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2012-09-03 14:05:21 Lee, Our Friend Anonymous is a lot queer and yes, all black men do not have big cocks but ...... Lee did. Nothing wrong with a nice guy like Lee having a huge cock. You must be jealous.
2013-04-05 14:18:59 D Returns III It's not a "joke". Mistakenly entered under "Sex Joke". It might helpif you both learned to read !!!!!!!
2013-04-06 08:15:03 Daddy's Game Part 2 It's nice to read positive comments for a change but why by an
"anonymous reader"? Do you really exist?
2013-05-29 19:08:09 D Returns III The world is made up of idiots. This "Essay" was misplaced.
2013-05-31 11:41:06 Mr D (A Fantasy?) I do not understand how there can be so many "Anonymous Readers". If they can not be recognized, they should not be allowed to comment. Most of their comments mean absolutely nothing anyway.