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2013-10-27 03:54:08 Trading Daughters VERY nice! A well done story. Thanks for the cum, I NEEDED that!
2013-10-30 05:42:17 OT Shorts: Millie and her parents VERY nice!!! Good way to start a series. For God's sake keep going, we can use the fresh material to jack-off to and cum!!! THANK YOU!!!
2013-10-30 05:59:31 Millie and her parents 2 Just as good, if not a little better than the first. Like it ..... LOVE IT!!!!
2013-10-30 06:24:08 Millie and her parents 3 Excellent Series!!!!
2014-03-25 07:37:21 Mike and Angie Vey good story young lady! You have done well. Keep up the good work!!!