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2013-01-27 21:17:43 Raped but liked it Honestly, no fuckin duh it's fake. Even if it was real the sluty whore liked it so who gives a fuck? If it were me, though, I'd kick her ass ;)
2013-01-28 18:01:26 Four Poster Bed Fuck, my dick grows harder just thinking about it. I Love to masturbate, but what that girl did, fuck, I could've cummed right there! That was sexy ;)
2013-01-29 22:03:46 The Trainer Holy fuck! That was amazing! I swear I feel like if I don't cum right now my balls will explode! That is a mother fuckin good story!
2013-01-29 17:34:40 The Ultimate Slut for Black Cock Whoa, hard dick here! That was SEXY ;) Write more! I can't wait to see her white ass getting stretched further! If only that kind of women was real! Any ladies here with some damn tight holes?
2013-01-30 16:57:33 Raped but liked it That sounds EXTREMELY stupidwierd, "But then she just said "ugh ugh ugh" suck, lil' nigga >:(