Comments from Norton5

Date Story title Comment
2013-02-07 19:19:07 My Best Friend's Mother One of the best writers on this site. Thanks for the awesome story.
2013-02-07 19:24:41 The Beach House Great story. Good writing. Thanks for posting.
2013-02-07 19:26:08 The Job Interview Another awesome story from Rutger5. Terrific text.
2013-02-11 00:51:41 Alarming Sibling Good story. Lots of spice in there. I'm not currently into the sister and brother theme, but I think your story would cause major erections and eruptions (of cum) for those who are. You definitely have the ability to make others want to keep their eyes glued to your text. Keep thinking, keep writing.
2013-02-11 01:04:10 Holly Jolly Christmas Well, you write differently (and better) compared to me. The action starts right away and doesn't stop until the last sentence, in your stories. I thought about your style. It's more like the top writers here, example: Ka Hmnd or Kinkybelle, when it comes to sex action, but if you wanted to be more like the top-rated (if you wanted, that is), then you would have to put more build-up, background, and whatever else it is they put into their stories that make them top rated. Comparisons aside, you have your own approach to XXX story-telling and you shouldn't discard it for anyone's opinion, even mine. Keep thinking, keep writing.