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2014-04-14 06:48:33 My Oral Audition – story 13 this was a good story..but a few mis-typed/misplaced words kind of broke the spell for me. reRead your stories before posting... and this could be a Great story :)
2014-04-16 21:36:39 Meat Girl Part 1 Katie-
I found this genre intriguing now that I have read your story. I was not familiar with MEAT GIRLS as a genre, and judging from the comments prior to mine, it is a genre unto itself.

I look forward to reading your second chapter. If you don't post here, perhaps you can point me to your website archive of your stories? I would certainly like to read your other stories and what you did with your characters.
2014-01-06 19:40:31 " I'm a Chick with a Dick' " Good Story.. a little kink really can spice up a story! Any more stories planned of your herm.. character? Please, consider it if you haven't already :)
2012-10-08 13:21:59 My Boyfriend's Cock Dayzluvher,
You shouldn't worry about judgemental comments... Look for compliments on what you did right and take negative comments seriously when it's accompanied by constructive criticisms - They at least give you a way to improve your writing.

Take my advice to heart, only petty people want to destroy you by their criticisms. Most of us enjoy reading stories and appreciate the effort it takes to write and develop a story. Welcome the criticisms, so that you may improve your writing and be happier with the outcome in your future projects.
2012-10-24 15:53:49 Preteen years with brother 3 ashweta69 - What you need is an editor who speaks the English Language and can correct mistakes like your.

Those who are SO critical of his English must be experts so why don't you guys volunteer to fix his stories?