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2013-01-11 07:55:34 Maritime Law - Chapter 1 - The Marina A couple of notes:

After lurking in the XNXX Story pages for quite some time, I decided to see if I could write a story that was erotic, but at the same time devoid of four letter words and crass references to body parts. That is not a condemnation of other’s writing styles, I actually quite enjoy many of those stories and, just as in real sex, sometimes you like it soft and mellow, and sometimes you want it hard and fierce.

From your reaction and the surprisingly high rating my story received, it appears I was somewhat successful. I appreciate all the kind words.

A note to the person who quoted the Bare Naked Ladies, I agree. But two points about that; first, humans have been having sex since Adam and Eve, and fathers have been over protective of their daughters ever since, so there is pretty much nothing that can be written about that hasn’t happened before. Second, although the story is listed as fiction, it was based on a true story; (I’m bill, that’s how I
2013-01-11 07:58:26 Maritime Law - Chapter 1 - The Marina Well, even though my word count was below the minimum, my reply somehow got cut off before I was finished… so here is the rest:

(I’m bill, that’s how I lost my virginity and Krystal was my first real girlfriend) but having ventured into the realm of actually posting here for the first time, I accidentally hit the save button before I was fully aware of the selections I had made. I’ll be more careful next time.

A sequel? We’ll see. Nothing that followed this story in real life was as erotic as the first time and that has all been done before.
2013-01-14 19:13:06 Maritime Law - Chapter 2 - Retreat Part one is Maritime Law.
Part two is Maritime Law, Retreat

I don't know why they don't both appear in my story list.
2013-01-14 19:22:50 Maritime Law - Chapter 1 - The Marina Ok I have relented. Please look for "Maritime Law, Retreat".

For some odd reason it does not appear on my story list.
2013-01-15 17:28:47 Maritime Law - Chapter 2 - Retreat Here's the thing, This story was based on true events. I'm comfortable writing about what I know. It is real which I think may have led lead to the unexpected high ratings of both of these chapters. What happened after this in real life does not make a good story for this venue. Real emotions took over, real drama ensued.

I have a new, much longer series of true stories that I think will blow these two out of the water. Can you wait for them, or do I try my hand at pure fiction now? Would it be as good to fulfill a fantasy or can we leave it real? I admit that I like sexual fantasy as much as anyone, but knowing the truth is sometimes far more erotic, like Samantha watching someone you know on the entertainment center instead of strangers on x-tube.

Just my thoughts...