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2014-01-04 06:53:24 SnowBunny Tails #1 Nothing new added to this site, last addition 12-13 13. What is going on here?
2013-06-06 20:48:41 My dad's secret Kornslayer, It is my hopes you have found a good home. Many people on this site are having the same problems, I took a good ass kicking with my posted stories as well, problem is, I don't shiv-a-git. Good luck. DB
2013-07-21 20:40:33 James and Jenny Nebic, you might go to Page Setup, Margins. Then set at;
1" top 1" Bottom
1.25" Left 1.25" Right
0 Gutter Left Gutter Position
Times New Roman, Font size 12
Align Left and Justify
This has worked good for me, give it a try