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2012-07-01 17:01:54 Working Late Oh that was really good, I love fantasizing about something like that happening to me.
2012-07-03 15:29:05 Housesitting: Day 0 - Ch. 8: Brother-Sister Bonding Amazing, I wish I had a big brother to fuck me like that.
2012-07-03 15:29:55 Housesitting: Day 0 - Ch. 9: The Wrong House Parts 1 & 2: Love & Rape I must be sick getting off on the thought of being raped like that...
2012-07-03 15:32:05 Daddy's Little Girl I wish I had a daddy like that.
2013-03-24 17:25:46 LOVING YOUR DAUGHTER IN THE OPEN SEA, CHAPTER 2 This was such a good series, so sexy and romantic. I'm really glad you didn't try and mix it up and make it dark with like pirates showing up for a rape or something, like another author mighta.