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2013-02-11 16:49:22 Exploring My Bestfriend Your stories need more length and depth. (What I just said is probably bullshit because some of us break our own personal moral codes by posting all this filth online, yet we get touchy when others don't obey little rules such as required story length, but there it is: More length and depth needed. You have what it takes to increase the scope and effect of your stories.) Although I'm not currently into the lesbian theme, I realize this particular story is sizzling hot XXX literature, regardless of theme and present mood. Keep thinking, keep writing.

P.S. My stories don't have much length and depth either, but I do try to meet the minimum requirements and work out an acceptable standard for myself from there.
2013-03-01 21:19:35 A River in Egypt Great story. Quite a bit of effort and skill displayed here. I'll probably have to start downloading your stories and dissecting them to see how I can make mine as good.
2013-03-01 21:27:51 Good Golly, Mrs. Mommy! Excellent story! Awesome new writer! This site just got a bit more interesting (not to say that it wasn't interesting before).
2013-03-08 00:26:46 MInding Others, part 1 Very good twist ending for this first part.
2013-03-08 00:29:18 Minding Others, part 2 This is a great second part.