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2012-07-24 02:33:41 Julia cums clean with Mitch, her brother. 817 is around the Fort Worth, Texas area...
2013-07-30 18:56:18 The Coaches Wife, pt 6 Thank you to everyone who has read my writing. I really appreciate all the positive comments (just wish the stupid 'kik'er's would drop off the face off the earth, do you really expect to meet someone here?). Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that the next chapter is in the works, there is one back story I think needs telling before I can progress any further with here, mostly because I think some of the secrets to be revealed require a bit more background on one particular character.
2013-08-01 22:19:14 Sold For Sex...A Females Fantasy! Started to read this thinking the author was a woman, presumably the main character, but was disappointed to find out it's just done guy writing about his fantasy to dominate women... Nothing like the old bait and switch... Two thumbs down.
2013-08-04 17:27:25 Julia cums clean with Mitch, her brother. I just wanted to let those of you who have been following my series, The Coaches Wife, that I no longer consider this branch story to be a part of the over all series. The reason for this is because at the time I originally wrote this story, my ideas for the whole series, and Julia in particular, were very different. Thanks for reading.
2013-08-06 20:30:39 My sexy teacher kind of reads like a grocery list...