooh, it is hot.]
He straddles Ryan’s thighs, his balls rubbing against him. He leans over Ryan’s back pressing both hands into his shoulder blades. He starts massaging his way down. When he gets to the tan-line, he stops and sweeps his fingers just above the line teasingly. He slides both sets of nails across the line and back up to palm the lower back. He massages back down to Ryan’s butt, cups and squeezes each cheek, with each thumb sliding down his crack. He massages each cheek for a few minutes and then massages down both of Ryan’s thighs down to his calves, to his feet. When he gets to his feet, he stands up and presses his balls into the bottom of Ryan’s feet, getting the ball-foot massage he has wanted. He puts Ryan’s feet back down and closes his legs.

Billy grabs the lube and walks to the head of the bed. Ryan looks up and sees the hard cock in front of him.
Billy: “Open your mouth.”

Ryan opens his mouth slightly and Billy presses his cock lightly in just past the head. Ryan looks up in confusion and fear.

Billy: “Relax, I’m not gonna force anything.”
As he pulls his cock out.

Ryan watches as Billy lubes up his cock again from the top of his head to below the base.

Billy: “This may feel weird, but you can trust me.” (he says with a grin)

He walks back and mounts Ryan’s thighs and slides his slick hand straight down the crack. With his un-slick hand he pulls Ryan’s left cheek open and rubs his slick fingers deeper to Ryan’s puckered hole.

Billy: “Relax, I’m not gonna do anything else. You got sucked by me. Now it’s my time to get off. Lay back down!”
“You see, I got a girl-friend and I’m not gonna see her for awhile. I need the practice. I’m gonna use you to pretend I’m fucking her from behind.”

Billy pushes Ryan back down and straddles his cheeks. Ryan lays there as he feels this slimy slick cock encroaching between his cheeks making them slick and balls rubbing the top of his legs. He feels the lube start to move as Billy starts sliding his full length up and down his ass. He feels the chest pressed into his back and the full force of the body on top of him. Then he feels something; lips on his ear.

Billy licks the top and around to the lobe of Ryan’s ear and starts talking.

Billy: “You like that, Babe? You like me fucking you from behind? You got a beautiful ass too. Ooo, you’re so hot. OOoo”, As he bucks back and forth on that ass going from a prone position to a doggy-style.
After a few moments of this action: Billy says; “I’m gonna cum all over your ass. OOoo, OOoo, OOoo, OH, Oh, oh;” as he cums from the base of Ryan’s back down his ass-crack. Some of the cum slides down Ryan’s ass to coat the back of his boy-balls. Billy collapses on top of the boy for a few minutes letting the last of his cum ooze out and get his breath back.

Billy gets up, grabs the washcloth, wets it again, and cleans up Ryan’s back and ass.
Once cleaned up, he slides one finger back down the crack and back up. He leaves Ryan a ‘gift’. He didn’t clean up the drops on the back of his boy-balls.

They dress and Billy looks at his watch.
Billy: “Hey, it’s 12:15. You may want to get that kite outside. I gotta go back to work.”

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