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2013-03-22 19:52:30 Twenty Odd Years 3 - Running away What did you think? Did you read all three? How did I do on the last one? Please comment!
2013-06-04 18:46:29 Duquan's sister problem Chapter 3 Chapter 4 is coming. I had pretty much abandoned this story because the reaction to it was pretty diffident. It's nice to see that it's getting a few more comments and views now. I like the characters and there is a lot more to tell. I have to visit my old neighborhood and retrain my ear for the dialog though. I've been away too long.

Bearwolfe, Thanks for recognizing my intention with this story. It's appreciated.
2013-10-25 01:24:19 Just to Get By V Fantastic writing. Very evocative and visual. Interesting use of present tense, creating a somewhat cinematic style of storytelling.
2013-11-15 12:39:08 The POP-Jammer If you liked this story, please rate and comment. Some of the things I write have more stories/chapters to tell but feedback helps me determine if it's worth it. Should I continue with the story? Would you read a second or third chapter?

If you didn't like it, tell me why. What's missing or wrong with it?

Thanks for contributing.
2014-01-06 21:33:49 I Like to Watch Boys Masturbate Excellent story. Great pacing and really great to get a story like this from a woman's perspective. There is so much obfuscation around female sexuality. The general assumption is that a woman would "never want to watch" or that the male is always the "pervert" and the woman is always the object of desire. It's really great to see those gender roles flipped.