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Date Story title Comment
2014-04-05 21:35:19 The Fair Folk 1: White Roses and a Red Heart What a wonderful start to what looks to be a wonderful story. Please continue.
2013-04-21 17:30:51 "The Man of the House" - Conclusion What a wonderful story. Very good character development and dealt with a subject objectively. I think this kind of thing happens more often that we know or realize.. Very good job.
2013-08-07 18:48:56 Famous Love PT1 Gawd, I hope there is a Pt.2. I love your writing style and hope you continue this.
2013-08-13 18:20:39 A Game Of Inches - Conclusion - Epilogue Thank you so much for this story. You have created an awesome story line and your character development is superb. Thank you.