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Date Story title Comment
2009-08-05 09:06:37 Wrath of the Old Goddess Zangarmarsh
2010-07-03 08:55:00 The Chair So many kinds of awesome. :) Always loved this story.
2010-07-03 08:56:35 Backyard Princess, Chapter 1 All your stories are amazing but of them all this one is still my favorite.
2010-07-05 06:55:23 a girl and her tentacle monster Love the premise! There need to be more consensual tentacle sex stories!
2013-01-20 10:08:42 Tales of a Secret Sex Writer, Chapter 9 How meta. ^.^

Sex is just cuddling with orgasms instead of clothes! Heh, not always true, but true enough that I'm adopting the saying.

I always like how your stories never treat sex like a dirty thing; that's unfortunately rare even in places like this.