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2012-08-07 07:37:01 Setting Anonymous You know, I thought that was a poor description when I wrote it, but I'm kinda serious. Not the whole outer circumference of the can though. An ex of mine used to joke that if she cut off the top of a soda can, the somewhat smaller circle that has all the refund information on it, that I couldn't stick my hard cock in without scratching myself. We. Did one day, and I scratched it, not bad, not like so tight that I got cut and bled, but I could definitely feel the can. Sorry about my description there. As for the whore, she's actually real, not one of my ex's personally, but based off a friends. My friend, put up with her shit cuz she really looked amazing and he claims the sex was great. For the record though, it was the whole setting thing that led to his finding a new girl and dumping the slut.
2012-08-07 11:36:42 Setting Anonymous O, and the title should be sexting anonymous, but my iPad likes to correct words that are spelled perfectly fine into entirely differ words from time to time. Lol
2012-08-07 18:53:16 You Ain't Gonna Believe This... Glad you guys found it funny
2012-08-10 07:53:06 Stephanie's First Lesbian Adventure Glad that a lot of people seem to like this one. For the person who commented boring, could you tell me what it was you found so uninteresting? That way I can try to work on it in future stories. This is my favorite out of what I've written and seeing the response has me thinking there may need to be a couple more adventures for Stephanie as she explores the Lesbian and BiSexual fantasies she's always had....
2012-08-13 21:00:47 Stephanie's Second Lesbian Adventure It should say these would not be the last time they all enjoyed each other. Damn autocorrect