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2014-01-28 11:35:55 Babysitting the Twins Again - Part 2 - Sweet Sixteen Your second installment is just as great as the first but I did notice that you made a couple errors in the girls' names. Sometimes one reading after writing will not prove it. I also made a error like it in haste to get my first two parts published put it away for a week to ten days then read it (slowly) you will notice how you improve your writing with even needing an editor. Looking forward to part three!!!
Pillow Humper
2013-05-28 07:32:58 ARE WE TEACHING THE CHILDREN - OR ARE THEY TEACHING US? - PART 1 Your story has a slight tone similar to mine and had surprised me by how the children were so logical. I posted a story and cut parts out of it and I have received nothing but negative comments or talk that I should not submit stories at all. I since have stopped drinking alcohol which has left my mind more clear to concentrate on making them all reader friendly.
2013-12-09 16:30:20 My Hot New Family Part 1 Excellent story if you can read my comment through the bullock's cock fights!!!
2014-01-07 14:12:21 The Diary, Daddy, and me chapter 2 Your story is developing great. I am enjoying it. I have found some errors that either you have made by keystroke or by words sounding the same but are spelled different ask your assistant about these.
2014-01-07 14:36:00 The Diary, Daddy, And Me Chapter 3 I can't wait for chapter 4!