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2012-05-29 08:50:08 I CAN'T RESIST MY NEIGHBOR-OR HER TEENAGE GIRLS!-2 I have thoroughly enjoyed both stories. After reading the first story, I was impatiently, patiently waiting for the second story. The second story was worth waiting for. Again, I will be impatiently, patiently waiting for the third story. This story series could go on for a few more parts. Tony and Cyn could eventually get married. Kat could still part of the "marriage." You could jump ahead a couple of years to when the Tiff and Shannon turn 16. They could have found out that Tony and Kat are making love to with each other. They could have a talk with Kat about her lovemaking with Tony. Such as does Kat enjoy their lovemaking, and how long have they been making love. Tiff and Shannon could talk to Cyn about Kat And Tony making love. They could express their desire to make love with Tony also. Cyn could use the same reasoning with Tony for why she allowed Kat to make love with Tony. This is just a couple of thoughts that I had. Keep up the excellent storytelling.
2012-05-30 15:29:17 Fucking Teagan - part 3 I have enjoyed all three parts. I can hardly wait for more parts of this story. Please continue
2012-06-07 11:56:53 I CAN'T RESIST MY NEIGHBOR-OR HER TEENAGE GIRLS!-3 This story just keeps getting better. It does appear that you have left yourself room for at least another chapter or two. Just a couple of thoughts for topics. 1. - Have Tony marry Cyn, with Kat as the bridesmaid, as the vows are being said, Kat could be saying them also. Then Tony would actually have two wives, with all three agreeing to this arrangement. 2. - The twins could go to Cyn for questions about sex (masturbation and oral sex) while she is in bed with Tony. Being the good mother that she is, Cyn could show the girls along with Tony. Showing the twins that all men are not like their father was, as you did with Kat. Please keep up the good work and tell us more.
2012-06-08 13:02:01 The Girls Next Door – 10 Bills Birthday Pt 2 I have enjoyed every part of this series. You tell a great story. You have enough topics to write at least ten more parts ( the wedding, the honeymoon, Amanda's baby, CJ's and Alissa's babies, Anna' graduation <then Anna's baby>. Throw in a couple more parties like the last one.). I can hardly wait for the next part to this series. Please continue and tell us more.
2012-06-11 09:37:55 This is an excellent story. It is very well written. Please tell us more.