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2014-01-20 20:48:02 Stolen Pleasures A wonderful story. Sure wish I had gotten invited to the party. Keep up your fine writing. (countrycadillac)
2014-02-20 18:21:34 The Pack OMG, what a super writer. I now have read all three of your listed stories. Your endings are only surpassed by the body of the story. Thank you !! (countrycadillac)
2014-04-05 19:25:24 'Love Pink VI: Audrey Puts on a Show What a great job of writing. You do this as if this is the real you expressing your everyday feelings. Sure wish you were our neighbor. I'llbe watching for the next "Pink" chapter. Thanks again,(countrycadillac)
2014-01-23 20:41:38 Just a little more 3 Well' I've read all 3 chapters and I can only say "what a waste of time" This was the most disconnected story I have ever read. Since I don't know what Country your from I guess the problem could be in our language's. Maybe a Proof Reader could help you translate your stories into English. Good Luck !!
2014-04-11 21:05:26 Her shipwreck Thank you for writing this beautiful story. It is a true credit to a Professional Writer to have set words to such a perfect work. I would almost ask that you consider another chapter about this couple but then I doubt if you can match the first chapter. Again please accept my thanks for this perfect work. (countrycadillac)