Comments from jdm320

Date Story title Comment
2013-11-08 12:40:21 The Intruder ever heard of paragraphs?
2013-11-08 12:55:43 Laura and Mr B very good story Amy. The build up was really good but the sex seemed rushed. I hope part 2 will not be as rushed.
2013-11-09 20:55:43 A trip back home never to forget. A lot of spelling errors.
2013-11-12 09:03:25 The Story of Ann Chapter 6 Love on the Ranch as Devils Ride to Town Cant wait for the next chapter. Good Job Ann
2013-11-18 12:58:50 the start of some great fun (p1) The story was choppy. Try using quotation marks to being the conversation out. Check spelling too.