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2013-09-04 23:27:58 The Family from Redgrove, Chapter 1, Vicky I am going to go back on my statement about ignoring personal attacks to address just how retarded this anonymous comment is. First off this was not meant to be spank material. It is the opening to a far more involved and disturbing story. With the tags I added, I seriously wonder what they were expecting to find to get themselves off. Second, apparently this person does not actually read, as I explained what I was going for in the beginning not to mention the fact that they repeatedly call me a he when I'm a she. So I am going to make another disclaimer that mentally challenged people should avoid reading my work.
2013-09-05 00:06:39 The Family from Redgrove, Chapter 1, Vicky Thank you for your comment. I see what you mean about the formatting. I will try to adjust it, so it is easier to read for future posts. Since it "creeped" you out but you want to know more, I consider that a success to the reaction I was hoping for, so thank you again for your comment.
2013-09-05 00:40:32 The Family from Redgrove, Chapter 1, Vicky By the way, I hope you will not be too disappointed with what the treatment is. It is not an original. I just hope I am able to write it well enough that the reader is able to grasp the suffering that it being experienced. Please look forward to that in the next chapter.
2013-09-05 21:16:26 The Family from Redgrove, Chapter 2, Trish You say I should be thanking ~~!!KaosAngel!!~~, but if bothered actually reading there is an entire paragraph right at the beginning recognizing her for the inspiration. I did say that the concept was not original, so if you are still upset after that, it would seem to be a personal problem. I removed anonymous votes so that little anon gits cannot sabotage my ratings. Votes are still allowed, so why don't grow a set and make an account.
2013-09-05 21:29:18 The Family from Redgrove, Chapter 1, Vicky Dear Robert, thank you for your comment. I appreciate your view. However, while I would feel bad about someone doing a heinous act based on my work, I would not feel responsible. That was the point I was trying to convey. You are right that I would likely never know if such events occur, and I am not capable of knowing for certain that they would do something anyway. However, they are still responsible for their own actions and if they used my work as inspiration than they are clearly a disturbed mind who wanted to or felt compelled to perform those acts. In that case they were likely to do something with or without reading my work. These are my feelings about the matter; I could be wrong.