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Date Story title Comment
2013-07-25 23:15:53 Free Spirited (5)..Paying to Stay (1998) Gritty and realistic as always. Moral of this story: the world is an ugly place. It is impossible to read this and not feel shame and sympathy for Kimmy. But if you think about it, she is actually a representation of the entire human race and the filthy things we sometimes do to survive. There are many top writers on this site, but not that many serious writers. Twistedsister can be included in both categories.
2013-07-25 23:16:15 Free Spirited (06)..Rock Bottom (1998) ? Part 1 Twistedsister's stories are sharp. Watch out! You could cut yourself when reading them. This one cut me good. Tex's use and abuse of Kimmy made me question certain aspects of sexual immorality in myself. You know you've read a good story when it leaves you with insight you never had and makes you think hard, piercing thoughts. This is more than just a good story.
2013-07-25 23:16:38 Free Spirited (07)...Rock Bottom ? Part 2 (1998) As the abuse on Kimmy continues, a maturity is dawning within her and it makes up for the formal education that she has missed out. She is handling sex on a different level, i.e. with someone she doesn't want to have sex with, unlike her earlier days when she was a willing participant with her friends. The world wants to fuck up Kimmy completely, but I suspect that its days are numbered as it looks disdainfully upon its favorite slut.
2013-07-25 23:16:57 Free Spirited (08)...Decision Time (Xmas 1998) Special note has to be taken of the spacing in this text. I feel that the large spaces between paragraphs signify a dangerous separation from a normal state of mind, leading up to a mental breakdown. Kim is on the edge and very barely clinging to her sanity. Twistedsister pulls no punches here. This is dark, gloomy, and frighteningly real! Not to mention, sizzling HOT!!
2013-07-25 23:17:13 Free Spirited (09)...My first job (New Years Day 1999) An inside look into the life and early training of a brothel girl. Amazing sex as always!