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2012-10-03 06:39:07 High School part 1 Thanks, I'll be sure to keep that in mind- I'll try to make another part tonight, with less dots, and moore fun hahaha
2012-10-03 21:14:02 Farmboy (1-7) I absolutly love this story! It inspired me to write mine, I need a Buck... Just sayin... *Drools*
2012-10-03 22:06:43 High School part 2 I'm on it ;) I actually started working on part 3 tonight, gonna try to make it longer... If you want a preview, my email's in the intro- just put High School or XNXX in the subject, I'll get it straight to my iPod and forward you what I have :)
2012-10-04 21:09:23 High School part 1 Yes, sorry, Seth is Rudi- I should have clarified that better, I DID clarify how Kelly saw that in the second :) Thanks for the comments and rates!
2012-10-08 01:16:47 High School part 3 12 incher, HMU!!! Hahahaha As for continuing- No one's emailed me yet so :P That's all up to you guys. And the sizes, compared to their bodies aren't really unrealistic, Well... Pat's home now so!!! See you all in part 4! (After I get an email or two, Writing this scene is making me so nervous haha)