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2014-04-19 22:12:40 Road Trip part 2 One thing has delayed my production of this next chapter, Cast descriptions. And now that's done. Hope my readers are ready.
2014-04-13 07:59:40 Road Trip part 2 Attention my faithful readers: I was asked in a piece of mail on here if I could give a full run down of descriptions for the main cast in the story so that they could get a better reference of what all the characters look like. Now while I can do it for one person I'm asking my fans if they would like me to run down the list in the beginning of the third chapter. I will do so if my readers request it by the time I get chapter 3 done (which has already been started writing). Go ahead and let me know.
2014-04-20 08:50:37 Road Trip part 3 Okay first off I understand PuppetMaster that the cold and insensitive nature of Guy towards Natsuko does make him out to be an asshole and I get why you're a bit upset but as I said with Summer Vacation this series isn't done yet. Another thing to consider with two scenes in particular first off Guy and Kori; both were emotionally hurt and when Guy finally got his head back in the groove of what 'he' wants and how 'he' feels he went to see her because she was hurt by this as well. He wanted to make her feel better and giving her his undivided attention is how he could do that. Second the scene where Guy shuts down Natsuko; there is a time and place for everything. After the amount of vengeance that Guy has dished out he knows this better than most. This wasn't her time to explain because the wound is too fresh. Guy will get to her when he's ready to listen and hear what she has to say. Normally I don't explain but you've been a fan for a bit so this is just for you.
2012-12-29 20:00:19 A new day, a new me Thanks for the advice so far, sadly something was wrong with my original P.O.I. profile and I had to create a new one just to respond on here. There are more stories, i'm just waiting to see if the new 'me' is allowed to stay on here so i can post more chapters.
2014-04-12 20:12:50 Road Trip part 2 I wish you two had profiles. Would love to speak with you and get some in depth feedback.