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2013-08-19 01:57:08 You gotta try this guys. You type pretty well for a little girl...
Whoa...five and six?wow.(i liked the comment joke)
A virgin is someone who never had a penis in her yet,or someone who never put his penis in a vagina.
A pussy is a vagina,a girl pee-pee.
A ass is a butt.

And daddy shouldnt leave his computer lying open with stuff like that with a kid around the house!That would bring up lots of embarrassment...
2013-08-19 02:55:27 Um...Where did those Kids come from? Im not good at jokes,I am just trying.
2013-08-19 02:57:46 Arm fucking-In the wrong place I am not good at jokes I guess sorry...
2013-08-19 03:00:01 The Dream... Please tell me if there is anything wrong or what you think,thank you.
2013-08-21 03:35:06 Monster U. Hey Karax,to that religion comment...

I went to my 'Pastor' and confessed!
(and I aint going to hell cause I never used Kik)

[[You are funny...but I dont think Jesus would be watching cause thats hell and He's in heaven.Also,cause He wouldnt laugh,He'd be sad.]]