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2014-04-03 08:22:12 'Love Pink' Thanks Norton. That means a lot coming from you
2014-04-03 08:18:58 Blood Quest II: A Vampire's first kill Thank you that's much appreciated. I hope you continue to enjoy.
2014-04-05 17:12:23 'Love Pink' II I must have timed out when I made that previous comment. oops
2012-06-27 19:10:37 Breaking Barriers 4: The Initiation well so far 2000 ppl have read this and so far no comments. I don't know if that means I'm losing peoples interest, or what. should I leave it at 5???
2012-06-27 19:17:36 Breaking Barriers 5:Pin Me please comment if you want this story to continue. There is a lot more that could happen, but so far the comments have stopped coming so as of now I am thinking that people have lost interest and I should start a different story. Please let me know. thanks