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2012-10-31 20:49:24 The Beverly Hillbillies I did not realize that you can't use quotation marks when making comments. The word taut means tight and the word taunt means to insult. I used and spelled the word taut correctly in the story.
2012-11-03 13:54:19 Married with Children Christina Applegate, who played Kelly Bundy, has never even posed nude. To say that she has done a porno film is ludicrous. The same goes for Katey Sagal, who played Peggy Bundy. Maybe you are thinking about Kim Kardashian. But then again, I would never write a story about that tank-ass skank. I would check your facts.
2012-11-03 13:58:28 The Beverly Hillbillies Thanks for the comments. As you can tell, I've had a few fantasies about Elly May as well.
2013-03-10 12:28:50 Kelly Ripa Wants To Be On Top The story is as real as you want it to be. All you have to do is close your eyes and imagine the possibllities.
2013-03-17 18:47:22 Kelly Ripa Wants To Be On Top I don't mind criticism but you give none. You also seem to have a problem with completing a thought. You commented twice within a few minutes only to repeat yourself and then finish your thought. I really have no time to educate you but it might help if you looked up the definition of a screenplay before you ask me if I'm writing one.