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2014-04-17 20:55:35 Mrs B Very nice little story! I really like the fact that you didn't go overboard with the fuck talk. A boy this age wouldn't be inclined to be vulgar with someone's mother; only with other boys when regaling them of his exploits! Now on to part 2.
2014-03-19 03:21:56 Not your typical panty sniffing story. Hey AZM,
OK. I followed your advice and used Mozilla Firefox to log in and and yes, I can now rate the stories! Thanks for the many outstanding stories, (including this one) and the helpful PMs. Hope you have enjoyed the KinkyBelle stories. I would love to finally find the last part of Cum Rag, if it was posted, and "Love Her Like a Daughter" which I believe was her very best story! Keep up the great writing! MG
2014-04-18 00:42:58 The middle of nowhere-Conclusion Hi,
I added the comment below, but forgot to sign in. Thanks again for the great story!
2013-06-07 18:39:43 my transition into manhood Really great story. Yes, the 9" cock is way overboard. Lastly, the author needs to edit his punctuation. He's 59, not 11, and his writing should reflect that.
2013-06-21 20:38:05 Sibling Rivalry - Coping with Retirement Ch5 Thank you for a great set of stories. Very enjoyable and erotic! That Lettie is a real pill! Sure hope to hear more about her, and hopefully, this little series might go one more to include Vicki again. I am curious why the Mom has the attitude she has. I would think she would not be dismissive about young girls constantly going over to David's and Dad not checking it out a bit more thoroughly. Maybe I am just too curious! Maybe an answer forthcoming in the future....

In any case I really enjoyed your stories. Best of luck in your future submissions!

An appreciative fan in SW Florida,USA