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2012-05-29 16:52:42 Mommy's little boy (pt.1) Dude calm down, it's just a story. And I said the kid was 11 or 12, 4 inches may be exaggerating but close to accurate, but once again, it's just a story. If a story doesn't do it for you, then just close it and move on. Clearly lots of other people didn't mind.
2012-05-29 16:58:41 Mommy's little boy (pt.1) I'm not going around doing in depth research as to how big a 12 year old's dick is, that just ain't me. Instead of complaining about the size of his dick, why don't you just read the story how you want to, and pretend he has a smaller dick. Also it is FICTION, I can make his dick a fire breathing dragon if I wanted to. That's the magic of writing, so get out of my face with this realistic shit.
2012-05-29 19:05:53 CAMPING WITH MOM I've read this story at least ten times, fucking love it.
2012-05-30 19:31:50 Mommy's little boy (pt.2) I will remember that next time, thank you.
2012-06-01 21:11:48 Mommy's little boy (pt.1) Damn, now I want to write a story where a kid has a fire breathing dick.