Comments from Tankgirl

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2012-12-01 01:50:15 Up My Sisters Bum I loved this. I love to be fucked in the ass and this turned me on so much.
2013-06-07 18:40:13 Guy using ladies room Hilarious! Funny stuff.
2013-06-07 18:45:00 There was a man named Cass Hahahahahahahahahaha....they said my comment was too short...
2013-06-08 08:35:02 Revenge on Abby For someone with Dsylexia you created an awesome sexy story. It made me so wet. Write more!
2013-06-09 00:21:45 The Dirtier, The Better All that, all that in the story...that is what I want to happen to me soooo bad!!! But like Erica...I'm too shy...