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2012-07-03 11:58:01 The Mistress These stories are written with a strong, loving relationship at their core. I am glad you liked it.

I am working on two other stories in this same vein. One is a direct follow up on this one where they first go to a fetish nightclub. The other is a story set a little earlier in the relationship, showing some of the experimentation that gets them to where they are now.

Unfortunately, I will be traveling over the next two weeks and - of course - the battery on my laptop has died. So my ability to write will be limited until I can get a replacement. But I do anticipate finishing the stories and posting them while I am traveling.

I am also working on a much more ambitious and darker story set in a fantastic world with elves and orcs and maidens that don't really need rescuing. I hope to have that done by the end of July.

Thank you for the feedback. I do appreciate it.
2012-07-03 13:13:18 The Rapist I know, I know... I re-read this at least five times before posting it and I STILL missed a few things. I will try harder, but I can't guarantee perfect Engrish! ;-)

Thank you for the feedback.
2012-12-02 09:39:52 A Slave of the Rus - The Conclusion I really like your stories. Not the typical XNXX fodder, but engaging with good characterization and an interesting setting.

But... (didn't you know there was a "but" coming?) you do confuse some words. A "Pail" holds water like a bucket, "Pale" is light skinned. "Waste" is garbage, worthless leftovers, "Waist" is a part of the body, on healthy people the narrowest part of the torso.

That being said, these did not detract from the story for me. If there is anyone that can proofread your work before you post it, that is the best way to catch issues like that.

Thanks for the story.
2013-01-27 14:04:09 Sandra is late getting home. Very, very good. Well written, well formatted, believable characters and situations. I look forward to the further adventures of Charles and Sandra.
2013-02-13 01:43:56 The Exhibitionist Thank you Anon 2013-02-10 18:09:35 for your feedback. I do appreciate it. And it points out to me that I should have defined the lexicon better - to these two, the word "slut" is not an insult. It is more a badge of honor. It is not something he would call her in polite company, but it is what she is when they are alone - and they both are glad of it.

Much worse for them would have been for him to call her a prude. THAT would be an insult!

Thank you again for your humble opinion.