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2012-07-29 00:10:56 Family Orgy Very hot! More please!
2012-07-29 00:25:30 My first time with an adult I was taking cock at 11yo,loved older men using me as their slut! Loved the story,i have many similar memories!
2012-07-30 21:23:23 Wanting to be a girl Very hot! Similar to my experience with my stepdad except I got 'caught' on purpose! And I was dressed as schoolgirl, 10/10! 4 the story,more please!
2012-07-30 21:30:50 Caught Love this story! More please!
2012-07-30 21:38:45 Close Your Eyes Little Girly Boy Awesome! Reminds me a lot of the fun I had with my stepdad while I dressed as a schoolgirl for him!