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Im fucked up I'm a freak an outcast of the outcasts yet I blend in which allows me to know things othere don't I Listen an Learn Im an Otaku I'm a mortal I'm an immortal I'm nothing but I'm alive in this short hell fucked god riddled bullshit existence. we call....Life Idgaf so much i could say but lets play instead hahahahahaha.....yes I'm insane but being sane is so plane its boring......don't you agree? If so come along with me in a wild ride through mind and matter!! Reality or UnReality which is Real?????!??? The Black Cloud Family is waiting! I'm waiting! Take my hand and come fly with me..?
wouldn't you like to know
Hidden in Shadows
Anime,Manga,fantasy,fiction,RP,VR(Virtual Reality games), Swords,Guns,hunting with bows,Metal,screamo,Horror core, more shit lol


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Returning Chapter 02 Fantasy 26247 times. 91.3 % Anal, Consensual Sex, Male / Females, Threesome
Union scout Fiction 19524 times. 93.6 % Teen Male/Teen Females
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